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by the Empress 'balls' of women with 'fellow heirs grace of life

single women in Croatia with a critical awareness towards the society...detailed analyzes some particularly interesting case. There are a lot of description, the data are retrospective and the work is time-consuming. That I've done a good schedule, I was not good yet not as warm awakened out of bed and rub my sleepy eyes and mind freaking out because of too much lousy data ..Do not curse the entire society codes or no scientific definitions of lousy crybaby ..
And this time not as a scientist prove to you how you people are displaying the action in this society and how it looks pathetic and miserable.
I had time to lament and filled with hearing nonsense and through its this tiny ordinary life; I know it's wrong to be quiet and shut up because then they say to be too weak and unable to take care of at ourselves in the same moment jump on everything that has to do with life ..
To say this group of people you life is perfect; the answer ..
ma man thinking ideals and joy of life …

Train without a schedule with first class social event war poverty

This is a story about losing the identity of our people in a time of post-socialism and try to return roots and invent (non-existent) civic culture and traditions..
Damn memories; do you want to know about pain? Just go through our human history ..And it started with an innocent remembering my little and the first meetings with the school.As this frame and that no one feels hurt in any way.Over time studying and passing through history; I said that I will not deal with it, go ahead.But here again and again; unfinished initiated research and story; me sick, because they can not the rest of my life to invest while others will have fun and will have their official authority ..Dig skeletons because there really are not resolved historical truths and lies that if you stay still ipod carpet haunt us like the Holocaust of the Jews ..You're alive and you're not alive, why? Pride and justice against injustice and betrayal.And as luck or not in the mood or do not want to feel bad and at …

School trip without gray:panicky fear of "wild" water with all these Beautiful creatures White as milk, red as blood

This is as a missionary position, but with a reverse twist; is facing a terrible choice because it does not fit in a divided society where everyone must obey.
She is the heroine in conflict with the world of the future in the collapse. It is against the terrible choice. It's Different.This broken zipper:for all amateurs: You can not win. Can not be breaking even. You can not even give up. On the tombstone of a bishop in Westminster Abbey writes:
When I was young and free and my imagination knew no limits, I dreamed that I would change the world. When I became older and wiser, I discovered that the world will not change, so I'm a little bit reduce their objectives and decided that it will change their country. But even it is not possible to reverse. When they reached old age, in the last desperate attempt to satisfy himself with the knowledge that it will change at least my family, those closest to me, but unfortunately it was not possible. And now that I'm dying, I suddenly…

STRAIGHT TO THE BOTTOM '' good soldier 'in the comedy - official sucker ... at Drava bridge

This work is in the public domain worldwide because the copyrights expire after 100 years after the author's death**
As ever, the best among us, first, let shouting: "Follow me!", But this is a bargain, "Charge!" everyone can.. What is the epithet? What is the contrast? What is a metaphor? What is an allegory? What is hyperbole? What is an ellipse? What is the inversion? WHAT IS SYMBOL? What is the composition? What is the lesson? What is the motive?? My Diplomaticfluff and whim pioneers of rock and roll in this region, one alienated world that we have been and distant and mysterious, and its established norms and rules.If we knew what we did not - who knows what would have happened we have seen and who knows how to live the world today. So, do we have a right to know? To know before us that we do not know hit on the head;without the old ways of thinking and old knowledge to watch over the other tombstones.Publish or not to publish the biggest dilemma every editor…