Whether it's the kiss of death or a ghost town?



Whether this scenic area or the place where the performance is staged;An entity that produces Language, which forms the text at the level of its content, it seeks to win the right to vote to reality tolerates partial deviations in the works, both in the perspective of storytelling that may be present, so the topic except the personal life can apply to social or political chronicle, therefore, be permitted a certain width as someone who is at the same time realistic, socially responsible person, and the creator of discourse.
I can not say that I do humor and stand-up comedy but now whipping his head various thoughts .. if this is the Shakespearean stage or kabuki trail with the theme barbecue-scenes person or humanity in spontaneous and unfurnished living manifestations that give real breath of true and genuine image Life..Characteristic "ordinariness" scene still regularly contains a discrete point in terms of drama, satire, didactic, depending on the general socio-psychological events related to the achievements that have no representative character ..freshness and charm of direct observations of life-rather weight stone the mill portraits contemporary..through small ordinary people.
 Whether it's the kiss of death for most readers or still interested in topics that start with me and extend to groups and entire World you might come off as bitter or even lacking class-especially if your comments are directed at your readers. Better to create a place where visitors will feel comfortable ..I'd talk about whatever came to mind. After all, it was my blog, right? But readers were confused by this. If they do not know what to expect when they visit, they might not visit at all. I'm not saying that you should not be creative with your posts, but you should concentrate your creativity around your focus area. So if you write about automobiles, then a post about your doctor's advice to eat more fiber does not have a place on your blog ?? I can not be narrow-minded, because life does not consist only of one topic..can you eat every day the same sandwich, especially if you a stranger

arrangement and you eat it even though you're not hungry ..
the "effect of a butterfly's wings": sweep butterfly wings on one end of the world, it is said, can cause a hurricane in another part of the world...
It is said that "No man is an island", which means that everything that man does under the influence of other people, and that has consequences for other people. This mutual influence can be direct or indirect, one-way or two-way, direct or delayed, whether sought or unsought, a deliberate influenza may have intended or unintended consequences. My long-term thinking consciously reasoning about people and their actions - about which categories belong to other people and ourselves, that emotion, personality, motives, intentions, beliefs with other people and me, that relationships exist between them ... worried because everyone wants my love or attention, or just another voice without approaching in the form of me as followers to the social networks ..which in turn get .. can at least why steps back from my blog or my profile on social networks ??
Stepping into contact with each other, people communicate something to each other and try to understand what they reported by others, and thus, intentionally or unintentionally, shape themselves and others and relationships: We do not know exactly how we said that we want, we are aware that our message is vague, that they themselves do not know how to better express what we think or feel and what still trying to somehow express.In addition, some of the actions and characteristics of other people we talking about it something that the person that procedure is not intended to tell us even Thursday turned its characteristics could change.Symbols are social in character.
Community invents symbols and adopt them, to be able to use them to communicate. Purchase something of a symbol makes sense only if the requester and the recipient know what the symbol means.People who have not yet discovered the skill of weaving, living under the roof of woven branches, which do not feel the need for solitude and for lunch they eat fried enemies, it will during their monstrous feast comfortable talking the language of grammatical elaborated such as the Hellenic and liquid like the French.
In the Globalized world of constant encounter different cultures, knowledge of several languages ​​often becomes a necessity- "Tongues" in the broader sense, signs and systems of characters that are not linguistic.Speaking a language is a form of behavior like that and humming, running, playing football, etc., and team behavior governed by specific rules that need to know how people fail to understand the literal meaning of a testimony.
Rule quantity: Try to be informative as long as the purpose of the interview may be, neither more nor less than that. is not enough to look in dictionaries what it means three used to say. The one to whom these sentences addressed well aware that they can have many different meanings, and usually knows exactly how to interpret this statement, whether it is the first case of diagnosis, insults, jokes, admiration, and the second case of commands, requests , polite, unkind, inappropriate speech and so on; person who wants something to announce chooses how to communicate what he wants. Chooses which words to say something, that tone will say, and the process of creating a message so that......commonly uses magic and other supernatural phenomena as a primary plot or theme.
General differs from science fiction and horror by not going in the direction of scientific and macabre themes "Guide to the Galaxy Hitchhiker, or how often advertised on the cover - a trilogy of five books.
What kind of the elements you need for a story? The idea, the premise, the basic idea around which the story will move. Environment, a world in which your story played out, can be known, but also completely new. The characters, the aliens are not required. A conflict or a major obstacle;
usually writes in the third person, ie. there is a narrator who, if necessary, explain the action and situations. There are those who choose to write in the first person, but there is an obstacle because you can put just the perspective of his character, what he sees and feels. And how to build their own fantasy worlds, it can be quite limited resulting  scenes of writer's fighting..
Do not forget to give your characters and occasional flaw, because the perfect figure is boring, no matter what obstacles you overcome..
Sometimes the purpose of personal essays to entertain readers. Or to share an experience, or the fact, with a larger number of people..
Such articles often have strange note, can be dogmatic, used for illustration the author's views and experiences in proving some assertions.
Annexes theories of autobiography as most flexible genre which can be traced almost all the articulation of life of the individual and indicate the relationship of social forms and individual personality..