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life hangovers of mutual longing

Who of you dares to be different from their surroundings and some generally accepted opinions and behavior patterns?
In my weakness, I took a map of the world, looked at her and said;Your mind is a battlefield*.
Influence your attitude toward life, on your actions and your behavior.They create a mentality and directing you...? Most people shy away from it *...Often they are referred to comments such as: "Do you always have to complicate?", "Why do you react?" "Well, do not take everything to heart?", "Why are you so sensitive / a?"

biological difference in my nervous system, observing the process and greater amounts external and internal stimuli, and that the deeper and more thorough way...It would be one of the explanations on certain issues.Hypersensitive people are compassionate, creative, intuitive, very well notice the details, responsible and reliable..that's me. But with me everything is fine, there is still 20% of people in the general population who were like me!

*foolish it would be to now write or describe all negative or positive in my life ..This is my spiritual warfare - the for one black sheep for other good shepherd.*Extreme focus on details

They are the first to notice the details in the room, new shoes you wear or change in the weather.

Any irritating sound for them is much more irritating

Although no one likes irritating sounds, highly sensitive people are to them, as well as the chaos, a lot more sensitive. This is because it is easily over-stimulated by too much activity.

*the priests would say they are all God's gifts

a big candy store full of fascinating opportunities-Intense curiosity about numerous unrelated subjects
The conventional wisdom was overwhelming and seemed indisputable: If you're a jack-of-all-trades, you'll always be a master of none.
unusual breed of human being*
By contrast
When you get so you can't read a book (and even newspaper articles are too complicated to remember from start to finish), you can't pay attention during a conversation, and you have no idea where your keys and wallet are when usually you know exactly where you put them, then you need to talk to somebody about therapy and medication, both of which work wonders. 

the "right" choice-passion for learning just for the pure physical/mental/emotional pleasure that comes from it.*
"what's out there"?
a lot of time scanning the horizon, thinking about  next move...
Individual needs are needs that a man can meet as an individual, without the influence or help other people. 
How heal and integrate parts of yourself that you have rejected***

We started together, through the Promised Land...Intuitive thinking all included. It is free. A hypothesis and does not impose dogma. Accepts both sides, different, circular interpretation of events. Flexible said. All compares and links. Often unexpected. Synthetic and wisely. Do not insist on the victory of one side. Accepts different interpretations and results. This is critical and modest. It serves the descriptions rather than claims. There is no prejudice. Is tolerant, flexible and curious.

"Man are available three times that good act: first, thinking what is noblest; second, by supporting what is easiest; and third, the experience, the bitterer." ~ Confucius
What is knowledge? "," How to adopt knowledge? "," What do people know? "And" What is the basis knowledge? ".How many who say: '' What is this work in which we never see realization? When it comes to work on the physical plane of life, then at least have the results: something is changing, something is built or destroyed.

How do we actually need to live but be happy, satisfied and fulfilled?
Think for yourself. Impose the views and opinions of denying a man the ability to change reasons and draws conclusions, and this reasoning is the basis of man's knowledge of himself and his needs whose satisfaction leads to true happiness.
The man is a combination of soul and body, he seeks spiritual and material satisfaction to map the human pursuit of happiness..But this is only one side of the coin.
first solve the problem of material
development-human aspirations and needs-finding a well-paid job
the need for security

  (Employment, physical security, income, morality, health, property)


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