secret reserve the so-called placebo


[jumping from the stage]
 Oh! I shall come and see!
You can come by but this is one of those days ...**Cross Roads writing".

[He sniffs.]
My, it smells good here in your nest!
but not constantly..but I'm trying to work on that**

*but allows the writer to formulate personal emotions through structured thoughtful narration, the act of understanding, comprehension and integration disturbing experience in the creative process of self through writing enables people to watch themselves on the side and to control their emotions, they can give a stronger sense of self-efficacy and control control of emotions.

Reluctant to talk about themselves, and at first glance, the only thing you share with these people is a moment the fact that in the privacy of your home all jotting something and you do not know what to do with it. Yet, here you are, it means something ..
Needless to every situation subjected to analysis. Then make the analysis itself has become meaningless because so many of us have forgotten what the analysis of the main - that we live!

The questions are endless and the answers often lie out there, within reach, even though they need a little extra effort. It should read, monitor, investigate and draw conclusions. I should not be afraid to ask questions. The planned length of the text does not allow me not to try to answer any questions, but I can try to give some indication of the response. I would be pleased if the text used as a starting point for further digging.
the fruit and the result of my obsession and rebellion
positive psychological effects:/with dose of caution please***

• better management of emotions
• elimination of negative thoughts, restlessness and anxiety
• release of stress and tension
• termination of obsession or thinking about the difficult experience
• knowledge and strengthen their own positive qualities
• identifying new sources of power
• a clearer understanding of the experiencing things more aware of what is holding us back
• discovering their own potential
• strengthening power
• Building confidence
• establishing a sense of life values.
It often happens that whatever we do, whether we sit, walk, stand or lie down,our mind is usually not related to the immediate reality, but has usually preoccupied past or future loony way of using the mind. We are not in connection with the present moment, but always think about something else. Too often we are obsessed with trepidation and yearning, sorrow because of past and anticipation for the future, and so, throughout the crystal clear simplicity of this moment.If you do not simplify circumstances where we are, the chance to see the good in itself is very small - for it in what otherwise  preferably not watch ourselves, but everything else.
Where I am in the last couple of writing; that fresh youthful courage and strengthened;what do I say? A stray sheep that has itself created too much pressure .and occasionally jumping on the trampoline and forget to relax from reality;nervous despite the so-called help writing..But my situation  do not weigh and compare with yourself.*
How I texts from yesterday to today read (no not me helpful), they were not even confusing , I was not thrilled and not  turn a new spark of expression*.What is emptied my power of thought;stole my spirituality and led to some crazy swirl.I hate such a situation.Over our time lie a kind of resignation and mental fatigue.When a man is in one of its crisis, , he could no longer endure, not to seek what haunts him and deal with it.
*large computation, spiritual earthquake, the collapse of all previous roads*?The meaning of life can not be given, but must be found. You can not invent it must reveal.Forced pursuit of self-realization gives frustrated yearning for fulfillment of meaning..A key factor in these unhealthy reaction is alienation of a part of itself, as when the feud two friends.
Everyone has the occasional unwanted habit you want to overcome or change. This, however, requires a certain degree of will and self-discipline. These two skills make a big difference in my life, bringing to the fore the inner strength, confidence and determination, What is vital for success and personal growth.
As this is a effective method, some suggestions may also have negative effects on the sensible people (increased heart palpitations, dizziness or sweating). Therefore autogenous training is not recommended for people suffering from severe anxiety or depressive states or who are prone to psychotic reactions-it is desirable to get out of the house sometimes in society or nature walk.In other words, completely release tension and release of negative emotions is reflected in the remarkable increase in mental and physical freshness, improve the health, labor and creative abilities, and thus the quality and joy of life.
The experience of their own role: the role and characteristics
The challenges of performing educator role overload due to multiple tasks, the existence of conflicts in the role of maintaining objectivity in their work, emotional involvement, unclear boundaries of personal responsibility, structuring daily activities and free time, be tolerant, to balance, the importance of experience**
  • adapting to changes, helplessness and vulnerability, lack of external support
  • better relationships
  • Personal approach to work: accessibility, relaxation and humor, consistency and clear expectations, honest attitude and empathy, adaptation emotional state
  • cooperation and tolerance
  • experience of personal responsibility
  • and the questions of purpose
  • content enrichment work
  • socialization
  • greater representation of occupational therapy
  • improving the quality of life
  • continuing education
  • Changes on the personal level: lifelong learning, raise and maintain professional
Negative ideas about themselves, others / the world and the future-changing beliefs about themselves, the world and others*way of thinking (interpretation, evaluation, data processing, reasoning) determines the way we emotionally react and how we behave, and the appearance of the disorder.

If he does not worry it'll be something terrible
healthy alternatives
solve problems by correcting mistakes and errors in the process of interpretation, evaluation, understanding, reasoning and decision-making
Solution: Stop wage war with negative thoughts!
it's hard to break a vicious circle of bad mood
This I have never worked  "It's an opportunity to try something new *