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it is a friendly tweak ?

  Ouch! fact   **

 Loneliness is, on the contrary, unpleasant, punishing, state of lack, discontent due to alienation, the awareness that we are too much alone and that we consequently missed. Although people differ in the amount of loneliness that can not accept, it is occasionally necessary to everyone. It is a necessary point of passage to the intimacy of any kind. It allows us to understand their needs to each other and what we are willing to share with others. It renews us for the challenges of life, refreshes our perspective and worldview. Takes us back to the helm of his own life in which we can easily become a slave of various plans, schedules, requires protection. In contrast to the loneliness that we are weak, solitude restores our mental and physical health returns us balance and control

painful isolation is this chemistry that makes us happy*feeling that every person experiences at least occasionally due to a disorder of life rhythm

The permanence of these feelings saying that there are deeper problems to be solved and that there are things in us to be faced and which, though often deeply buried, significantly impair our quality of life.
Such a separation of people of people, despite the feeling of isolation, accept as inevitable the fact because the obstacles to its participation in the lives of other people's real. However, a person may act alone, and in doing so not to feel lonely or isolated: if someone is using your time for self-reflection, self-creative work, rest from other people or stress, then that person enjoys in the fourth form of detachment from others, or alone. Thus, loneliness is something that we choose ourselves and what fills us with serenity, while loneliness do not choose their own will and fills us with subjective feelings of emptiness.

 Emotions may be your medicine and medicine your emotions
What are the physiological reasons that affect stress hormones that cause psychosomatic illness? It is known that the human body has the ability to receive unconscious perception, without our knowledge, starting the mental and biological reactions. Alarming reactions occur in different situations, for example, when people need to achieve something that goes beyond their strength.

Of course, every coin has two sides, including socializing via computer. The flip side is that there is a possibility that we just computer becomes your best friend. Do you belong to that category by accident, to start .especially when coming winter months.**¨¨balancing please through  self-control..Claim it power over the selection of their own behavior-to resist your impulses.


our little weaknesses, which we can not resist. "Strict restrictions have the opposite effect, could hang on for a while and finally give in and make up for it, of which we hold back and with interest"

Pinching  is not really  Harmless but generally also  not helps to increase self-confidence and ego shaken into shape but this kind of communication often is going on. It's hard to be so close to the fire and not get burned.
outwitting, the ability to make you feel special, attention, endless entertainment, it is slightly biting the forbidden fruit..learn to limit impulsive behavior..must learn to think about the consequences before they start to operate and develop the skills of a healthy way of dealing with emotions;understand the connection between their past experience and current behavior, attitudes and feelings as well as the ability to noticing patterns in your life.Get insight: Expression of sensitivity to the feelings of others helps to gain an insight into their own feeling.

recognize that  a problem**please strictly serious code of conduct**
interested curiosity**purpose of Pinching is not personally prove and impress others, but show that these people interesting
Tips such people are to find an interesting person and you do not give up if the first which came not interested in this kind of communication and to focus on her and not on their own bad feelings..
Passions Affects: Every emotion becomes affect you develop to high intensity. In the heat of the moment we are very aware of the reduced control of their own actions. Affect is extremely strong, but short duration. We are able to do and say things that you later regret...exaggerated emotional focus on some content.
The emotions that we see and discuss them with others usually last a very short few minutes to a few hours, moods last for hours, days or weeks, and emotional disorders such as depression or anxiety last for months or years.
judgment-the human body to some extent, protects you from unpleasant thoughts**
the result of the mutual influence of the biological characteristics of individuals (excitement, reactivity, temperament) and his social learning, and strongly influenced by cultural ideals.



Self-care (self-care): personal habits and attitudes essential for conducting good care of our physical and mental health

Self-control (self-control): control or elimination of impulsive behavior such as swearing or threatening behavior

Self-management (self management): successful management of feelings and attitudes that affect how an individual copes with problems and challenging situations

Self-understanding (understanding of himself): the ability to create links between past experiences and current behaviors, attitudes and feelings

Self-concept (conception of himself): positive perception of himself


Watching in the face every emotion,  avoiding emotionally saturated situations, detection of humor in any situation no matter how dangerous, unpleasant or even tragic..

The more someone is trying to control his emotions, the more they get out of control and the more people end up being scared of what appears to be a '' loss of control of emotions ''. It's a vicious circle.



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