girl brandishing an infeasible firearm post-apocalyptic planet in the year 2033

**frequently deeply disorganized, anarchic, absurdist, and psychedelic..various elements with origins in surrealist techniques, fanzines, collage, cut-up technique, stream of consciousness, and metafiction.

I hate it when I wake up with a theme in my head for a certain little things that disturb me lose consciousness or the very beginning of writing that would flowed certain train of thought ..whether all this goes on a particular part of the habits or become somewhat obsessed with that just as I have up my sleeve I have to take it out during the day in order to more easily walked through my mind..I did not unregulated but I perpetually sufficiently satisfied with the appearance of this blog, then I walked through other published posts ..I am able each post to expand and further edit but all depends on the day and the events that lead me to a new design of the text and topic..explore new worlds in her slightly phallic rocket ship..necessary in conveying the content and messages of the author.. an effort to reach a cathartic moment of clarity and understanding of one's own life.*Considered to be the oldest known library motto in the world, ψγxhσ Iatpeion, is translated: "the house of healing for the soul".. is predicated on the assumption that people can heal through use of imagination and the various forms of creative expression.Our practice of using imagery, storytelling, dance, music, drama, poetry, movement, horticulture, dreamwork, and visual arts together, in an integrated way, to foster human growth, development, and healing. It is about reclaiming our innate capacity as human beings for creative expression of our individual and collective human experience in artistic form..

I think this is somehow satisfying look of the page on which I am writing for a long time; and myself want no many comic strip books and writing about fucking serious topics that make human life ..days and years debate about it with the addition of something that is contrary to common sense..the so-called never-ending story..if they I manage to terminate and lead to the end?
For me as a person naturally-I will not go back on certain topics-cognition is completed*;unless scientists after a certain time to update all the new knowledge.
Habit of positive and sympathetic person - in addition to those which most of us likes to be given the adjective-500 (feature) on the grounds that that they are most and least like about the person.Top-rated adjectives were - attractive, intelligent, sociable, but - honest, transparent, reasonable (in respect of other people).The mistake that most of us do is that we focus too much on what we let people talk, while the head is already coming up with questions and sentences that will tell you the following. That is why we often hear what someone is saying, but we do not understand what we actually want to say.Most quite bothered when a person can not concentrate on absolutely nothing doing or saying. When you approach, people like to know who are talking and what the answer you get, so it is wonderful when someone is true to yourself and when good support in certain situations. This does not mean that we the people should say what they want to hear, but we only had to be true - and give them an answer that is expected of us, on the basis of what we know about..You should be a person with an open mind - which automatically makes you accessible and interesting. Hardly anyone likes to talk or spend time with a person who already has everything opinion and does not want even to listen to a different perspective.
It is important to make it clear that I, the term does not mean the opposite of seriousness to laughter and cheerfulness. I therefore want to say that things should be taken seriously, as it should do the job, go all the way, to clarify, to take responsibility and take the consequences - something that in no way does not mean sour faces and the absence of jokes.I want to say that this social fear of the seriousness of the same type as the fear of alcoholics and drug addicts of sobriety. In our time, abused the possibility of drawing conclusions on the basis of existing knowledge in the same way as an alcoholic abuses alcohol; to avoid to see reality as it is..
Which group of people I belong,? the only group that I know according biology  that is called human society!All what you have I have  transferred by genetic inheritance..except small emotions and jealousy towards other people of my material possessions.Sometimes we realize that this is not what you want but that we will solve the internal conflict in a way to deal with our decision, we take responsibility for it and make a plan for what to do next. It is important to know whether we do something because we choose to, or with the feeling that something we should do.

"It works so that the effects of his way not to be devastating for the future possibility of living like this" or "Do not destroy the conditions for an endless continuation of mankind on earth."

The face of another naked, vulnerable, fragile. The second comes from a world that is not mine, falls into my world and appears as a stranger..Did my initiative, precedes my freedom?The responsibility we are going before you can opt for it. That responsibility does not destroy my freedom, but justifies and gives her her Investiture Controversy ..If you are unwilling to engage with the face, my efforts around the battle that has so far been innocent and naive, becomes fault and so do evil. If you take responsibility and put you at the disposal of imposing "here I am", my being becomes ethical and doing so well.The responsibility for each other's release that others be vulnerable in their strength, respect and recognition. That is the responsibility of the foundation of non-violence and truth.Do not judge the worth of an individual on the responsibility for the world and at the same time leave him alone before the weight of planetary scale.You've probably encountered on the street "crazy" people who incessantly talking or muttering to themselves. This is not much different from what you and all other "normal" people, except that you do not speak out loud. The voice comments, speculates, judges, compares, complains, he liked, something is not and so on. That voice does not have to be linked to the situation in which you are currently; it may be reviving the recent or distant past or rehearsing or imagining possible future situations.

Here it often imagines things going wrong and devise a negative outcome; this is called worry. Sometimes this is accompanied by visual images or "mental movies." Even if the voice is relevant to the current situation, will interpret it in terms of the past. This is because the voice belongs to your conditioned mind, which is the result of all your past history as well as the collective cultural mind-set you inherited.

The man is a sheep, sheep follows a shepherd, a man also, when one of the people go in one direction all turn to him and accompany him talking among themselves! They talk, "I think he's right, no matter certainly is better than others, I came because I happened to be passing, but that's all, and there is also .... blah blah blah "! If someone just asked the man where he went on to say "Who Am I? I have no idea"! He certainly has its own problem in that fell and wants to get rid of him, met with some of the current issues and then use it in the direction of facilitating own disease? Is it a leader who needs to tell us how to live? Thus, the present watching and judging eyes of the past and get a totally distorted picture. It is not uncommon that this voice represents man's worst enemy. Many people live with a tormentor in their head that continuously attacks and punishes them and drains them of life energy. This is causing untold misery and unhappiness, as well as disease.

"The nation is de facto and de jure the highest authority over which there is no other authority and source of all other authorities and is responsible only to God."