Gypsy maps-the other side of the horoscope

“thinking,”“feeling,” and “willing

description of the mark by a so-called psychological thriller a forecast of a person's future

So the world is not such egocentric seen, these figures expect a standing ovation accompanied by a symphony orchestra and when drunk go pee in the bushes and are convinced that they deserve it, after all, God first created them chin.Although emotionally fragile as butterflies rastrančiraju you the steak in affect and the next moment weave tapestries to charities without having to remember anything
Insane maniacs. The members of this sign risk to you with a smile on his face in cold blood to kill a nail gun if you breathe the wrong way. Confused, jealous, contradictory and vacillating like to know everything about everyone, but at least they know about themselves.Do you see a maniac on the road to talking to himself, it's probably a twin who found a pebble in the shoe, and from seventeen different angles to analyze the anatomy, meaning, purpose and deeper cosmic message that it sends karma. Do not listen to him, for about 17 seconds to change your mind.

Anyone who dies does not necessarily fall Dead***due to various claims human psyche collapse
tradition of interpreting signs in the sky
the "soft" philosopher, scholar and astrologer
with religious character, and signs that the planets were given the manner in which their gods to communicate their will Babylonian priesthood.
patterns of behavior and to what extent will be reflected on the life of revealing the purpose of your existence And it all together ,jointly, of course, pre finally defines the fate of modern man.
identify with the illusion (EGO), so that's why we suffer the illusion
specific puppet, just a "dummy" ("Toys", "tools") in His hands
servants whimsical desire..
Despite terminological fluidity

whether it is a victim of short-sighted World
esoteric reason or amusement park in the head**

The water element is associated with spiritual planes, deep emotions, and with the needs and desires of our soul. Water is a sensible energy, instinctive, irrational, responsive and fluid. Not having its own structure it takes the shape of its container. Therefore, the water signs are interested by healing and correction, and they feel good where there is any kind of feeling, as long as it remains intense.
The most difficult lesson that water has to learn is knowing how to forget and let go of pain and suffering. After all, water is precisely the element with the best memory. The signs of water also experience the most intense feelings, the depth of which they are not always able to express, because words do not come easily to them. The water signs have a great difficulty understanding and respecting the personal and emotional boundaries of other individuals, as they do not realize that it's not everyone who feels comfortable confessing their feelings so quickly.

to liberate ourselves from a nominalistic equation
of words with concepts**

“That which was from the beginning,
which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes,
which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled,
of the Word of life . . . .”
 Forgotten traditions: Gypsy fortune-telling
Hello Sister, let me prophesy! I am in your eyes to see that you are good and honest, let me tell you what this life is waiting! 
 If you are susceptible to suggestion, easily someone can convince me that you are thrown spells, and you I start to feel bad.
man has a choice and decide all good ..
these things are better steer clear ..but when the thing takes hold should seek help only in the right place ..
Unfortunately, no matter how good is good, so what else is even more stronger ..

investigate the limits

A free being asks, What can I myself do and how do I know what it is right for me to do in this particular situation?
to discourage passive
collecting of information and to encourage instead conscious
wondering and questioning, particularly of hitherto
unexamined notions*
profound difference between knowing and not knowing why I do something.
they say that Astrology offers the possibility of restructuring life experiences that are not at first glance connected. In this way we can get a new perspective on your own life and come to new insights.***
This connection, astrological and life, to create a life story, someone might call the mere placebo illusion. But the story, imagination, fantasies are perhaps more deeply connected with ourselves. There is also the psychology of a type of therapy that is called "narrative therapy", ie therapy story or narrative.
thus find meaning ie. the story of our life-I have not the initiator of such phenomena
It is almost irrelevant, as we were in a past life, it is important to structure the ovoživotno experience and in which direction we go**
It is the convergence of fundamental fantasies or personal myth that is at the center of our identity*
In sociology and psychology, mass hysteria (also known as collective hysteria, group hysteria, or collective obsessional behavior) is a phenomenon that transmits collective illusions of threats, whether real or imaginary, through a population in society as a result of rumors and fear .But you should know that the knowledge of the background issues in relation to the ruling against the oppressed and deluded itself should restore some degree of freedom, to break imposed fears and habits that the  government, and spend a little more time in the opening of perception, the same purification and study

How is this way to study physics and Chemistry.. and Together  studied radioactive Materials*and try to isolate the new chemical elements?What can happen with the psyche probably caused by overexposure to radiation during years of research ...the long ponderings and texts on my way..The release of energy can be continuous, when we talk about a slow earthquake and that can last for years, or apparent now, when an earthquake usually lasts less than one minute.They are less sensitive measure earthquakes locally and regionally, and sensitive (broadband, eng. Broadband) and globally. The strength of the earthquake is marked number ie. The magnitude scale, which is a continuous increase of energy released and its effect.

* Target of science is to eradicate superstition, because many people who are engaged in this activity, just want to make money and thereby deceive people, mostly they do it with the unenlightened people, such as peasants*.

Normal for people to seek various ways of self-strengthening own life;hard is it all read on my way and think about-sometimes it happens that my eyes from all these various surprises more and more frightened..or at least ten men of a hundred will wake up from this dream and fictional illusion and a lies..I'm old enough but the younger generation to take it easy..of brutal video games, horror movies, News and  ideology or sick minds..