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There is an old rule in chess:
"Good opening is half a victory, bad opening is always a defeat!"
Here are a few examples of how to be a player to move in the opening and that within a couple of strokes losing party..The result of a chess game depends entirely on the skill players, and not at all about luck. Chess is one of the so-called. Games with Incomplete Information: both players have a complete overview of the position and there are no hidden factors that should be assessed (eg. in the card games).Players alternately pulling the move. The aim of the game is to checkmate the opponent.The party begins to move white. Both players alternately play one move. Beginners sometimes play at the start of the two moves at once, which is wrong.

Submissive person sends a message: "It does not matter. You can take advantage of me all you want, I'll put up with it all. My needs are insignificant - yours are important. My feelings are irrelevant, what matters is how you feel. I have no rights, but of course you you've got. I'm sorry I exist. "

"You mean that fat, ugly?"
 "A lady in the mirror looks familiar"
"Typically female ..."
"You intellectuals are all equal ...";
"Another heartless man ..."
More than 80% of people will not say a word to fight for their rights or to exercise their needs.


Waving feet is an attempt of the brain to escape from what just survives**
Culture Communication is a phenomenon that is changing as we cross national, regional, organizational and other boundaries,not always successful. Messages can distort, misinterpret or not
reach the recipient.
type known as 'linear hearsay' - one person downloads another message, that same message forwarded to a third party, this is transmitted fourth and so on..The second type is called
'Chain of gossip. The individual message is transferred to everyone he meets, and each of these people may or may not be, the message further forward. The third type is the 'chain selected "in which a person transfers the information to the select few which is itself elected. One or more of these people will forward the message again only a select few.

The emotional highlight events are remembered better than neutral, but the reconstruction of the event depends on the emotional involvement of the person in the event, and it can be emotionally distance themselves from the events or experiencing a traumatic event images deeper etched in memory.
Are we to blame for a total sum of experiences that have made us what we are?How to get rid of? Their grip is so comprehensive that we try, only risk to be even more secure. petulant and defensive because of subordination that habit
For many people it is a bit difficult to admit that hard on yourself, that "his own worst critic" or that they are perfectionists. They finally just admit something that our culture holds a virtue: the fight against yourself.People will generally reluctant to admit that sharply criticize or judge other than themselves.
Probably no person who has not at least once judged people and their character based on first impression. Experts say that to create a conclusion about someone needed only seven seconds, and all of you will agree in saying that no one has a second chance to make a first impression.

No more injections of ego than when someone tells you that you are smart, successful, beautiful, slender, have beautiful hair, perfect apartment, a talented child, a job to which all jealous and even with this you bake cookies! Ego to the sky but it also requires because people generally like compliments, but still prefer to believe that like other people.
GIVING ADVICE: Offering another person ready-made solutions to its problems, imposing his opinions and his behavior..Although they are not aware of it, people regularly entered obstacles in your communication with other people.
It is estimated that these barriers make up about 90% of conversation when one or both parties have a problem to be solved or a need they want to meet.
Can lead to learned helplessness, retirement, or inadequacy reduce the likelihood that a person will itself find a way out of their situation..By creating a relationship between two or more people, is created and social space that belongs exclusively to them.
It is often very difficult to maintain appropriate emotional and valuable distance from the social space of others.Assertive paying others a commitment to their rights, and at the same time not violate the rights of others; one of the ways in which people can defend their personal space and affect other people in the non-destructive manner..Describe each situation, write down how you established an I message, describe how other people react and how did you at that moment.
If you are met with resistance and lack of understanding, write what you think is the reason.
"Let your own prudence is adviser: synchronizing movements with words, a word to the gestures, trying not to exceed moderation ..." Hamlet W. S.
Messages send its appearance, clothing, fragrance, distance, the place of the room ... including facial expressions, tone of voice, gestures, posture or movement, touch and sight.IMPORTANT: Judging people by the look can often lead to errors!how people explain the causes of their own behavior and the behavior of other people underlying assumption is that people are searching for constants in their environment, in order to have the feeling of control and being able to predict events in the future, people selectively interpret what they see based on their interests, experiences and attitudes..

There are no global ethical standards-preference for diversity, intellectual curiosity and independent judgment-precisely for the reason that all this process takes place entirely below the level of our common consciousness, risk to forget about it, and to replace the idea of the true picture of something. Confuse the truth with the story about the truth-According to this principle would be an advantage should give theories with convincing and simpler explanations.

Each child is valuable and unique and has its own resources to be able to develop only if he feels accepted and loved as it is*

Occasionally we meet a person who provokes the feeling that "no mental illness or disorder", ie. It is "normal". These are the people with which we all feel comfortable, calm and safe, and life suddenly becomes easy. Their pleasant jokes do not cause noise and thundering irritating laugh, but quiet and joyful smiles. Are these people some kind of principle of action or they do not have, certainly does not make anyone what you would have them do them. Their action is an example to many, because effectively achieve its purpose, moguprilagoditi their environment without the need of large variation of the average individual. They can afford "be normal", although it did not. It seems that they do not belong anywhere and everywhere are welcome, but they have a lot of real friends. We know that they are successful because others to emulate and follow. Such persons have been able to strike a balance between personality, identity, ie. Their potential, skills and talents to reconcile with the social demands of the environment and situation, and are therefore considered "mature person".They are the ones who have "their I" think for themselves, to decide their own will, in the journey towards a clear goal in life which directed his thoughts, time and work.After these works and recognize them.


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