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May be a passenger on the plane feels more powerful than all the people who at the moment can not defy gravity and do not fly high above the clouds, but the landing is a necessity, sometimes it is possible to meet only the shadow of long-dead civilization or idea long ago dried-saint-hermit. But the understanding of them! For traveling in the desert and over the precipice, the seas and mountains, with the aim that sometimes includes thoughts about the place of travel, sometimes, the idea of ​​the journey?
  The journey is not going chronology than the wisdom of travel, it does not matter whether it is real or imaginary. Traveller reaffirms expectations, the second time is the expectation at least he knows about the trip. The same goes for all other thoughts and issues that are imposed before traveling. Because there are civilizations that the traveler encounters in their total amazement. Travel is dating worlds and search identiteta.Ponajprije own. I do not always travel in order to meet the beauty of a different but confirmed the idea of ​​the beautiful in themselves. If beauty is an aesthetic category, travel and water into it, "mere aimless infinity and constant volatility; where everything must constantly be new, but everything remains just as it is now "
This means that travel can from the present to the past, and vice versa, to know to choose guides and destinations that will provide answers to his many questions;the most important place times chooses knowledge.All that is outside the passenger's real or notional interlocutor to check thinking about traveling or false logic travels intellectual; visual priorities, its associative array, wit and sincere monologues about their own reactions.
Guilt is living with a burden that is hard to live. In the guilt ;man is chronically unhappy and day by day losing self-esteem.

cake responsibility-Sometimes you will continue to bear most of the responsibility, but the at least not the whole "cake". Consider what you can do to reduce the resulting, or prevent further damage*

According to the Dictionary of the Croatian language is fault: 1. fault [responsibility for error]; . emotion as a result of what someone has done something that is considered wrong and in violation of the rule of the superego; fault  [sense of participation].
According Psychological dictionary: "Unpleasant emotional experience that accompanies knowledge of the violation or the violation of moral norms and rules of conduct. It occurs when a person violates accepted norms that make her conscience; It is not the fear of punishment from external sources or just embarrassed in front of others, but unpleasant experience less vulnerable and personal values. O.K. leads to defense mechanisms and reaction aimed at reducing or eliminating unpleasant situation.

 Superego, dismissal Oedipus conflict, is part of the personality that carries moral standards and who is "in charge"to create feelings of guilt and ego who helps at a pressure ida make decisions based on moral judgments. Based on the complex interplay of physiological Systems ego, superego and the id of people recognize that it is right or not to act.
"Drop that pours a glass of"-doing the right thing for the wrong reasons*
**self-flagellation, only rejection and low self-esteem that develop over a longer period of time-
individual attitude towards failure lives life any person strives to live.
Since the experience of these emotions uncomfortable for the person, then try to suppress emotions and experiences related
with them, which later can be the first step leading to the formation of symptoms to diagnosis
neurosis, personality disorders and mood disorders.under the guise of spirituality, justice or other spiritual ideal,can truly deepen and cause serious problems.(that we are inadequate or incompetent in other people's eyes have root in emotion.)
"Communication that injures and kills"-in emotional abuse at instilling guilt participate equally men and women..sensitivity and wisdom to resist the temptation to used guilt in manipulative purposes..that helps us to behave in accordance with the standards that are in the interest of
our well-being and others around us.(ask for or provide an apology*)

In other words, when someone sin against our standard, and we are hurt by his actions earlier, we do not need him or threaten him to give a lecture about how he insulted us, mainly because that person already knows.  Honest and fair-dealing conversation,full of empathy and giving discretion, but also information on the consequences these decisions will far more influence on behavior change.

And when you see the problem from the perspective of another person or with a delay of several years, you might feel better. Maybe with the amount of information with which you then possessed, you are not even able to make a better decision.Victims of violent acts are often self blame for what happened to them. Tend to think about what they all could do to avoid it, forgetting that at that time were in great fear and did not have much time for thinking and acting that have now. Sometimes the circumstances were such that one or more persons acting "out of affect." For example, you were angry or nervous because of some past conflicts, problems or fatigue, so you burst into flames on a colleague. This does not mean that you should avoid downloading their acts of guilt, not guilt blame it on others. The aim of this is to see how not only are entirely to blame for the resulting problem and that there are "extenuating circumstances".When projected guilt, usually people close to us verbally or nonverbally indicate that we are not in some way satisfy their desires, expectations, goals or intentions. If you fall into this toxic game, we'll lose a tremendous amount of energy, we will feel very bad, we dance as others want and we will essentially clear what we are doing wrong, although we have a feeling that something we are doing wrong.

digging wounds is always bad! It is also true that the principle of "an eye for an eye" creates only a momentary sense of relief and does not lead to psychological and life balance just hoped ..The word means to forgive and say goodbye to someone who leaves. In this case, bid farewell to the bad feelings, breaking up with grief, pain and suffering. The people are for someone who is made a mistake and says "let him free." This phrase implies a certain attitude that people should forgive. Make the effort and go over someone's words or parts and continue their life less burdened by what he was, and look to the future. However, to forgive is not simple and easy, because the person who forgives also agrees to a waiver of anger, rage and revenge, and opens the possibility that it is happening again...
 Accept yourself as a person who makes mistakes. You're only human. Being a good man is not never hurt anyone, does not mean you never make mistakes. You are not perfect, neither has anyone else. And the fact that you feel so strong guilt and shame about your work just talk about how you are a good person. It is time to stop punishing "undoing" of events in the head again and again, and taking into account all the possible ways that you avoid the mistake ("I wish I had only ...").
 "When I hate, I take my something; when I love, I become richer for what I love. Forgiveness is again finding confiscated property - misanthropy prolonged suicide; egoism greatest misery one creature."