The Holy See history of human errors, failures and deadlocks

live your
life is not justifying anybody, without destroying all possible
social barriers.
What would you do? Final answer? Very, very greedy ...
Routing theoreticians and practitioners to potentially shared experience of various individuals individuals and allows easier implementation of research, draw conclusions, or at the same time encourages critical perspective.
Levitation is a phenomenon that a body does not respond to the action of attractive forces, in which the field is located. The absence necessary reaction - the appearance of acceleration (downward) to perch attractive force, or the appearance of weight - The absence, therefore, such a reaction, ie, levitation, as far as is known, can be caused by specific, orbital, ie. A circular motion levitating bodies in the field attractive force.opposite this, scientific understanding of the physical levitation, has thought that some kind of spiritual strength can cause levitation.

It is necessary for the maintenance of artificial satellites in their orbits, but the long-term exposure to weightlessness harmful to human health.

When you're happy, you feel light; When you're sad, always feel hard, like you pull downwards. At this point becomes more pronounced gravity. When you are tired, a lot more inclined to. When you are happy, you are light, airy. You feel it. Why? Because you are happy, whenever you feel radiant and blissful moments, you completely forget about the body. When you are sad, when you're suffering, you can not forget the body. You feel the weight of it. It dragged you down - to the ground, as if you were seated. Then you can move: the roots of these in the country. The happiness you airy, light. In misery, grief and sorrow, you become difficult..

"Field of zero point" (gaps).
Necessity and beauty, order and freedom, gravity and grace, unity and diversity, all located on both sides of "mirrors". They are connected to each other in space, according to the same principle, just as the fate of the people.
In a certain sense, man lives on the surface of a giant mirror, with which the one side of the material cosmos, on the other hand - emptiness, that is infinite "space life version". 
subjugation to dominant cultural norms crucial life aim objectification involves showing someone like something or showing a human being as an object that is instrumental and used to satisfy the needs of others.

does not print life as bare chronology, but writes about him openly, but steadily and substantially*

The biggest difference between the tandem jump and independent jump is that it self-jump run independently while the tandem jump, jump run with an experienced instructor, parachuting behind which there are hundreds and hundreds of jumps...The practitioner decides with which aspects of their personality will work, in which direction will they develop and in what order.This process consists of a number of elements such as modified states of consciousness, raising awareness, developing internal senses, collecting positive energy, knowledge acquisition, improving health, improving the general quality of life.
self-knowledge or state of enlightenment* In this state of consciousness we recognize ourselves for who we are*
Perfect action means that people intuitively know that in a given situation should be and what not to do, and thus can not pull the wrong move. The person knows the answer to the question WHAT, but not the answer to the question WHY. This means that the person knows what to do or not do, but not why it should be done or not done. Equally, people know how something works, but not why it Works.
What is underneath it: She's got all the rage. Usually behind it a story that has hurt many, and is built wall around him, but also to himself to protect.
For you they are just one of the luxuries that you will not afford.
You think you can solve all of its problems and it gives you a sense of superiority. Women who know how to take care of themselves will never give that feeling. If you attractive women such chaotic then it is very likely that you have within you hide like chaos, but should not be to admit it, but instead find a girl that try to "fix".

Abandoning the tradition means the possibility to create new attitudes
for life, but at the same time and loss of stability,horizons
that human life on earth attach a new dignity.fascinated by distinct
mind, outrageous imagination and the desire to
engage in all .. what is unconventional.
image of a woman who is changing**
If you want to look for truth, you have to go outside, far beyond the limits of the human mind and heart and there discover it - the truth is within yourself.More information creates an image of chaos, indicates that provladava unawareness, because everything is permeated with lies, illusions, rumors and ignorance.The information indicates a manipulation, and do not teach us how to resist manipulation, calling for rebellion, anarchy, revolution and routine violence can not be called knowledge. Unfortunately most people this information is taken for granted, and from a decline in the second program of manipulation, while believing that they are on the path of knowledge.The selection of performances at the moment when we stop to identify with the mind and its programming, the moment when we become prisutni.To is the essence of consciousness and start.Such individual experiences, create a collective experience, which inevitably affect the whole of humanity. Spreading around positive vibrations, integrates into the collective world of humanity changing its forms.
What I wanted to write; about attraction and attractiveness ..
and then I went in the other direction, trying to find a balance exiting enforceable violent frustration with whom I bombed on indicated ways..I hate the formula of relativity ..swirl circle from which there is no escape..Satisfaction and quality of life (pleasure and satisfaction, self-absorbed experience ...Rediscovering Happiness (The roots of discontent, mastery experiences, Trails release ...)

Relationships: We live in different worlds

"It feels delight sailor holding sail while the wind ruffling your hair, a ship like a knife cutting the waves because the veins feels sails, hull, wind and sea. It feels a painter when the colors on screen begins to create magnetic tension and when before the eyes of the astonished creator begins to create a new thing, or living form. It feels a father when his child for the first time responses to smile ... "

Focus: Your life depends on it

How to the circumstances of utter dehumanization of man to keep the dignity, common sense and the will to live?This sacrifice, by their nature seem pointless in the normal world, the world of material success.
Headlong through walls-The second ball all looks different. Therefore, roll the second ball to you in the form of insights, questions and true story ...So many people have completely meaningless lives. As if in a half-sleep, even when doing something that they think is important to them.
The first wave said, 'You do not understand! All will be broken! All we will do, the waves, for nothing! Is not that terrible? '

The second wave says, 'No, you do not understand. You're not a wave, you're part of the ocean. ***
How do you live when you were different?
After a while he began to talk. His words were much different than before. He spoke of a quiet point in the middle of the whirlpool. He said that the true martial arts event from inside. It's wonderful to have a lot of energy, he continued, but he had to learn the land, focus, use it, and not that she uses it.
His experience has already raised his struggle and gave them meaning, which in turn enabled him to enter into his spiritual strength and creativity. In a concise way what he was trying to express in many words. "Even if power is threatening to spin out of my ground, that same power gives me the energy to fight with it. The experience of the states show the way through."
The new man what requiring new era*confirmation "uniqueness" of crucial importance,
that's because she does not know what's going on here, it is, like many others, just
listening to "the call of destiny", "voice of himself" and leave the series.
Horace: "Mortals life does not provide anything without much hard work."