variability of living organisms in space and time

Do you ma'am you alone to drink their morning coffee without approaching the computer ..
Of course it can sometimes *
Alone see the news or a movie, something to smile cheerfully and say the day started well.*
What this means for me a good day?
day full of positive work, with practical results with a lot of good fruit*:solutions that help in the development of your everyday life...
provided you miss at least look at the weekly news on TV ..
for today's start is not*.
But yesterday it was with too much of it...stuck on documentaries from Al Jazeera | News, Business, Technology, Culture, Sports ...
and other topics were meeting Croatian Parliament from rolled a few times on the Croatian music program CMC..I'm not happy with the latest DVB receiver ... impossible to connect a satellite dish antenna ..All MAXtv users can do on their television sets to watch a great variety and number-embrace once they lobby cable tv from certain packages ..Sure can, but when my salary be within a certain range from needs but not currently with luxury..

again about my alternative medicine-reading and knowledge **this belongs under Croatian law*.

whether it helps the explanation of the technical language*
Overloaded and is still being treated by physician at the uncertainty with further decisions and progress in free life**

Expertise in terms of this Regulation is expert which establishes the following facts:

a) the proce*.dures for the exercise of rights on the basis of the Pension Insurance Act and special regulations determining the reduction in work capacity with the remaining ability, partial loss of working capacity or total loss of working ability, immediate danger of disability, occupational incapacity or general inability to work , the status of the insured-disabled persons, physical damage, the existence / non-existence of complete loss of the ability of a family member of the insured;


How will my condition be resolved,
but you are now on your feet*??-dependent on medicines, treatment and my behavior toward herself*...
That see local people and neighbors
**I do not to share my problems from them about what is happening in my life;nor the going on outside of coffee with the other housewives..
Somewhat abandoned due to inability to socialize a few years ago because I was forced take accountability of health care and my mother After her a heavy stroke.Women are innately be nurses *
I just able together with the family to prolong life a couple of year has passed since her mother's death *is that not enough time to pass the pain???
How is your soul folks?


legislative through ethical principles
stormy acceleration through the family and society,earthquakes with the which hard to bear..
The confession can be very difficult, exhausting. ... Pursuit of profit and material produced by the millions of people who are sick, wounded the soul away from God and neighbor.
The biggest problem is that anxiety and fear affect the cat as well as to all other living creatures***
I am writing from the beginning under constant pressure,even the joke at my expense,I create all sorts of creation and fight for the various Rights..while others live with the the thought that I was at peace reading my articles and watching photographs...

"fog" in the head, difficulty concentrating-want someone to describe how I feel at that moment??
lack of calm, easy to provoke you*

all this is something that we did not to get  with genetically heritage***
snide remarks or ambiguous questions (provocation)
How with difficult people? - Career: In the workplace -
How to become and remain immune to provocation and manipulation? Is it possible to remain "cool" just in every conflict situation at work, in society and at home*
Enter a positive spirit in the working atmosphere and download it to your staff. Show support and enthusiasm when a problem occurs. The people we are.
whether we*
perceived competition as a healthy challenge and not a threat*?
I emphasize that in no way want to extract himself from the description and analysis*
realistic and objective*
Consistency and dedication*-This it cost me my Health.Finally, because such things are often the blood shed and injured vanity and honor formed by people beasts and monsters who for the sake of maintaining fictitious or "projected only" reality were ready for anything.Such individuals often create whole quasi-esoteric structures that have all the characteristics of an average "social welfare" creation, then decorated with the hierarchical structure of the members in the form of master or teacher titles, titles and formal membership of some "elite" branch.
(careerist (franc.), a person who is sick seeks to achieve (a) career, which is a job or job opportunity only to satisfy personal ambition.)
my question

what people feel or see in me or blind can not see???
Here's where I'm in the prime of life*
PROCEDURE SELECTED medical doctors in primary health care
When a medical doctor who treated the insured believes that the treatment and medical rehabilitation was completed and that the resulting reduction in work capacity with the remaining ability, partial loss of earning capacity or complete loss of ability to work in jobs that a person who performs as an expert, instructs the insured competent organizational unit of the Croatian Institute for Pension insurance, which delivers the prescribed form of his "Report to the findings and opinion on the health status and work ability of those who are warlock" and "General information about the insured with the description of operations performed."
 a culture that highly valued success. A benchmark is to be noticed, to gain recognition, a status and money**?The most important thing in human life, usually goes hand in hand with consumerism**
?a sense of self-worth is linked exclusively to succeed in their career, much less or not at all as to how successful as a parent, spouse, relative or friend, forgetting that in life there are other goals.

my rise on the hierarchical ladder?
compromises, morality and personal integrity...essentially produce maximum good result but create maximum good impression of themselves that will have the strength to our positio;other employees are less engaged in their own business, and more and more activities that will lead to greater business results, such as internal political games and networking that aims to create their own teams, or clans by which begins to rule.
Job changes over time and develop-but my understanding of the job is to take care of my own health as well as part of a team, preventing any bad influences and development and correcting errors-most do not want changes..
Bow to Group to initiation or humiliation newcomers other employees runs counter to my age, perceptions, personality, knowledge, health-as well as all kinds of laws human..
(but in this way you will never become a great boss in this world)*----answer some kingpins-sarcasm and ridicule..Ha,ha,ha.....

and how now that the younger generation to write and send this to the world?
"After some time ..
my mother used to say *
supposed to I raise you to be the greatest thief and thug in the world ... after being herself met certain social stratum."

is it possible to break the circle of bad human behavior?

Fair play is worldwide known and understood concept, which draws its origin from the sport. Fair play or "fair play" is not only an essential element of the sport, but has also become a more general philosophy of respect for others and respect for rules, both on the sports field, as well as in work or other competitive ventures.(heart you live in an ivory tower or in  the Christmas balls?)

**go to the children's kindergarten teacher...Biological, legal and social status of motherhood makes you the mother cares for the child and for his upbringing (in most cases, together with his father).
***but then I will teach kids that you all banging in eggs*


The family is the fundamental group unit of society based on shared life inner circle of blood relatives, in which combine biological-reproductive, economic and educational function. It usually consists of one or two parents and their children. Family may be composed of members who are not necessarily related by blood, for example in the adoption of children.

The family belong to: parents, children, grandchildren, grandparents, ie, all who were born in the family and all those who have become members of the family through marriage. A man and woman with one or more children are called. nuclear family, which are often incorporated into large "molecules" called. extended family.

The Law on Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment of Disabled Persons (Official Gazette 143/02 and 33/05), governing the rights of persons with disabilities, the right to employment of these persons and protection measures. According to this law, people with disabilities, each person having a physical, sensory or a mental impairment which results in permanent or a at least 12 months reduced ability to meet personal needs in everyday life.
Article 34 of the Pension Insurance Act provides that a disability exists when the Insured, due to changes in health status that can not be eliminated by treatment, working capacity is permanently reduced by more than half to physically and mentally healthy insured person of the same or a similar education and ability (professional inability to work). Construction according to evaluate the ability to work the insured cover all activities that are appropriate for his or her physical and mental capabilities, and are considered to be relevant to its past operations. Also, disability exists when the Insured due to changes in health status, which can not be eliminated by treatment, caused permanent loss of ability to work (disabled for work).
Disability in terms of the above can occur due to disease, injury outside of work, injury or occupational disease.

bodily injury
ZOMO provides that: "The physical damage exists when the Insured incurred loss, significant damage or a considerable disability of individual organs or a parts of the body which hinders the normal activity of the organism and requiring greater efforts in carrying out needs, regardless of whether it causes or a does not cause disability.

Zabranjena je izravna ili neizravna diskriminacija na području rada i uvjeta rada, uključujući kriterije za odabir i uvjete pri zapošljavanju, napredovanju, profesionalnom usmjeravanju, stručnom osposobljavanju i usavršavanju te prekvalifikaciji, u skladu s ovim Zakonom i posebnim zakonima.

Poslodavac je dužan zaštititi dostojanstvo radnika za vrijeme obavljanja posla od postupanja nadređenih, suradnika i osoba s kojima radnik redovito dolazi u doticaj u obavljanju svojih poslova, ako je takvo postupanje neželjeno i u suprotnosti s ovim Zakonom i posebnim zakonima.