How to be magnetically catchy


In the absence of a more precise term, the Croatian to the charismatic individual says he has "something special". The French have a similar phrase, which reads, "I do not know what" (je ne sais quoi), and the English use of the term "factor X" (X factor).

In this sense, the term also includes a description of the capabilities 'charisma', a man who positively motivating and enlisting the effect on other people.

whether we are talking about fundamental values ?

I'm not a person who glows but I do not want to be  false glazed** maybe my external phenomenon has nothing to do with my interior..?
 undesirable radiation...and it too contagiously...can be suffocating.
I just flipped through a couple as they say practical text that us prepared for certain life..
and what I think about it? 
99.9% genetically deficient persons on this planet(by scientific nonprofessional writing)
 it is impossible to be I*



 the charismatic charisma- exercising a compelling charm that inspires devotion in others.
a charismatic leader
 sinonimi: charming, fascinating, strong in character, magnetic, captivating, beguiling, attractive

business books-inflated expressions infectious quality


from ancient Greek Charisma: χάρισμα 'grace', or obtained gift ") is a term that is the source mainly used in Judaism and the Christian tradition. Denotes God-given grace.
 A bit confused nature of the use of certain words in spite of knowledge*
raised in height and in the same moment, at the very bottom of the scale***
and now I have a headache*
they are all right-morally good, justified, or acceptable-many famous writers..
But II am wrong?
Now if you mention that * Jesus save us from lack of little bit of everything*
 charisma is a set of behaviors that have nothing to do with physical beauty
 Spicy Sex Appeal-the quality of being attractive in a sexual way
This is not a charismatic-but if it popular emphasize*by the term..
will be popularized as a synonym?
a combination of statements, ideas, or features of a situation that are opposed to one another
 form of communication in which important expressiveness, control and eloquence*

called seductive slit**


charm domination*

Let's face it, it's fun to be in the company of a person who easily breaks the barriers between people and creates a lively social experience..