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*but a small voice in your brain tells you :  "Click on it ..let us see what is the word. "
Anyone who has ever dealt with the writing knows that the reader's attention hard to keep. The most important rule of writing and journalism is - if you can not specify the readers to read one sentence, you have no chance to provide them to read the whole article. This one sentence is the title. The title is what all of us attracts attention, which tells us what it is about the text and how we filter and choose the texts they want to read than those who do not zanimaju.U address must be the core of the text or on the way to attract the attention of the audience and specify them for further reading. Writing titles is the art and very hard work, harder than writing the text. Poorly designed headline can destroy the whole effort because no one will be interested .

..This is the same old blog with all my posts, but the old address-which the texts through time as well as improve the content of an.

how does a blog with knockouts in all of my fights-just like this my*
which combines techniques from Muay Thaiji, karate, taekwondo, san shou, Kickboxing and traditional boxing or abbreviation K1.
Originally I used the policies but slowly it adopted as to change direction.
Fighter was saved bell only in the last round (in case nokdouna and counting judge and the ringing bells end of the round before the referee reached the count of ten).
The  can only be completed vague only in the event that both of combatants and can not fall more to rise, or in the case of unintentional injuries in the last moments of achieve girlish dream .
In the distant galaxies are found stars and planets, which consist of large amounts of diamonds, but you can find something similar and closer to us?We are angels and archangels. We are winged messengers who have chosen to merge with one heart to help others on their return home with an open heart.Born in the bouquet, torn as beads of low, broken in the gardens of the Earth,born with the awareness that is much wrong in our world, and that this must change.
All we are made of energy and got our energy fields. Some energy can measure the different instruments, and some are so sophisticated and subtle that they can not be registered with the technology available, because such biophysical energy fields of high frequency..insights that go far beyond what we consider normal.
Most parents are not aware of the specific features of their children, and they think that they do not fit into society, because they are different.pressing them to Penance what is "normal". Children become discouraged, close in themselves and do not use their gifts..

-are very compassionate, generous and
 -do not tolerate any kind of conflict and peacemakers
-are full of love and forgiveness
-very wise for his age
 -unfocused because they are able to start
-extremely intuitive, socially are aware

-They are due to the strong mental activity and multiple interests
able to start a few things
suddenly, while I can not concentrate
in the completion thereof.

Classic schools expected from children to fit into the pattern, that would not were under pressure or experienced teasing other children. Few educator who cherish creativity and freedom in children, but can not condemn them, because not all children are the same-but have neither the time.How to overcome the karma of ancestors,correct mistakes and get out of the underground river..

Recently the school, as they talked about the fairy tale
"Cinderella," Vasilisa said his
teacher: "Yes, we all complain about the poor Cinderella,
but I more regret stepmother. She is
very unfortunate when so many hate Cinderella ".
The teacher called her mother telling her that
her child does not differentiate between good
and evil. The teacher did not even know how to
child overcome her in width and what
its system of values.

Is not this picture of her that "wounded", with pain plays, sings and plays,finding meaning in that?

but it has an amazing combination of intellect and emotion or in other words emotional intelligence and empathy with simultaneous self-control stability and lightness,appeal, but at the same time and great depth and analytical skills.It's not the children who will accept conventional answers to questions eg. about life and death, that they offer.She requires meaningful explanation that will satisfy her deep intelligence.*When he grows up he will learn many ways to helping people, but it may become the profession,because the great potential lies in this child.- our parents do not have the time or knowledge as uncles and aunts..burdened by taking care of existence-and I become invisible ethereal being of his own blog.-because of its expanded consciousness rapidly gathering and processed information...
that inner tensions and problems in free expression of true self what we go again
states that he has difficulty in finding ways to express their enthusiasm, or simply
loses the will, because not met with acceptance.

but this is its magic, adventure which
from the heart and soul strives for his vision and
His light*

children with the problem of labeling**by parents A pulp beliefs, the official theory of education of children, based on the science skills that allegedly belong to "a higher evolutionary level of humanity".-From the standpoint of the psychology of man, is understandable why a certain part of the parents complain. Repression occurs because they believe that a child is diagnosed with "imperfect" and "damaged". Defence rational thinking irrationality exposed through the Superior media less and less authority because of too busy and stress parents..
for example-He was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)**And they recommended various alternative therapies to handle this behavior They are often physically sensitive and fragile, but the emocinalnoj level of their sensitivity leads to extremes. They have developed a sense of caring and empathy, but also can develop insensitivity if they are emotionally humiliated.."Thin veil of" separation between the earth and the spirit world. Due's emotional "thin veil of" them available to many different information and knowledge of the deep-rooted..Usually that its dose of rebellion and retain into adulthood, but often this is a subtle, wise kind of opposition which actually become exempt from the expected policies
They are very creative and can do more things at once, really easy to them something else distracted and tend to jump from one thing / theme / activity to another. They have problems with patience and hard waiting for the order. It is difficult to cope with the rigidity of one dimensionality of our (and most) of education Systems.Their interests are intense and passionate and totally immersed in areas of interest to specific holographic way. At the same time see the whole and pieces of which it is composed. Lies and manipulations are confused, sad and irritate-especially if they are ill-intentioned. Therefore, often become ardent expeller justice and truth.


You can circumvent many inconveniences and obstacles in its path, but also accelerate and deepen its appears that in fact the education system was not up to their abilities and that such children are simply bored by the slowness and too shallow content of the information that they are in most schools offer. If you give them a theme that will be really interested and have them challenge you will see a sudden change in their concentration and probably a real demonstration of their exceptional intellectual abilities and amazing creativity.
but the family and the environment in which they find themselves dependent whether these possibilities actually (and when) to express. They need our support and love to discover yourself.
built-in overcurrent protection, which protects them from excessive stimulation and external influences and allows them gradually discovering and developing potential
Only when enough mentally mature to be able to cope with their gifts, experience Awakening
The return to Him, and his life mission
It just means that about you very little you like¨¨