my language ambiguities duck hunting

1.Observation. 2. Analysis. 3. Decision. 4th Exercise. 5. Evaluation
 on the "Next Level"?
 propulsion-active life-mortification to penitential monasticism, the
which frees and saves his own soul..inside intertwining of intense spiritual life and thinking*
 dance of death that triumphs over the pope and emperor over
rich and poor, over a whore and a virgin, and libertine
means receptive?

"Receptive • Capable adjective, is set to receive, for understanding, comprehension; receptive, sensitive (lat.)-Nah ... receptive means something else entirely. Suppose lovable.

Last text is a great start but then I had just continue in a slightly different way, why can not be like other people*
Laboratory for Developmental Neurolinguistics discipline of neural mechanisms in the human brain that control language understanding, the production and adoption,Normally you have to be careful not to fall into their own maze or hamster box of food.
turbulent  separation and divorce on  Business*
who likes to end his cat lives in the invisible guillotine?
consequences of a very complex and sometimes contradictory personality.
Because I am incorruptible witness to the wild river of life*

 it's ridiculous to compare ourselves with the cartoon character*
Daffy was one of the first of the new "screwball" characters that emerged in the late 1930s to replace traditional everyman characters **something new to moviegoers: an assertive, completely unrestrained, combative protagonist*
always stays true to his unbridled nature*
his version of the character "expresses all of the things we're afraid to express..

nonprofit Virtual offices are an eyesore to many managers, but to explain to my readers roots of labor**not to be angry at me messaging them..decision to work their mode of writing I'm going to say "force majeure".Nonprofit author and the author at the beginning of his creative work:
this Teleworking is not without flaws-I have no salaries or advertising (various earthly conditions investment -from money to the possibility of physical movement)-to blogspot held company that has its own investment costs-an explanation for those who are not involved in writing in this way.
For now, use the right of free space.
constant stress release public waterways thoughts;loss of privacy, the risk of identity theft Computer.lack of operational and administrative support.The network log, or blog dnevak (anglizam, longer name weblog) is a form of publishing information on the Internet (web-to) and contains primarily of periodic articles in reverse time sequence - the newest articles are at the top for individual projects. They can be in the form of magazines, thematic, personal. May be linked to the group, thematically or related to the domain you are - the blogosphere.It is possible to categorize blog by specific categories, which allows the same author of texts organizing the collection. allows collaborative blog, and upload a blog to a location of your choice, this is a good option in case of need, change the location of the blog. It also has advanced management comments, moderation and google ad-sense integration.
non-specific blog that are related to various topics

What's a blog?
personal website in blog form - used blog tool, but is a result of static page,Global publisher within five minutes different treatment as Press, and bloggers are not considered journalists are therefore not protected by freedom of the press.expression and free thought-fourth force is the formal term for the media.
The dualism became my substance*opinion that there are two primal, equal and irreducible category of reality (two modalities, the two primordial "substance", the two constituent principles of all that exists): spirit and matter, or idea and matter., who empirical duality of physical and mental manifestations in humans extend to the entire nature, attributing all material case his invisible "mental" pendant.
the existence of many original principles, all its contradictions and differences.

you're  jazzed up my dear

These are my stellar passing of weird enthusiasm*Bitters since ancient times known as "herbal medicinal liquor"remarkable bitter wormwood and products, with the addition of 26 different medicinal plants that enrich the specific aroma and fragrance with 35% alcohol**I want to not be deceptively sweet..

waking me was not the greatest, not the left or right leg ..
The dog was almost fed because I was preoccupied by writing a cure was my after rising ..
Breakfast will be my lunch..A therapy with ESI has subsided and now I swallowed tramal with ibuprofen ..

 but first I was happy because the pain is gone and then worried because the silence*

The school system is hated callously inflicting discipline, unimaginative school spirit and existing methods of learning.
Einstein is in contrast to many of his colleagues thought that the only source of knowledge of experience. He was a man of broad conception, liberal, freedom-loving and consequent pacifist who always stood for justice and peace.But the aura almost no overfulfillment sages which is built around the press and popular culture, promoted through mass media (often to the irritation of other scientists such as Enrico Fermi and David Hilbert) have no basis in reality, physics in the 20th century...
What difference this scientist has with my writing and shifting public .. time development of intelligence, designed experience and learning abstract definition that "intelligence is what is measured by IQ tests" .--

dynamic process of mutual reinforcement or weakening, the causal relationship**

Blinded Group (Eng. Groupthink) is a term that refers to the method of decision-making in small, cohesive group. Due to the excessive desire for a unique opinion, members of the group are not able to realistically evaluate all available options, but increasing the probability of making the wrong decision.(MENSA (an organization formed in 1964 as an association of intelligent people. The only criterion for membership is above average IQ) has two times more male than female members. It seems that no matter what the scientists agree that both sexes equally intelligent, men still have certain advantages over women. The big question is whether this is a matter of ability or (in) equality.
strong exalted spasm release of unspecified pieces of stone or marble; is dramatic, tense and offensive.?)
Intelligence can be measured, although imperfect, intelligence tests.(monumental image of man as the hero Hercules, the central figure of God's universe.)*

through life in order to arrive at conclusions which are the main reasons for a man to succeed in life, "bloom" and make 'something'
 Not recorded substantial difference in earnings average and above-average intelligent men. Intelligence is not a necessary precondition for wealth.-Whether you prefer to be returned years back or skip some stages of life - the fact is that every age wears something good.


Archipelago constructs that make up the intelligence

a handful of different abilities is not created to make a fuss, but helpful every man can be described using a larger development of one of the components and the underdevelopment of others. So top musicians have above-average musical intelligence, but that does not mean that they have any of the above-average remaining. Moreover, it is likely that when an individual has an above average ability of a species becomes quite low in other capacities* 

 "The philosophizing is an attempt - an attempt one final
self-understanding of man, concerning his prosječnosvakodnevnog
life as "borderline situations" the senseless one
life without fractures and desperately-divisive issues. opinion must
think about even human nemisaonost. How is it possible to live happily
live immersed in the day, if you are a big, dark shadow over the destruction lieth
our path and its clock before last, the terrible truth.*when they break down all propositions..

pulse only salvation through knowledge"death immortal individuality a symbol of struggle and combat complications from general
categories, concepts and massive structures and beneath
awakened individual, their own way neutralizes dramatic questionable


this example I'll never used as a comparison with all my actions in life-Greek mythology consists of the legends (myths) of the gods and heroes, but the root of it is the belief of the ancient Greeks. Greek gods looked like people, have merits and demerits as people differed in that they were immortal, more or less invulnerable and able to become invisible and travel at the speed of light, and lived on Mount Olympus.

About this story and Homer in his Odyssey.
sentenced to a big boulder pushed along the mountain slope to put them on top. But every time he came close to the top, the stone would have escaped the ball and plunged down the hill. Sisyphus is so trying, over and over again, but unsuccessfully*The Sisyphus was condemned although j Sisyphus was the founder and king Efira (Corinth). Promoted navigation and commerce, but he was greedy and prone to fraud and killing travelers and guests. He seduced his niece, took his brother's throne and betrayed Zeus's secret - that he had raped Aegina, daughter of the river god Aesop or, in another version of the myth, Eola. Zeus ordered Hades to be overlaid in hell. Sisyphus is there asked Thanatos to try the chains to see how they work, and when he did so, Sisyphus was left chained and threatened Hades. Since the Thanatos was the god of death, no one could die until he stepped Ares. The Ares is annoyed that the battles and wars are not zabavaljali because there was no death, freed Thanatos and sent Sisyphus in Tartarus.But before Sisyphus died, he told his wife that does not offer the usual victims when he's dead. Then Persephone in Hades complained that it ignores the woman and persuaded to leave the mundane world that asks him to do his duty. When Sisyphus came to Corinth, he refused to return and was eventually Hermes back to Tartarus.

According to the solar theory, Sisyphus is the solar disk which every day rises in the east, and then falling in the west. Another study claims that Sisyphus personification of man's struggle in pursuit of knowledge.
Of course it is me the necessary impetus to get something written but never can not stop further questioning and sequence everywhere will take me a whole mindset..

Terrestrial version of the story-there a specific framework context that occurs through millions of years to induce humanity to reiterates the role of a disturbed builder of civilizations.*
motive withdrawal in the internal dialogue of the soul with itself to
freed from slavery cave detainees.
man's self-understanding can
accused of careful analysis of the ways of everyday human life,
or, as Heidegger says, the analysis of Da-sein, or existential
analysts average everydayness-his unfinished, on his disadvantage.
all pleiad social and national revolutionaries
energetic thought feat radical critique

Is this defiant, heroic, or as both dangerous thinking?**