Human costume jewelery guilt and black frustration Game elbows on the social ladder

After you find a place where it can be white and black, special and angry, exception and revolutionary ** so stoned you lie down in bed and looking to the ceiling above you rotate and orgasmic sigh: 'What me tripping the light fantastic !!It is only the mind that with a flashlight trying to find the source of light. **?
be a beggar, although he was a nobleman ...After enlightenment, the Buddha came to the city of Kashi. King Cascio met him and asked: "I do not see anything special about you. You're just a beggar, but I felt humble when you came. You have nothing, but the way you walk, the way you look at me, how are you laughing , makes you king over the world. where is the secret of your power? you look like a king. indeed, there is no king did not like - as if the whole world belongs to you. you're a king, but where is your power, where the source your strength? "To which the Buddha replied: "It's in me. My power, my strength, my source of force, whatever you feel about me is in me. I do not own anything except myself. But it's good enough. I am filled ; there's nothing I do not need and do not want anything: I became without wishful. "Almost to speak only about the crisis and crisis management; crisis of the Earth and life crisis which threatens the disappearance, as pointed out by Pope Francis in his encyclical speaking about caring for the "common house". But everything in life is marked by the crisis: the crisis of birth, youth, crisis of choice of life partner, professions crisis "noonday demon" as Freud called mid-life crisis (forties). Every situation is good, every place is a great opportunity for meting us with ourselves, to dive in our depths and allowing it to appear on our fundamental archetype that we carry (basic orientation that we are always pressed) and that through us wants to discover and live their history, which is our true history. In fact no one can be replaced. We're all alone. This is a fundamental task of existence. But whoever goes faithfully this path, it is not really alone. He built a personal center, from which it all other travelers. Loneliness becomes solidarity ..
Therefore, the wisdom of ancient India held: "If someone is thinking correctly, shut up in his room, the thought can be heard thousands of miles away." If you want to change other people start changing yourself.
Why bother with the all the wise mentions of Buddhism though we Christians ..but the that person tread carefully ..keep of us its millennium of wisdom and I'm not one of those dull blind undesired knowledge that comes from a closed society which can not not come..

how to become politically correct? So what if I can not, somebody else has to make clear from the head every thought that opposes globalization. If you can not cudgel, can "mainstream" television, may sites on the Internet.

Esotericism says that wisdom comes to those who seek it, and to varying degrees; there is no magic threshold to cross after which one can write the holy sign on the forehead and be considered wise.Instead, of us waiting for the endless quest for knowledge and infinite potential defeat.In the game throwing, is not an important quality ball or joy while watching a fly, but the ability of connecting arms with the ball, thus linking the movement of pitchers and catchers.Her insatiable desire to sign and exceeds the limits of limited can not be stopped. By getting to know better the matter, it is all more directed to what a more thorough consultations fateful issues man.
• The human spirit heart on...
 With anxiety in his soul longs for "something" higher. And, unsure, seek necessary justification of his being and meaning of your life.Often fatal and pessimistic, modern:currents of modern thought, while the Faustian rearing of knowledge, in their replies horrible gaping emptiness and despair that fills man and leaves in it a sense of human tragedy.

earthly dynamics decorating glorious feathers of humanism*apparent decor  life drama..

cult (respect) diversity
essay "On Women" in 1772 to write that "women equipped internal body susceptible to terrible cramps; that authority mastered them, awakening their imaginations imagination all kinds; the hysterical delirium woman returns of the past and reach for the future, but all the time it becomes the present. "or "Male" Myths of hysteria as a "women's disease" upset by, neglected the uterus, which are looking for fulfillment finally bite the brain.-snobbery physically attractive person..sine nobilitate
Which literally translated from Latin means: no nobility..a person who is trying to its "lower" social or class origins mask and confirm him as "more" and that in that community in which he lives and works. This means that snob, imitating the behavior of those that mimic, aspires to a kind of status, social "improvement"..concept was created characteristic of cross-class movement, climbing from a lower to a higher class through, primarily, education, and then the merits, manners, wealth..

A realistic goal in most and may not enter into high society, but impressing on others to think that way about them. Often times this means that such people live beyond their means and often borrow and enter into loans to deal with that role.-prejudice against them**
"This year is impossible. He took a loan to be able to pay drinks, scooter and Driving around in the river. He went out every night, free to spend far more than it has. As the money exhausted, so he and the company continued its way ahead, but he stayed to pay tribute to all that luxury."
certain Lifestyle** They like to think of themselves as "the" in superlatives, and are often superficial and reflective.

TOP LIST of values..
Theories of social needs
Physiological needs -state imbalance in the body (usually missing some substance)
• Acquired needs (socializing, affirmation, ambition)
• harder, interests, attitudes ...
• Outdoor incentive award and approval
Satisfying motives -establish balance Feelings of pleasure -hedonist feature
Any behavior that is directed towards a goal
Od simple to very complex
unrest hungry animals, reflex (a reflex sucking)
home -all activity that has to do with behavior
 clothes - ambition-look good
Food, water, oxygen, sleep, sexual urges, temperature, elimination of substances,

Business is a game, and money is something that is determined by the result of (a quote from the movie)..
I want to be somebody, I want to be important
In everyday life: pain, threat, social sanctions, isolation, denial of benefits ...
One morning Abraham Lincoln shining shoes in your home. One of his friends who had just visited him, "Lincoln! What are you doing? You clean your own shoes?"

Lincoln replied, "You surprise me! Did you clean up someone else's shoes? I clean your shoes - and that you clean up someone else's shoes?"

His friend replied: "No, no! Even my shoes clean else!"

Lincoln to him, he said: "That's even worse! It is better to tell someone clean shoes than you second clean shoes."

What does that mean? This means that we have lost a direct connection with life**

In your normal world, they are apostates*