looking at his life in the glare of his headlights

Longing for a child is an integral part of human beings - both women and men, but women in a special way, because it is designed to be the bringer of new life into the world. It was designed as a cradle in which the baby grows, and as it is written in it that the secret feeling that characterizes every cell, which is called the intuitive desire for a child. What a sublime idea that new life grows and feeds on my body? It belongs to me inseparably for nine months! Magical moments are, no matter what, especially in challenging pregnancies and difficult and uncertain. Mothers who have given birth and had no problems with natural conception may have not "arrived" to listen to the cry of his body for a child. But those from month to month, and so for years, living in the hope that she will conceive a child, every day, and lay it with the voice of his own being: "I want to be a mother!" A voice remains unheeded.
days and months of anticipation, hope, joy, and disappointment, sadness, frustration, and again expectations, hopes ...
Dealing with the ups and downs in the treatment of treatment and constant uncertainty about the outcome. For some women, at some point of life, motherhood becomes the highest ambition, and even impossibility of achieving family can lead to severe emotional pain, anxiety and depression, frustration, and isolation from society and partners.

In Genesis, we find the first commandment of God to man: "Be fruitful and multiply ..." (Genesis 1, 28). It seems that God infuses this command to create the core of our beings. It seems that the fulfillment of these commandments written in our hearts, fantasize about her in their thoughts, their achievement with their bodies crave and long for their spirit. Therefore, it is big, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual pain caused by the fact those who stand before the cross of infertility. Yes, the law is used here comes the cross, because it is a "crucifixion" desire for my own child ..a condition that affects about 20 percent of women of the entire population..
Some women's lives without children an open wound, but at least what they want from others is compassion. On the contrary, their environment is trying to persuade to live a happy and fulfilled life and possibly live, even if she is still a gap. Questions about some children appear to be logical and quite normal, however, can cause discomfort. Have you ever been in a situation that you are a woman, you may not know so well ask ma have children, and she simply said, "no I do not have*"
The silence - silence - what now? What a question to ask. Or change the subject? You're sorry you've ever brought in this situation and asked something like that, even though you might have the right idea had little tuck them in conversations better. And is it all right in front of the woman who has no children at all remember his?
Is there a manual on how to communicate with women without children?
If by chance there is no partner, definitely something to her 'wrong', and if in turn married and already late thirties, very often no one is afraid to ask really quite personal question: "So, are finally pregnant? When will 'the child'? What are you waiting for? So how old are you? 'And so on...
The issue of motherhood is a choice and a decision that should be exclusively personal nature, but the traditional society and the norms that are set before us the opposite women every day in it. Due to the decision not to become mothers, women are condemned and labeled as unrealized, but the most important aspects of this election as if they were absent. They do not ask how they feel about the way society perceives them, or how to deal with the decisions issued.

Recently in the journal Fertility Sterility published one of the largest retrospective study on the success of IVF / ICSI cycles in women older than 40 years.Ü women younger than 43 years was 7.4%, while among women older than 43 years only 1.1% . The like was observed on the rate of abortions in women younger than 43 years of abortion rate was 43.1%, and 65.2% in the elderly.
The authors conclude that women older than 43 years it is advisable to consult a donation oocyte or embryo transfer of frozen embryos at a younger age, and in women younger than 43 years it makes sense to try IVF if the woman wants..

What we mean by fertility / infertility?
Prolific is a couple in which the conception was successful, but in vain where it is not.

What reasons couple remains childless?
1.not want children (contraceptives), second unintentionally (infertility).

What we mean by fertility and infertility (infertility)?
Fertility is the ability and infertility inability to conceive.
the birth of a healthy child is one of the strongest narcissistic confirmation that a person can get in life, so the inability to have a child, for anyone who finds himself in such a situation, one of the hardest blows to self-esteem.

The purpose of this article is that sometimes you do not need to wait to get all the little things come together because they would then be able to stay with no real family. People often think they are not ready for a child, but have you ever wondered what is it the right time? Is there? It will never all be as intended, but we do our best to be the parents, because it is the most important role in life..

You learned that you can not have children - face the

"I'm sick of people talking to "relax", "stop thinking about it, '' and everything should sound like comfort, reflect the misunderstanding."
"anger and hostility every time I see a woman with a big belly walking down the street. how can you understand?"

Primary infertility is it if you have not had any pregnancy and therefore not labor. Secondary infertility is the one that followed after the birth of one or more babies. Infertility can be a temporary or permanent condition, depending on your problem and available therapies.
You may feel grief over the loss of a part of femininity and masculinity, parts of you that are functioning or not you removed. If you deny or suppress feeling pain extend the process to overcome it. Somewhere inside you are experiencing performance experience. Before you is a choice to live consciously and directly as you can or suffocate, cover up these natural though painful feelings. Sometimes the pain can not be completely resolved or is accepted as a known pain that can be cured, unpredictable, through life. Overcoming pain is usually lengthy.

"Real life is not made up our plans about happiness but of what is opposed to those plans and intentions, what is happening by chance, which is unpredictable in a boat without oars. At this point, they say, "Oh, hell!" But it's too late. They are about to fall. Sometimes it's emotional decline. Sometimes the fall flesh. Sometimes it comes to financial decline. It is very likely that what you are currently burdened in life could be avoided better decisions upstream. "