The skeletons of gigantic goldfish

"We can not all do great work, but we can do small acts of great love."
One embodiment of spiritual creativity new authenticity through a subjective sense of my form certain ideas that achieved by using different means of expression..
my little dark, gloomy space through which the souls entered the world of artless..Soul to pile water from the river Lete, the river of forgetfulness, not to remember a past life after reincarnation. Those who want to drink from Mnemosyne, remember to all and become all-knowing internal skeleton.
One of my ways of Sacred Art mummification words and deeds to live after death to save the skin and organs  the  part of this work of my aromatic juices afterlife preserved in the belief in the the release of parts of the soul  mind..
can not to be confident that everything is relative absolutely true and untouchable*
 with  principles fight against gossip with  fully human knowledge in the palm of titanium¨¨
Some of this interpretations because a certain expression may not be comfortable to you  (action of explaining the meaning of something.) have the right to question, interrogate disagreement-especially in an official context ..precious hoyden of Behavioral Science dedicated to improving the human battle.

under his skin all human weakness

effective communication
directly related to success at work, satisfaction in the personal life and mental health
each individual.
For better understanding **Young, old, educated and undesirable
What is it about? Quite simply, to the person who you are, at first sight, on the basis of
the mechanism of transfer of feelings so cute, is attributed to all the other positive traits.
The heavy types people or just so some think**this  our children learn

attitude is defined as relatively permanent mental disposition acquired by socialization, ...


#SVEZNALICA-knows the answers to all; knows better than others; every pot lid#NESTRPLJIVKO-hardly listening; considering what to say while others speak; interruptionsother speech; completes another's sentences
-story anything just to be the center of attention#SOLO-keeps saying; asks questions and I answer them; laughsown jokes; relishes in it#Egocentric-I ... I ... but again I; constantly praises; keeps talking about himself#DOSADNJIKOVIĆ-endless stories about things that do not interest anyone but himhimself; verbose; starts from "Maria Theresa"#BLAME-constantly talk about themselves that is useless or guilty of something; accuses himself;but still does not want to change their behavior#napadač-speaking people nasty things about them on the pretext that it was for "theirgood"#ŠAPTAČ-every sentence tells you in confidence and very quiet; You have to invest largeeffort to even hear#Humorist-all turning into a joke and when it is appropriate and when it is not; jokes and whensituation is serious; scarf undermines serious suggestions or objections#VICTIM constantly complains; anything him wrong; all him guilty of something, only he is not guilty for nothing..


Modern Times :: How did you??
in a like manner; similarly.
FILTER-effectiveness of communication decreases with each step down in the
Business hierarchy: oral messages of a member of another administration comes to 90% -
wholly accurate. When a board member speaking with some of the directors, 67% of the messages transferred
exactly; when the director talks with the head of department of understanding of the message is reduced to
56% and so on down the hierarchy-up workers, who exactly is heard only 20%
from what he says his foreman. Things got worse when the message goes
ascending. Then it must take into account the more or less deliberate manipulation.
A person at a lower level in the hierarchy manipulates the information that is transferred to his
the boss so that the situation for it to be positive. Adverse information
retain or changing, and shall be released only positive.

Stereotypes, attitudes and prejudices