vicious elementary phenomenon ...desexualized codger


they can not pretend to be the kind of person who will laugh at all his jokes, flirt with him and to refrain from commenting on important topics. On the contrary, they are sincere and direct. What good acting when the truth will sooner or later come to the surface?


Golden Years and long shadows
  prayed for our time
  one candle of love
  ignite for me..

A night without stars, cities without names
  and my memories
  brake marks on the road
  hundreds of water to the sky..

not life sprinkled with roses
  all my memories..


Mature people often approached with the idea that life is behind them and that should be close to home and 'dignity' grow old (whatever that means)
When you have 20 to 25 years, you have no idea what is going on and there's no way that it can not control. Nor do you want.

When you have 35 to 40 years, you know exactly what's happening, do you want to control it, but there's no way that you succeed.

When you're 45-50, you probably know what's happening, and you can control it, but you just do not deliberately controlled.
priorities you are not blurred as you may have been in the twenties, but each in his place. In later years you know who you are, what suits you and stay away from what you do not like - without justification. Assuming that you know yourself it should not be hard to communicate what you want. Built character and you're not exhilarated for games, because you know that do not make sense and understand the foundations of a healthy and complete the connection.
what's the catch?Years of experience and listening to work with different people and teams**
what young people think about us?
say they know everything about adults mature people **
they are lagged in their thinking,for them televizor and newspapers and the occasional coffee with family * ..
no they are not to go out, celebrations and dances ..
as well as binge drinking**
just work, work, work"..At their age, there is no place for kisses and something more, maybe a few new brother or sister..
we are the center of their world**they say  from 10 to 25 years.....

Most of today's parents feel quite lost because they are trying to follow an impossible form because they believe that they are always and forever responsible for their children. Of course I will now ask, "who else should be responsible for them?" - The answer is - themselves. Yes, they themselves, after being brought up according to the principle - we are responsible parents to their children, but not for their children.
at each step of development we have new challenges. When we learn what we need to learn from your current situation, we will have new challenges in the new area of life. One of those challenges can be and just run and do something!
A conflict of generations' that occurs in this way, often has far-reaching consequences for all participants. Parents become embittered, aging is increasingly closed and left to their 'fate', but also loses a large part of their creative energy that is present in all beings to their deaths. Their children from the examples of their parents learn 'normal' sequence of events that will be repeated with their children, giving them the same way back to age. Ego is duplicated from one generation to another, together with all the negative characteristics that entails.

In modern parenting is a general hysteria. Whether it comes to unhealthy food, playing in the mud or relationships among children. He raises dust around absolutely everything, from children to create limp generation. And today, the child does not know drunk water from hands ?! Life requires resourcefulness, and these parents that he would never be able to learn. Just too much anxiety by themselves create, unnecessary melodramatic and full of restraint, placing the child under a glass bell. Well continue to accuse schools, kindergartens, the society ... To all and each, except the one who is the main krivac- I parent. All proceeds from the houses-implantation of healthy habits, to prepare a child for life.Daughters perceive their fathers as authoritative figures of which receive advice and rules on how to behave. The relationship with the mother involves a combination of authority and intimacy and does not include the distance to the extent that it is present in the relationship with her father. In addition, the relationship between daughter and mother perceived as a mutual need, ie. The daughters of mothers perceived as people who need their help and that they can help and provide. The relationship between fathers and sons is asymmetric: they can discuss the objective and practical amenities, jointly engage in some activities. But this relationship is more distant from the relationship with the mother and to a greater extent includes respect.Sons expecting mothers to care for them, to talk with them about their problems and experiences, but not to set out the rules and seek obedience.Father more perceived as the one who gives financial support, which is authoritarian and controlling.

 eg. a man who works until the late hours and comes home tired expecting a break and understanding of his wife (because their work to meet the wishes of his family), after a tiring day greeted by grim woman. In his grief and anxiety after the thousand little things that had to be done in one day, it all skip and her husband welcome insults, calling him selfish and irresponsible and uninterested parent.
Every humiliation that makes a person helpless to stand up for themselves, not to speak about children who are in such relationships traumatized by watching adults inability to cope with problems, should be taken seriously.You may not understand why others do what they do, why they behave toward you so that they behave, and are therefore not bother not accept. One is how you succeed in understanding each other. Put yourself in their skin, look at your relationship from their angle, live their way of life, and you will understand why others do it makes. Then you will become truly reciprocal obstacles less..It is in our society has created an entrenched cycle: superior women enter marriage with the indifferent and poor men, and their children become predominant women and undeveloped men. Then again, so continue. Every generation has a major problem, with all the devastating consequences. It is now generally widespread disease or bad unhealthy self-image, and both men and women, which draws its roots from poor or no success of parents in the upbringing of children in the parental home.
All in all, it appears that in some cases, poor sex causes general marital discontent in other marital dissatisfaction results in sexual problems, in some third and marital general and especially sexual dissatisfaction are influenced by other things (for example, unemployment or excessive employment) in some quarters it all together has nothing to do. It has in fact couples are satisfied with sex and that's the only thing they are married satisfied; there are those who are without sex quite satisfied, and those who are in the first years of marriage were happy with sex, and then continue to be satisfied without sex. (Yes, all the easy problems God has really given physicists, as someone said. Just stick your thing, and she started. But not this: can the sixteen different ways and minor modes, and each additional three or ...)
One more note. People say that it takes two to argue, but the bad marriage is sufficient person. You can be quite healthy and well-adjusted person and to be unlucky in love and marriage - if your partner is ill suited, if you have different attitudes and values or lifestyles that do not match.