Smoking seriously harms you and others around you

No one knows who invented the compass but first they used a magnetic needle pointing direction were Chinese. Du Halde to work General Historians of China in which he describes the events during the reign of Emperor Hoang Tia described trolley with a large needle that showed 4 main points of the compass by which the imperial soldiers orient and defeated the enemy..

There are moments in life when you feel that everything is working against you, when there are certain obstacles that hinder or prevent the realization of the desired goals..Sometimes we can be your own enemy and why the unconscious conscious stand in the way of salvation and happiness..when we have become victims of their own sabotage and lose your own life compass???

Are you yourself the biggest obstacle**Unfortunately, people tend to sabotage themselves and can be seen in a bad light; burden is all possible and impossible things ..get away from the negative thoughts** how if you are constantly surrounded by circles of people to constantly confirm..
focus on the present - this is the compass by which we all in some way we run..

"Know your enemy to beat him." ~ Sun Tzu, The Art of War (sixth century BC. Kr.)
but the woman that I know no longer what it used to be, some of my habits/ if need be to work at half past five I get up two hours earlier awake brain..performed basic, drank coffee, dressed and was half an hour before the clock work..I must have a pretreatment depends on the given situation it is*.
Some of the people are not burdened with that..Prepare you route, you are likely in the two hours sharpen the senses be bombarded with a large number of information and it is necessary that you are fully rested and ready.
"the first impression is hard to change, so be his, but not entirely his, it is necessary to curb some of the feelings and ways of behavior that are appropriate..*feature of every serious man-traits, attitudes and instincts-faced with the necessity of analyzing the situation and making decisions.Physical work, it is as much mental. Determination of timing, prioritizing steps, adapting to variations, correcting mistakes of the crew on the fly and solve problems with the equipment requires sharp minds and how skilled and trained hands..fine-tuned memory that allows memory sequences of tasks and procedures.
always understood his dedication. High work ethic is such in nature. We can complain about the hours and intensity of work, but inside we know that anything less would not be enough. Total commitment to what must be done.*
carries the label of "serious" REBEL WITH A CAUSE

If it is a sin to try something modernize, change and improve for the benefit of work and people..then throw stones on the wrong person fleeing from their disability..I did not Ivana Arc nor Mary Magdalene**
how my day started, this story has nothing to do with writing on the blog and the twilight zone**
how it should look- Excellent communication skills, initiative and ability to work in a team - responsibility and seriousness in work and attitude towards work - initiative, resourcefulness, perseverance and focus on achieving the goals - the ability to learn,enthusiasm,opportunities for career development,work in a pleasant atmosphere and dynamic team environment..A serious impetus to the profession.. not forever buried in the black hole of the universe after 15 or 20 years of experience..forever stopped because we want fair life and relationships between people..They are not listed in the book to a local employee shoved complexes and a sense of powerlessness, but he would have altered the course of thinking about their own mission.The spirit and way of behavior, narrow-mindedness and blindness specialist, all inherited from the past life of the museum are the most common obstacles to fresh air and the fulfillment of their social mission.
Mary Magdalene: sinner that Christ loved more than all*faithful disciples that it is consistently followed and stood under the cross in moments of torment..the result is a medieval legend that have regularly tended to bring something unusual that will encourage more believers to grow in faith, and in this sense, as a result of the later legend, to this day Mary Magdalene primarily understood as a prostitute who approached and became a faithful...fallen woman that we all reject*...

Enchanted, unpredictable, imaginative, somewhat lost in time, intuitive, curious, strong emotions ... people who would most said that ... hmmm ... a little strange, different and subtle language - creative! There is something charming and irresistible to these people, they like to see the world from another perspective, and what they do, their choices are different from what other people usually do.*But with what is actually these people stand out from the crowd and with whom he battles encountered on a daily basis?Experiencing the failure of thousands of times in your life, then it will be raised and make that mistake again. Every creative person, even the most successful, experienced a failure and was refused a million times. But in the end they succeeded.

She its presence and courage gave a strong moral impetus defenders*
On the day of May 30th at the head of her put a cap with the words: heretic, a sinner, rogue idol devotee and a multitude be focused in order to see it burned to the market in Rouenu.Her trial for heresy and condemned to death by burning at stake. Her death has made it the largest French martyr, and the re-trial in 1456 was declared innocent. In 1920 was named the saint..
.Records from the trial witness to her exceptional intellect and that he did not give intervene in various rhetorical and religious-philosophical traps.
English Duke of Bedford claimed the right to the French throne has his cousin Henry VI. As Ivana is possible that Charles VII. crowned king of France to show John as unbelievers and witches was to demolish the credibility crowned king.
The trial was politically motivated, as a cover*.
When is Joan of Arc was sixteen, nothing is promised a romantic story. She lived in an arid small village on the edge of civilization; nowhere to be seen or anything, she knew only from among pastors, never met a respectable person, hardly knew what she looks like a soldier, never rode on horseback nor her hand guns, could not read or write; I knew the prestige and sew and pray, and that was all she knew. Such was sixteen Ivana. Then, with only seventeen years old, became the supreme military commander which were subordinated to the prince of the royal blood and experienced French generals and the head of his army, the first he ever saw in my life, marched to Orléans, three desperate attacks on the onslaught won enemy fortress and ten days lifted the siege of seven months defied the French power. "With these words, the famous writer Mark Twain describes the extraordinary life of Joan of Arc, a girl who remained recorded in history as a heroine like no other.

You are a sinner? a new list of mortal sins*Church with the level of the individual rises to giving moral compass community. Sin is not only an individual, he apparently under the new can be collective.
extravagance in food and drink
Endangering the Environment,
Genetic manipulation,
The accumulation of excessive wealth,
Causing poverty,
The distribution and consumption of drugs,
morally dubious experiments,
Violation of the fundamental rights of human nature.
Man is a thinking being (may conclude, draw, thinking), social being (living in society), a spiritual being (distinguish right from wrong) and natural being (part of the living nature).
"Strong people aware of yourself, do not be ashamed to even beggars in their society, while the weak and superficial run for the powerful, hoping the benefits, so losing him."

about cuts and curves of rapture and Exhaustion when life in me and to many was the compass in navigation and shipwrecks...hostility to you, not gaining ground, no spark that ignited it and further fueled because your kindness and friendship are like water that extinguishes the flames of anger ..Because here you realize that anyone with you for no reason has hostile intentions, and who approaches you with anger, resentment or anger was himself injured or scared and that anger, rage and hurt carries seeking to make it free so that it can heal! Careful observation will help you to see clearly that you are not the cause of his neprijateljstva..Stoga, the only way to break the vicious circle of suffering and injuries to this to be about the second! What this essentially means? This means that on someone's unkindness rewarded courtesy to the person's insult not rewarded insult, but a kind word, calm, that at someone's dishonesty not respond povrijeđenošću but to be honest, unconditionally, no matter what you are right. Because you know the truth, and that's enough. Give others by not reacting space of silence in which will see their reactions, in which the will of their dishonesty, unkindness, their anger and hurt become visible and reflected to themselves, a space in which to speak their own consciences.I was a rider on the waves of the psyche. Beyond the madness behind the 7 Worlds 7 mountains and 7, I rode and I was completely crazy, million building. Compass I zakatapultirao around like a top and I was rejected to new heights, and the course was given straight up and not be stood on the break. I could not go back. I had to let the rascal cosmic joker to work his and he was joking with me and that I may be obedient. Every now and then would however cautiously walked slipped on his psyche and then I would be hung cosmic prankster with a warm coat big and he hugged me tightly without giving me not move and kept tickling..

Did you know that women still wear a chastity belt?- with 'urban camouflage'to"save the honor"-our being and not the crotch!(intactness cookies )