world religion illusory dreams and monetary system of mental slavery


Sit in a cafe with his wife or girlfriend ... At the nape feels one's deep under her lashes. Is not that his face flew smile? Pervert one seduces another! Jealousy is boiling. But perhaps it is he needs to satisfy his vanity? Maybe tested its appeal? The old charmer ... anyway, or fraud eyes knows very much that we shake. The best remedy is to not let that provoke. Talk to him about the purpose of his views: "Is not it pretty brunette in the corner? And I like how it looks." These words usually by quickly returning to a familiar embrace. A common example:"
 These are the whore time... loose shod basic human virtues ... pure act, a farce of life ..


people who work to make something of their environments let it work as best can, even if it was boring, ugly and smeared with Dung like that what they a the state..
Cool it all, laugh socialize, but when we go where roses bloom and then we come out of spring and outside by all of us **
Twisting and crippling causal series of facts events gives satisfactory ordered historical picture, and both justice and injustice often switch roles and historical positions. If your relationship to the world we see as the most important problem just for us, fate will mercilessly crush - and this is what will happen!  Castles in the air (fantasies,) can not complete without the world and against the world, without any very noticeable or at least silent action outside. ... "

Most of what is done in this century, or did not happen, they made a semi-educated  and amateurs, who are lucky. ...
observed the legality of moral decay in all cycles of civilization, noted legality plunging and recklessness technically advanced civilization

Morale in the broadest sense, a form of social consciousness, a set of unwritten rules, customs, habits and norms that are accepted in the life of a community. You should determine how human activity should be, and members of the community accept these principles as a proper and subjected them, thereby regulating human relations. Moral rules are not absolutely valid, but also across time and space.'Society - it means to have a culture to the finest line of posture and opinions, form that was built long education of whole generations, strict customs and life concepts.

  Fake morale have double standards, because if one rule applies to a person and her attitude, procedure, should be the same to be true for the other person if the same thing in question. Worst of all is when someone only sees negative and disadvantages of others, gossip, gossip and thinking about others and on the same thing works but it justifies because it is different when the person himself in the matter and it is far easier to look at the shortcomings of others,

¨¨people with false morality does not care redemption. To them it does not matter what they do immoral things. This only shows a sense of power and superiority over other people. The only thing they care about it in public about their government false image, as they are moral and honorable person. For the basis of this false image enjoyed some privileges, who want at all costs to keep.

I shoot regularly slaps, because the world in which they want to enter is not at all harmless, and advice will be charged***

I  have built some of its character. What is, that is. My. Very Happy And according to him behave. I do not pretend I'm not. When I'm with someone in the company "get" me. And not a picture of how I want to look**

To what extent contemporary "arena of intimacy" and  democratizing personal "meet or do not meet the purpose of marriage if new normativity really contribute emancipation of women, for it does not manage to relieve the burden of essentialism when it comes to love?
l'assague, l'essai (which contemporary French used for other purposes) Very briefly summarizing, I would say exactly the extent of the reforms of the institution
marriage, female sexuality is reduced to a mere reproducing machine, the so-called courtly love and its practices (clear, only for those women whose social status ensured learning and
special education), allowed the articulation of sexual freedom and in a way, determination pleasure (ie, male and female pleasure) as a purpose in itself.
The course does not mean the sentimentalised and romantic idealization fin amor that seek to magnify purists and conservatives and about which we learn from carefully packaged content served to the cache literature that we find in waiting rooms at the dentist or doctor, the "women's" press or even in reading in primary and secondary schools in which assure us the courtly love.

Amour Courtois was not just a literary genre (how hard moderate traditionalists) minstrels and truvera..
Completely I see its results to "institution of marriage a true parasite, absolutely addicted than women", as well as that "love is not asking for protection, because in itself is a protection," but I would leave and these sentences questionable and as romanticized as those attempts presentation of courtly love as sugar waters. Can we really achieve the consensus that marriage is harmful to the woman?It was just attempt to provoke consideration of complementarity and contradiction to the fact that double contract always and primarily carries elements of social and class predestination even When produced from so-called affective zeal  and when precedes the right to choose..

System of ideas inherent in human societies allow to justify the legal rules and to decide what is permitted in the company or prohibited, including areas that do not fall directly under the impact of the law,but also express the sense of the different legal and social norms
bringing to light the values and norms make not only mandatory,but also attractive and motivating for any subject...meaning and values are constantly getting lost in the dark..I'm tired of rules that are not written but with the blessing of the large sum of Money - the state avoids the questions and answers as well as all the church ***..
 Special position because of the apparent divergence between the principles of freedom and equal dignity and respect people, who seem to be universally accepted..the great ideological chaos.
 Modern world we fail to impose any particular morale,ethics of human rights and democracy - which is essentially the main lesson that we from barbarity of the last century out - still appears as the last refuge of human consciousness that likes to be considered common.
Consideration should always be convenient responding to red flags that give the human situation, because the people as biological beings sensitive, weak, and hence prone to suffering, omissions and submitting various types of   moral pressure from the environment, and to them it does not offer the means 'free and clear' consent, as today it usually shows. It is easy to accept the fact that the consent of the child is not credible because of their weakness. But this is a weakness common in adults,especially if they are poor or are under pressure stronger than them.
prisoner opposition meaning and values that separate special forms of civil, private
or confessional morals.

The citizenship in the early modern period are classified: patricians and wholesalers, urban nobility, clergy, craftsmen and traders, the academic profession (doctors, lawyers, artists), residents of the city without civil rights (eg, servants, laborers, poor, apprentices, immigrants) and marginalized groups. Of course, they all have the same rights and living conditions which would mean that they do not share the same culture.
if it is ever set or mentioned, as a kind of backward,overcome, useless and redundant intellectuality, which is run over time general policy of failure in the period "Weak" or "fragile" thoughts..(Quasi) rationalization of various social processes and actions covering the justification and correctness
different forms and functions..
The structure of values and interests that shape the presentation of reality
regardless of whether it is the presentation of false or oppressive.
doctrinal stereotypes

chaotic picture of reality or are reduced
the mere reflection of reality and deceptive

actualized ideological ideas prove their

Enrichissez-vous - get rich! With this slogan, the juste milieu of high bourgeoisie, the aristocracy of money, once in France managed to authorities. Invincible program ingenious brevity. Who is enriched, no matter how shameless, is used not only for themselves but for the country makes an invaluable service. Managers and owners of capital that the message received with pleasure.
Just as it should while he swung as far as meritorious true everything is brought private benefit, no matter how..

¨¨claim to know the secrets of the entire historical process - the secrets of the past, the intricacies of the present, the uncertainty of the future true, a reality that is hidden behind all perceptible, with the government of that hidden place and requires sixth sense, which enables us to become aware of it "


The point is what is required in social facts, because without it they would represent nothing more than a cluster unrelated, totally random and in no way guided acts.Citizen initiatives, association - are repealed as something decadent, anachronistic, harmful to the country. In an ordinary, average man develops an illusion that has become the master of your destiny, allows him to be grasped what may in passing that idles and natura their will and lack of culture, the local environment.
However, the heart of its fickle and in an instant, to be burned, so he knows and completely cool. Then more peripherally measure a second chance and rushing toward him again as if for the first time and as before it will ever disliked.

It has at least two faces and two souls, so why not have the two types !? ... Or more. One for rough play, the other for gentle lovemaking, the third to speak with him, the fourth to think that the way to a woman in the world ... and so on. And everyone is happy
Her sexy adventure came to life as a spice. It is amazing how easily these mammals can jump with the type type, without killings. Morning is left to wild passions with a mysterious stranger, and in the afternoon it's warm shoulder and comfort her husband. And in all that she gives herself ... well almost.

always deeply passionate, complicated, but also incredibly sincere

The three biggest sinners in the horoscope¨¨¨¨
Men are relieved and moral "discipline" the middle or environment in which they live because they are "allowed" to directly or indirectly demonstrate their manhood, power, success, wealth, prestige. While, the environment in which we live for women "impose" different rules of conduct.
Be caught 'in the act' is no longer something special. Divorce has lost the social stigma that is long wearing, but the adulterers today seen as a resourceful, "who knows, knows" people and put them in a socially acceptable situation.
Many marriages and have to do a whole range of '' patch '' after '' tour '' one - and sometimes both - partners. But have we ever wondered how the marriages in which the fraud never discover?