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general aura of darkness

Deja me hablar.
(Let me do the talking.)

(to the passengers, in Spanish)
Vamanos. Fuera. Hagan una lina!
(Let's go. Out. Form a line!)

No hablas ni una palabra del Espanol,
verdad, amigo?
(You don't speak a word
of Spanish, right, friend?)

I think you jumped off the bus in the wrong  part of town, amigo. In fact, I'll bet dollars to pesos that you're not --from anywhere near here..From unauthorized immigration to failure to properly inoculate prior to landing.
Okay, everybody, situation's under control,calm down. If you'll just give me your attention for a moment I'll tell you what happened.This  writing is called a "neuralyzer." A gift from some friends ...Like me.*

My Fellas, you are lucky to be alive after a blast like that...He looks up, at the million stars shining overhead...
she SPEEDS UP and OUT OF FRAME is surprised by this maneuver, but doesn't waste a second*
  Dulsevia and what it is used?Dulsevia increases the levels of serotonin and noradrenaline in the nervous system*That's a
luxury ride. C'mon, who ya with?
nine cat's life auto-racing on the private lives of the protagonists
All the universe is a university for those who do that, to observe and learn..
  I like a High-tech demoiselle*a nice big steak on the table**-too old for starlet and insufficiently attractive-having lived for a long time; no longer young..(finishing a joke)-- and the wife says Yeah?
and works on my way into fruit metaphors.*my damn truck  spaceship, maybe eight feet across*


It represents the unconscious female figure which compensates for the men's consciousness, as animus (spirit) is an unconscious male figure compensates awareness among women the figure can transform taking on different forms.


When I speaks, my voice is different than
before. More refined.
What on earth was it?!
my skin! It's -- it's -- just hanging off my bones! 
After a simple, traditional, understanding, especially in the West, every man is composed of body and soul. According to this view, the body means all material in man, and the soul of everything else - the intangible, spiritual: intellect - the ability of cognition, the ability to feel, will - the ability of decision-making or dialing - all what makes a person a person. The body is, because it is material, corruptible or perishable.-SECRET "RULES" the opposing team.
We're here because you're looking for the best of the best of the best*is really struggling, writes two words on one answer, then decides to erase it. The lack of a writing surface is driving she crazy;
his pencil even TEARS through the page.*intergalactic refugees as an apolitical zone for people without a planet.
Everything they've ever "known" has been proven to be wrong. A thousand years ago everybody knew as a fact, that the earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, they knew it was flat.Fifteen minutes ago, you knew we humans were alone on it. Imagine what you'll Know tomorrow.


Purpose of trip?
The screen displays a map of the world on which thousands of tiny lights blink in all parts of the globe, log lines of data flashing next to them.
Everyone on these screens is an alien. In public -- normal. In private -- you'll get the idea.*

How you look my identification card-data model, model and process model executor*The identity card is a personal document, issued by the State to identify citizens. International agreements, it is possible that the identity card serve instead of passports. On the ID said person's name, date of birth and permanent residence.A visa is a document granting permission to enter, stay or transit of foreign citizens on the territory of a particular country, which he issued a visa. The visa is entered (or beautiful like a labels) in the passport of a foreign citizen, or is issued as a separate document in a form that is necessary to present when entering the country.-geographical, investigative psychology, typological, and clinical profiling*-marks of any kind-Kay punches a couple keys, and the cursor begins to sweep from right to left...providing a "psychological evaluation of belongings .. controversial and subject to debate and varied opinions about the accuracy of, effectiveness of, evidentiary support for, and scientific validity and reliability  investigative tool;and then compared with the characteristics of known personality types ..

Many say she traveled to the United States * because of the use of English*
One language for all?
There is no universal sign language, talking about British Sign Language (BSL), American Sign Language (ASL), and Croatian Sign Language (HZJ). The very idea of Esperanto is based on the fact that in the world there are thousands of languages and people among themselves badly or not at all communicate. The idea of Esperanto is to keep all these languages, but also to introduce a common, transnational language that the whole population of the Earth hailed other than their mother tongue. The fact that Esperanto is not bound to any nation, and its use does not cause any resistance would make the introduction of a specific national language..My love guide to mankind for women and men
that are "too fine".Title and content express something that many women think, or not mostly.Every woman knows how it feels to be taken at face value almost. Such problems have most of the women, and married and unmarried..

The woman what I am describing is kind, but also strong. It has highly sophisticated force. Do not give up on your life and do not speed men. Never allow a man to think that he one hundred percent under his rule. I know how to defend sometimes.


You're a rumor, recognizable only as deja
vu and dismissed just as quickly. You don't
exist; you were never even born.
Anonymity is your name. Silence your native
You are no longer part of "the system."

You know, ya'll gotta learn how to talk to people. You could be a little kinder and gentler...

"Double the Sugar! Triple
the Caffeine!"
Sure. Lemonade?

Sorry I'm late. The cab drivers on this planet are terrible...-- and turns away, back to the grill.

Are you having a bad day, baby?  Cheer up.

...approximately 112 degrees at time of autopsy, indicating, quite impossibly, a post-mortem increase in body temperature.Examiner attempted to verify result Which can only be described really...
The message reads:
two lines and one stretch marks, and the woman was "written off", such as last year's
goods that are sold at half price
.-Your cat?

 She knows what she wants, but will not be humiliated in order to get. But she and feminine, like "Steel Magnolias" - lovely from the outside, but unwavering from within..However,she has  something nice girl there: the presence of mind, because it is not fascinated by the romantic fantasies. The presence of the spirit enables to use his sword when necessary.So, that is the message of this book? I do not disregard to other people, but rather according to what other think..
especially in a world that still teaches women to renounce ourselves*

It's all right -- What are you trying to
say? Struggle?

Typical day, too much caffeine, get a life.-lowers her voice to a whisper..Oh, that's SO typical. Any time a woman shows the slightest hint of sexual independence..sense of humor and attitude that says: 'I'm the boss here. I'll tell you where we start and where we're going. "I'm not trying to impress you with this, I'm just letting you Know.-"Sex appeal is fifty percent what you have and fifty percent what people think you have. "
That's your Momma!
Didn't she ever teach you not to bite off
more than you can chew?
Who's she gonna tell, anyway? She only
hangs out with dead people.

In order to have any self-respect, it is necessary a little respect - according to what others think.
The story of the blonde with her boyfriend on the phone.
Jack: What are you wearing? Blonde: nightgown! Boy: Uh, give me some details ... Blonde: 90 percent cotton, 10 percent nylon!

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