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Despite the fact that the body's cells small, each upswing is made up of atoms and molecule. For the construction of each individual cell took millions of atoms particles.Each atom within the cell is created like universe, with tremendous strength in the core.The atoms in your body are the same as those which are exploded in atomic bombs. Of course,atoms in you will never explode in the same way, or Yet they contain the same force as those from atomic bombs.It is not possible to count the atoms of the body, but each of them in a small world, filled with tremendous power and Energy..

  Why do men put to death at the sight of a beautiful woman? Because their testosterone increases by 30%, primarily sexual domination of the brain responsible for rational reasoning, while the neurotransmitter dopamine or pleasure overwhelmed Center for remuneration which leads to "the effect of blunting". Therefore, the excited men more likely to make stupid decisions and unreasonable spending, which is well-known  experts.
 SIZE MATTERS*not only what men have, but also what the women in his underwear hiding???
**measured the depth of the genitals of a few women who have not given birth children. They found that the average depth of the vagina adult women between 7 and 8 inches. They also found that, for the duration of sexual arousal, this figure rises to 11 to 12 centimeters.According to these data, it turns out that the male penis size of 8 inches is enough to satisfy the average woman. Perhaps here the emphasis should be on this, "average" .famous G spot, which many believe that it is just a myth, is located some 4.5 centimeters to the first vaginal wall, which means that it is available and guys with small.
As with other parts of the body, there is really a wide range size of the clitoris from woman to woman. The clitoris, which is also called clitoris, and his only role is sexual pleasure. Average width of the clitoral amount of about 0.8 cm (width range while participating in the study ranges from 0.2 to 2.5 cm). The average length of 1.6 cm, with a range from 0.4 to 4.0 cm. The size of the clitoris has no effect on the intensity of female pleasure.

So, although many believe that the size of virtue, it turns out that the small yet important.

According to the survey, the average length of an erect penis is 13.2 centimeters, the volume of 11.7 centimeters. Average penis when not erect, is 9.1 centimeters long and 9.3 centimeters volume.The key lies in compatibility, obviously. Unless you own a key that opens every single lock...

Now, if the penis size matter? When everything is added up, and not so much. If we bear in mind the entire vaginal system is very agile (about the width of not talking), then it is clear that it is still the most important foreplay, passion and attachment to a partner.

1 trick for an additional 5 cm - You can not satisfy a woman?-We can say that only the height does not make a good basketball player or just a quick leg does not make good players. Similarly, the size of the tools available to it does not guarantee your role sexual star in the bedroom. Although the image itself may be less impressing, is an important way you use your small.Of the 50,000 men and women, 85 percent of women were satisfied with the size of her partner's penis, while their positive opinion was shared only 55 percent of men! Women are never complained about how their partners, so we can say that size matters only to men. Maybe it's time to listen to what women say, the first time in life.
Unresolved disagreements and problems in relationships are one of the most common killers of sex drive. Emotional closeness is really important, especially for women. Poor communication, lack of trust and a variety of arguments can have a negative impact on libido. The best thing to always cultivate the relationship in order to be an oasis of peace, not a flood that kills sexual desire. Sex without intimacy is definitely a killer libido. Intimacy is not only the key word for sex. If your sex life is bad, try more time to invest in a non-sexual moments with your partner. The discussions and exchange of tenderness play an important role in such situations. It is also, believe it or not, for a large number of people in sex only way to express love. Learn how to express love without sex. What will the intimacy you and your partner will be at a higher level, and sex drive will increase. Testosterone increases sex drive. As men age, testosterone levels begin to decline. However, not all men are necessarily influenced by the decline in testosterone, but it is important to emphasize that most still is. Testosterone is also associated with sex drive in women. But the hormonal balance of women is much more complex than male hormonal balance.

So far I have not used the opportunity to discuss this topic, but it is time that this political and sexual dilemmas bring in the end and conclude amendment..this is no longer a taboo topic for gossip magazines that are constantly on the basis of stuffing money in his pockets and flows of uncertainty, confusion and doubt as dumbing down population..do not rely on tips that matter to your colleagues, scientifically proven and it's not that out of the corner of my writing ..There are doctors and various medications and professional assistance ..Regardless of your age..I do not want to see adults with a ruler or tape measure in hand to measure his genitals, nor our children, nor our children's children**the same meter does not help in measuring the brain, maturity of mind and intelligence..The freedom of the mind and reason have so you do not mind being stuck between your legs; you have the power of self-control.
 Love of people draw the most beautiful, and the ugliest, stored ... It is in this stage dawns pure love - pure, in the sense of purification first veil energy phenomenon - in the sense of a deeper connection despite razlikama.U the story, where passion? The deeper and more pure love, the deeper and more quiet passion. True, she does not have the dramatic charge from the beginning, when he prosecuted and driven awakened hormones, but has a new quality: becoming more holy and more intense. Wilder, more direct, and more stable.


During sex the light of serotonin, the hormone of happiness and partners are connected to each other. The more sexual relations, all the more chances of losing control, and then partner becomes a means of manipulation in the hands of one mentally stronger. Sex is like a drug that has the instructions, or errors when using can cost you your head. The biggest mistake you can do is fall for a guy who's blackmailing sex. "If you give me, I'll leave you.


"So, making love is a beautiful thing based on emotion, but makes a difference of raw sex which act only physically draining and meeting the needs. You make love with a person who's previously shown respect and loyalty. Then this is the icing on the cake. You will not be in the role of hamburger fast that no one remembers after eating. All you need is self-control and foresight. What will be later, it is a question that should be asked, and it is why someone in such a hurry.

And from that, you can learn a lesson, you may have this time turned out to be a loser, but next time you will have all the strings in his hands, as if this bitter experience and learn what the rules are of such a cruel game.


In life, do not ever do it, it would lead to this, to feel fear or shame, if for other people to know. (Epicure)

Shame is the deep sense of worthlessness that leads to isolation and may leave a permanent scar on the psyche. Shame is one of the deepest and most unpleasant emotions that a person can experience. It is associated with a sense of guilt - real or thoughtful.Psychologists say shame the result of external factors such as strict upbringing, humiliation, foolish penalties or, as is the case here, false accusation of childhood in an important moment of growing up. The road to recovery requires us to speak about the mistreatment of others towards us your therapist or another neutral person. There is a belief that it brings healing from the damage caused shame. Those who suffer in this way it is possible now to encourage their poisoned minds based on shame replace a healthy self-images. It is my humble opinion that in some cases this approach can have a partial success; but, does not penetrate deeply enough to the root of the problem-complete renovation of our innocence and states that does not include shame - we have nothing to hide, we do not have to be afraid of, again own righteousness and innocence, life itself, and life in abundance.


We know that in the beginning "A man and his wife were both naked and felt no shame" (Genesis 2:25). The innocence and openness were full - there was nothing to be hiding. But after the fall of their nature has undergone a change: "I heard thy voice in paradise; I was afraid, because I was naked, and I hid myself. God said to him: 'Who told you that you were naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree of which I commanded you not to eat? "(Gen 3.10 to 11)