life in the service of the people

The archives have emerged from the work of the Slavonian seigniory have been preserved business books, records and contracts that demonstrate the commercial and business connections
with Europe, such as agreements on arrival masters, construction, sale goods, leases, arrival of Western experts, the import in various materials and tools, which largely originate  Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary,Polish and other European countries.

What to me to dig again at the historical record of our well-known experts*something that I began to read and learn about and did not finish in the way as it should.
I'm grounded enough,Obsessions are not excessive worries about real-life problems...

Why do I need all this?
I do not like when someone  to us are selling rotten eggs and distort history in the sense that they were puppets of others for political persuasion*.


Thus, in 1724, signed a contract with master brewer from Burggaua raising brewery in Valpovo, and 1724th The arrival of experts to work in the dairy industry in Valpovo in Nuremberg for breeding dairy cows and dairy management. l Vienna was sent in 1730. a large package of more than a hundred pieces of various fruit trees and plants, in others especially precious fruit as various types of pears, apples, south fruits, vegetables, seeds, miscellaneous goods and tools.A significant European influence in Slavonia brought craftsmen and traders from west European countries.
Many are as stated above come under contract,but most of them came free and open their shops.


Area Čepin, Erdut, Aljmaš, Tenja, Sarvas, and St. Helene at Zelina were family estates Adamovich. Cepin place is noble and baronial families Adamovich. Title "de Csepin" awarded by Queen Maria Theresa 6 October 1770, John of Capistrano I and since then the family named Adamovich Čepinski. The origin of them is probably the Bulgarian, from places Ciprovac. In Slavonia came around 1700. John of Capistrano I, the royal adviser and deputy mayor of Virovitica County was responsible for the great reputation it has earned by his family and an increase in the property. He founded two vines Adamovich, Čepinski and Tenjski.Using the property is linked to the two families lords and barons Adamovich and nobles Bartolović. Tenjska's branch of the family Adamovich and afterwards. John of Capistrano III. and his son Nicholas, now Ambassador Order of Malta for Croatia, continue baronial branch of the family.
my wish
for someone finally write a book
the right way**

the county , municipalities of Osijek and the Ministry of Education and Culture

and local residents
It is their task*

this can be found only in the original ancestor
family Bartolovic

Political turmoil, conquest and wars throughout history ..our origin, The local and strangers.
The Croatian people are calling them called various derogatory names, and most of the population through the centuries constantly displacing and settled as they had changed and the border state..
all possibilities to develop in a positive branch of our national life and to become an example for future generations.**

dogma supported the idea of ethnic unity Croats**freedom, independence and inviolability

Rather than help their country, they work on its destruction. Just to ease jobs and careers, they both dig the grave of his homeland. Charity and charitable work it is needless to mention, because it fades in comparison with evil, which are their political beliefs caused their homeland.
today in most tolerated each other*
obscurantism, the new Croatian generation*
The available historical sources testify as far as we are angry historical knowledge through at least a thousand years to all the people who have passed trough this region at the same time we have to give thanks and to all their influences to the terms of the management and the development  new age of modern life.
It is difficult to historians connect all translations and historical knowledge as to disrupt the various residual created political content*,in agricultural, urban, and cultural and educational sense.
enlightenment thanks to education and the example of their
mothers also dedicated to promoting culture and education in the nation.,together with
his daughters, and sons, properly brought up and educated..

their significance for the promotion of literacy in the nation-the ability to read and write.

"Innovative programs successfully encouraged adults to develop their literacy and numeracy skills."

and this article
corrects at least partially one injustice, although much more still needed
investigate and put in the framework of socio-political life and health and Croatian



25 years ago I met a person who visited me about the origin of their parents;a German born with life in Germany parents probably displaced or exiled during the Second World;I did not go into a deeper conversation because I was too young then to understand..went through some tailored political history of socialism and communism..we are all in some find Negroids..**


*how contributed to the birth of Croatia becomes less risky and that demographic picture is improving despite the great emigration from Croatian and Slavonia.

 scientific culture-that the survival attitude-job-without viruletnog political environment

recognizing everyone his true value*

affordable to the people this instructive piece on how to get out of poverty*
economic developments are given on
one side of rich people, but the on the other
We have a bunch of people who were supposed
hospital and poorhouse..
contrary toeconomic trends*but the survival in the
city assumed end of the yearsso
negative developments to be reflected and
the political struggles in this small


Traditional historiography, brought a scientific (and educational) practice almost to the exclusion, enthroned an almost undisputed selective criterion in the selection of relevant scientific and historical "theme and problems "," historic "is what the public. What causes direct and visible consequences in the general life, the fate of the community and the course of history.Public events and their carriers - "public figures" - enjoy all the privileges historiographical monopoly. For them it was known. Oh they are written. They measure time. Appointed epoch. "Public" the facts are established sign system that is
shaped our way of thinking. Our consciousness.

Therefore, we have not even noticed that our own history is wrong.Intuitively, however, and philosophical (we could say), we generally understand thatdeepest objective history reveal to us who we are. If we know its genesis - we will know andtheir identity. If the identity is not identical with the genesis, the genesis of it is, however, a source.

dedicated to the Provincial Government with a big heart