the welfare state through the application of "flexibility


However, Sunday should be a day of rest not day of heavy thoughts;otherwise my profession is the one when it comes to all seven days a week ..
production and services ..Why not honestly write what my profession and work capacity -I about it do not even discuss home with my immediate family members..why; you should all try it out on your own skin and in practice to understand had about about what is in reality going on in anyone's job..saves short each other deepening of various stressful situations that are in most cases insoluble..

The old version of our classic al education through modern awareness other than our parents from the time of World War 2...or even the First World War..
*on which it was based my Training*-of various idols and idealization to break down over time different system and attempt to gather the political education systems of Europe and the world.
Yet we are still on that foundation; maybe I was congested lecture from Marx in his youth but now mature it would be necessary all over again a little skim and figure out whether there were errors in all these teachers lectures..

In Marxism is a political system that revolutionary coup establishes the working class in socialism, which defines the transitional period from capitalism to communism (mainly communists do not agree to the name of "communism" called state order which water, and that has not yet achieved the ideal state of social justice and the abundance of which they seek to achieve in some indefinite future).
We had twice the election is still a system in disarray;people impoverished for certain capital that could be directed to different goals and agendas,silent tired, nursing ill and restless not satisfied..
I did not wanted to write about it, I gave it my voice for more Law and Justice and better organization of our statehood.
I'm probably now in a better reasonable condition, thanks to a specific doctoral procedures*despite the titles, and they hardly swim congested  with jobs;river of people that can not all be healed in a classical way..And I probably will not get the lottery number six to help them by donating to modernize the Department for pain or neurosurgery..


The welfare state and the welfare state in its traditional sense, means the country or socio-economic order in which the state provides the majority or a large part of social services, and they take most of the financial and other resources of the country. Under the "social protection" in these countries may involve different forms of providing social services - from the payment of pensions (pension insurance), health services (health insurance), funded or free housing, food, education and so on. The social state is usually achieved through redistribution wealth, and progressive taxation in which the highest rate of tax paid by the wealthiest citizens. As an "ideal type" of the welfare state is often mentioned the so-called. Nordic model which developed in the Nordic countries in the 20th century.

We are in this so-called transitional system*but with that I do not have time to get them comes back in state functions..every minute older and damaged health status questionnaire for the work capacity assessment or health damages.
badly is when I have to ask the doctor whether to be a lawyer or a doctor-as painfully frustrated-especially when you know that it is in their gear crunched my case..I try to understand them but it's tough when everyone's order and they make mistakes..we become heavy and powerless..
And I am writing this open?
This costs me *and it very much.

nature to my family just Dislike to openly publish it in this way, but at least this text struggle and practice is essential and the third generation of young people who recently completing their vocational schools..would probably relieved that at least I have a social security; and I would rather my health and my job.

An employee or worker in the broadest sense, a person who wants to achieve a certain goal through physical and / or mental work. In the narrow sense earns his salary by using their - mostly physical labor you make available to your employer.

it's a little hard to think that our European Union is the nanny state;I met many hardworking people around the world and politicians all that must respect on different ways**.

Precarious workers (or precariat - a neologism created by combining the words precarius lat. Uncertain and completion -ijat idea of ​​the proletariat / workers are suffering because of precariousness, tough existence in life without predictability or security, which affects the material or psychological condition. The main feature of precariousness is uncertainty, work at a certain time, casual and temporary work, and low or no labor rights and protection. These are seasonal workers, workers on black, freelancers living from royalties, contract workers, those who carry out occasional work through various agencies, experts working at projects ... In contrast to the generation of the period of the welfare state in Europe, which could count the hard-won workers' rights and social benefits as full-time employment that they provide pension and health insurance, defined eight-hour working time, holidays, weekends off and trade unions, today's worker-industrial global capitalism can often count only to permanent uncertainty.

I never was educated to be a seasonal worker(I have my qualifications)*,  or the worker on the earth-digger without a single day of school;nor bohemian enthusiast or eternal student..forced to work with contracts for a period of one month days- 1- 31 of the month called by prosecutor's office or bureaucracy annexes.
Forced to study various decision states written in the national newspapers that I can not apply without lawyers..They call it modern decisions for both sides.
Gastarbeiter (German Gastarbeiter, literally "guest worker" or "guest worker"and this in a country of which I am a the longer term have dramatic consequences on demographic situation and culture..the gap between supply and demand for workers.When unemployment is high, resources are squandered, and the incomes of people is crumbling. Of course, during such period, the economic troubles affecting the feelings of people and their family lives..

High unemployment tends to decrease GDP (Gross Domestic Product). So that when we do not use resources as much as possible, so that we are able to produce goods and services, which will allow people to survive and enjoy. Losses in periods of high unemployment are the biggest documented losses in the modern economy.


The thing is when I go to bed at night, so saving heating and survive this winter ??Even the Eskimos warmer in Igloo..
If someone tells me you're not lucrative-producing a great deal of profit.****-to see : In today's society the importance of presenting its own success has become dominant; have ultimate success in business, in love, to be observed in a group, be remarkable, is no longer just a dream, it has become an obligation.

This in my business means few men with no teeth*a couple of broken ribs*elbowing*sycophancy*...
Constantly superlatives and glorifying*you give a shoulder-stay without a hand*
under the guise of success / power. Such ambition is always accompanied by fear, always in spasm, never enough, never fruitful*

"borderless wasteland, men are allowed to fuck more and have two women as wanton, one sure of herself and the other confused.
only one "slut" and thereby "loser".

how to be a MacDonald sandwich and on several storeys?
in a group*