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Whether it's the kiss of death or a ghost town?

Whether this scenic area or the place where the performance is staged;An entity that produces Language, which forms the text at the level of its content, it seeks to win the right to vote to reality tolerates partial deviations in the works, both in the perspective of storytelling that may be present, so the topic except the personal life can apply to social or political chronicle, therefore, be permitted a certain width as someone who is at the same time realistic, socially responsible person, and the creator of discourse. I can not say that I do humor and stand-up comedy but now whipping his head various thoughts .. if this is the Shakespearean stage or kabuki trail with the theme barbecue-scenes person or humanity in spontaneous and unfurnished living manifestations that give real breath of true and genuine image Life..Characteristic "ordinariness" scene still regularly contains a discrete point in terms of drama, satire, didactic, depending on the general socio-psy…

girl brandishing an infeasible firearm post-apocalyptic planet in the year 2033

**** **frequently deeply disorganized, anarchic, absurdist, and psychedelic..various elements with origins in surrealist techniques, fanzines, collage, cut-up technique, stream of consciousness, and metafiction.

I hate it when I wake up with a theme in my head for a certain little things that disturb me lose consciousness or the very beginning of writing that would flowed certain train of thought ..whether all this goes on a particular part of the habits or become somewhat obsessed with that just as I have up my sleeve I have to take it out during the day in order to more easily walked through my mind..I did notunregulatedbut I perpetually sufficiently satisfied with the appearance of this blog, then I walked through other published posts ..I am able each post to expand and further edit but all depends on the day and the events that lead me to a new design of the text and topic..explore new worlds in her slightly phallic rocket ship..necessary in conveying the content and messages o…

looking at his life in the glare of his headlights

**** Longing for a child is an integral part of human beings - both women and men, but women in a special way, because it is designed to be the bringer of new life into the world. It was designed as a cradle in which the baby grows, and as it is written in it that the secret feeling that characterizes every cell, which is called the intuitive desire for a child. What a sublime idea that new life grows and feeds on my body? It belongs to me inseparably for nine months! Magical moments are, no matter what, especially in challenging pregnancies and difficult and uncertain. Mothers who have given birth and had no problems with natural conception may have not "arrived" to listen to the cry of his body for a child. But those from month to month, and so for years, living in the hope that she will conceive a child, every day, and lay it with the voice of his own being: "I want to be a mother!" A voice remains unheeded.
days and months of anticipation, hope, joy, and disa…

Riding the bike through the world of debauchery of human psyche

**** In other words, the sentence: "How many more?" Or "Have you ever close?" Out of the question. Unless you are looking for a sentence that will, like the "reset" back to the beginning, and possibly totally stop everything you're doing.
We will be direct - do not rub his penis on her curtains. Neither the pillow. Not even a teddy bear!
Cold, challenge. When a girl looked at two equally beautiful gilt, one of which is looking to the adoption, and the other rejected, it is believed that the latter has a "thing" and get a motive for self-assertion. Begins a psychological game in which both participate equally, in which he will lose if he falls in love and surrender. In this case, there is a plant, she realizes that "this is not it", loses interest and abandons him. In most cases, the one who, after a quick play, goes. These links are mostly short-term, but can be very intense, and for a long time very exhausting. Psychological gam…

vasectomy human endeavor chronology Dictionary of the Croatian language

**** May be a passenger on the plane feels more powerful than all the people who at the moment can not defy gravity and do not fly high above the clouds, but the landing is a necessity, sometimes it is possible to meet only the shadow of long-dead civilization or idea long ago dried-saint-hermit. But the understanding of them! For traveling in the desert and over the precipice, the seas and mountains, with the aim that sometimes includes thoughts about the place of travel, sometimes, the idea of ​​the journey?
The journey is not going chronology than the wisdom of travel, it does not matter whether it is real or imaginary. Traveller reaffirms expectations, the second time is the expectation at least he knows about the trip. The same goes for all other thoughts and issues that are imposed before traveling. Because there are civilizations that the traveler encounters in their total amazement. Travel is dating worlds and search identiteta.Ponajprije own. I do not always travel in order…

sweet tooth depth" of fe-male vagina part of our fallen nature

Despite the fact that the body's cells small, each upswing is made up of atoms and molecule. For the construction of each individual cell took millions of atoms particles.Each atom within the cell is created like universe, with tremendous strength in the core.The atoms in your body are the same as those which are exploded in atomic bombs. Of course,atoms in you will never explode in the same way, or Yet they contain the same force as those from atomic bombs.It is not possible to count the atoms of the body, but each of them in a small world, filled with tremendous power and Energy..

  Why do men put to death at the sight of a beautiful woman? Because their testosterone increases by 30%, primarily sexual domination of the brain responsible for rational reasoning, while the neurotransmitter dopamine or pleasure overwhelmed Center for remuneration which leads to "the effect of blunting". Therefore, the excited men more likely to make stupid decisions and unreasonable spendin…

Crossfire-plague of the 21st century record of self-destruction, maturation and acceptance of life

***** Who are you, today's woman? Is it worth to you the legality of it's great that you exist? This is not one already saying truthfulness - just you are unique, perfect. Where is the problem? Does it at all? The victim as a goal is meaningless, but the stakes at risk neuzvraćenosti is inevitable in human life. The moment spontaneously say the sentence "These young ...", consider that began the process of aging. Because aging is not exclusively related to the organic part of beings but also for mentally. You have a young old man, with freshness and preserved all abilities.. In the end, no one has the right to decide on other watching his chronological age..When Socrates was sentenced to death on charges that corrupts youth, and asked to explain when they are young, but when old. The applicable rule is that young people under 30 years of age, and older than 30, is not satisfied it, which is understandable, because in this group divided and too young, but mature peop…

Smoking seriously harms you and others around you

**** No one knows who invented the compass but first they used a magnetic needle pointing direction were Chinese. Du Halde to work General Historians of China in which he describes the events during the reign of Emperor Hoang Tia described trolley with a large needle that showed 4 main points of the compass by which the imperial soldiers orient and defeated the enemy..

There are moments in life when you feel that everything is working against you, when there are certain obstacles that hinder or prevent the realization of the desired goals..Sometimes we can be your own enemy and why the unconscious conscious stand in the way of salvation and happiness..when we have become victims of their own sabotage and lose your own life compass???

Are you yourself the biggest obstacle**Unfortunately, people tend to sabotage themselves and can be seen in a bad light; burden is all possible and impossible things ..get away from the negative thoughts** how if you are constantly surrounded by circles of…