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only one cool male in my house

I have long with you, in this or that role, but it seems that today there are more people who want members of my species just for the company. Times are changing and we are increasingly considered to be family members.
what it means for me this little bit naughty playful cool guy*?
Winter is somehow apart from companies like sometimes women who had a woman companion also seems to me this little mutt..normally is not this type of poodle but the exploit my favor and I can not resist him
despite every spring flying out to the yard..when it is not his will then politely shelf feet and chooses a place in the house where it will do in spite pissing..I'm not born to a dog trainer that I realized the moment when a baby came to our house..
The material and moral values

We do not have them. Dot. We are Gucci handbag from a few thousand in the same league with carrying the salaries of a couple of dozen kuna.

We do not care for the holidays, gifts, birthdays, nor feasts. We do not care if it costs our equipment thousand or cheap, are not important to us colors, designs or decorations - important to us is that it is comfortable.

We do not care if your furniture is brand-new or old. We do not care whether you are rich or poor, if you drive an expensive car or an old bike. We do not know the difference between your clothing for work or wear for a walk.
The new formula for calculating dog years would be:

For small dogs: 12.5 years for every human year, during the first two years of life
Dogs of medium size: 10.5 years for every human year during the first two years
For large dogs: nine years for every human year during the first two years

For dogs older than 3 years is crucial types. For the Bulldogs, for example, the number of man-years multiplied by 13.42, the German shepherd with 7.84, and for dachshunds and other small dogs with 4.32.
Why this up note about dog years ..
say that the saying is not true that one human year is seven of dog..

Growing up with a dog is a positive experience for life that has resulted in better treatment of people and other living things, better understanding and respect for nature and natural law.
way to maintain a healthy social life .... Besides, on those days when you get up on the wrong side or we are sick, so it seems that nothing makes sense - that look in his eyes and mah-mah tail immediately us to know that the someone who loves us and depend on us - if we surrender, what will happen to the snout?
This is not a partner to can just refuse*
begging to you, bother, insist, threaten and eventually you might be punished so that you will piss on the carpet!
In addition to the impact on the physical, there is the undeniable effect on our mental health - for a start, with the dog you are not alone / a! Unlike those ancient commercials from the eighties (Ronhill, it seems to me - "With a cigarette you're not alone" - probably not as soon get cancer :)) dog us - in a way healthier than cigarettes*
The reasons why the dog came to be considered "man's best friend" there are many theories, but the no evidence that any of them confirmed.

As much as we were close, no matter how hard you try and teach us to behave according to your human standards and norms, we will never be like you people. There are patterns and behaviors that people often bother you.


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