by the Empress 'balls' of women with 'fellow heirs grace of life

single women in Croatia with a critical awareness towards the society...detailed analyzes some particularly interesting case. There are a lot of description, the data are retrospective and the work is time-consuming.
That I've done a good schedule, I was not good yet not as warm awakened out of bed and rub my sleepy eyes and mind freaking out because of too much lousy data ..Do not curse the entire society codes or no scientific definitions of lousy crybaby ..
And this time not as a scientist prove to you how you people are displaying the action in this society and how it looks pathetic and miserable.
I had time to lament and filled with hearing nonsense and through its this tiny ordinary life; I know it's wrong to be quiet and shut up because then they say to be too weak and unable to take care of at ourselves in the same moment jump on everything that has to do with life ..
To say this group of people you life is perfect; the answer ..
ma man thinking ideals and joy of life ..
Oh my little Pirgo; does not have to be written in my head and the bell rings, you have an irregular schedule of some important habits that are important for your health and it is not, de first turn on your computer and you boil coffee and escape to a topic that does not solve your life passport nor direction to define the goal ..

I have to wait.

it is not time ..

and when will be ??

Directly as far as these issues and concerns me and not concerned at least 80% .. Sometimes I conciliatory because I'm forced to make such a decision or because of certain reasons can not actively participate in it, the law says the single person who lives alone, and it is it..
This does not mean that I cloned in a test tubes, so I have a root and spread the rest of the immediate family and descendants of some of my gene allele or at least ..
Women are biologically and historically proven more powerful than men, and not the weaker sex-that fucking good password ..Lately 'swamped' growing number of self-help books. People nowadays, especially women, often resort to this kind of literature to find a way to solve business problems, love drama and similar personal difficulties.This is a play written in the style of vaudeville of mankind crucial.

'Most powerful women in the world', immediately you will be listed respectively Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth, Maria Curie, Coco Chanel, Princess Diana..Uglavnom, women covered by this performance are primarily precious, fascinating and unique.
What is the basic message or goal of this play?

When it comes to practical advice for healthy women's everyday lives, allegedly potion for eternal youth, the morning to stretch and perhaps forestall cellulite, eat sesame seeds for healthy bones and thus prevent osteoporosis, breathe deeply and exhale daily stress, reading books of popular psychology and self-help, and to discover secrets of how to be a great mom, wife and lover ...

When I turned to go back home, I could see my house lighted. I heard the midst of her children when I came through the door a few minutes ago. Speakers are: 'Mom, what are we going to have for dinner?' 'Can you take me to the library?' 'I have to get some paper for posters tonight.' Tired and exhausted, I looked toward the house and saw the lights on in every room. I thought of all of those children who were home waiting for me to come back and fulfill their needs. My charged more difficult than I could bear.
I remember being in tears looking at the sky and said, 'Dear Father, I just can not over tonight. I'm too tired. I can not face it. I can not go home alone and take care of your children that. Can I come and stay with you for at least one night? ... '
I did not actually hear the answer, but I heard it in my mind. The answer was: 'No, little one, you can not come here now ... But I can come to you' "
loving home where there is goodness, peace and opportunity the needs of those whose life accounts make the empty, our own suitcases consolation are enriched and fulfilled; our glasses are truly "overflows" (Psalm 7:23);without prejudice or vilification the first period of uncertainty and fear which they feel is conditioned by being in the know what to expect in the future, or what specifically should do to adapt to the new situation. It is important to find the strength and courage to cope with stress.
It is important to find the strength and courage, and the fruits of this beautiful relationship, which may have started thorny, levy will be a long, long ...


Facts for not intention to provoke the audience or belittle masculine. features, men and women are generally different, but I do not think that any sex inferior / superior.
All people are different to each other, someone is mentally superior, someone spiritually, but in these fields can not be generalized.

The weaker we are in all five of the offered response rates..........
-physically, it does not have to explain
-mentally we are weak, impressionable, without cherish their own values, the more cherish the worship of others
-morally we unstable, easily persuade us to sin, provoking his body and when we do not want this challenge, we have physical, ukrenute on looks and not on the content and the time we are not morally superior, but indeed horizontals
-spiritual we are minor because spirituality is a male domain, especially when it comes to religious world, we are not wise men, but only for a mattress
..out of it the above challenges, it follows that we are second-class citizens, the weakest influence in society and thus the bad starting position, less of us in politics, we are less trained and paid, often we are victims and suffer more, as in his youth so in old age and, unfortunately, we live longer to bimo longer suffer in this valley of tears patriarchal ...
Over 50% of today's children will be characterized as "problematic" as soon as they enter school. The current system assumes and summarizes all children as equal and strongly demands adjustment. But the individuality of most of today's children is so strong that they refuse this adjustment and the renunciation of its uniqueness in different ways.
One-parent family is a family consisting of a child / children and one parent.
A single parent is a parent who is not married and does not live in a common-law marriage, and the care and supports your child.

Pending the development of single-parent families are the result of the death of a spouse, divorce, disappearance or abandonment of one parent families, illegitimate birth, then the family in which one parent is deprived of parental rights or legal capacity, a parent who is serving a prison sentence or absent due to illness.A single parent is a parent who takes care of her child and sustains it.A child is a person under the age of eighteen years. Although the birth of a child in most cases the happiest moment in the life of his parents, unfortunately, there are situations when only one parent is looking forward to the arrival of baby..Family law allows single mothers to the registrar enroll a child in the absence of the father and the paternity can be established in court.


According to data from 2001, in Croatia there are 188,000 single parents or single-parent families, as many as 15% of the total. In just the last three decades the number of single parents has increased from 11.5% to 15% share in the total population.
Results of research in Croatia correspond with the findings of European research and testify to the worries, anxieties, stress and problems of single parents almost the same everywhere. Croatia with 15% of single parents among the countries at the head of the column; most single parents living in the UK (22%) and Finland (19%). The average for Europe is 12% of households in single parents. At least single parents has in Spain (5%), Greece (7%) and Portugal (8%).

Sex and single-parent families

Everywhere in Europe, women dominate in single-parent families, and the highest in Portugal (94%), while the highest proportion of single fathers in Denmark, Luxembourg and Finland (20%).
In Croatia, 83% of single-parent families make mothers with children, and 17% of fathers with children.
These data show that in reality a large number of families and the largest swarm of single parents in our society are still women.
However, the women are single mothers to some extent and talk, or single fathers are the social group that has so far been very neglected and suppressed. They speak for themselves to feel "invisible", lonely and socially isolated.
Convention of geneticists from around the world: "The event is evolutionary change ... developed 12 DNA spiral." Each Additional spiral will enable us to "super-ability" are now called "paranormal What today even in this society more can you say that is normal ..instead of all that we are stronger and wiser as to going.

Devolution not evolution in 22 century..i to have evidence through a variety of written and scientifically grounded evidence..
..I do not know
freeze to all this and resume ..

However, I have to at least another 20 years wear and submit the case to life health listens at that time ..
Our DNA mutates, no doubt about it. Old human species is evolving very rapidly. We return the lost DNA and with our consciousness to connect again to the source. Nothing can nor will anything prevent this, because Genesis will it manifest. Our mission is to embrace the new energy that we are sent to help build and modifications of our physical bodies. Do not fight with evolution but accept it and embrace it. We are now converting to a new human species ??
Esoteric the transfer of so-called. basic forms of society, from generation to generation
Why are single parents portrayed as weak or sacrifice, whatever their problems are and represents a complete family of any small or large as males or disassembled as those in long-term relationships???

PROBLEMS single parenthood-not a question of single parent name or ability but economic uncertainty and this results in lament

- Financial difficulties
- Fatigue and overwork
- What must themselves take responsibility for raising children
- Constant worry about whether to raise good children, and what will be the future of their children
- Lack of contact or bad contact with the other parent
- Unemployment or unstable employment
- Solitude and loneliness
- Incompatibility of working time and the possibility of babysitting
- Inability to afford children what children want or need
- To explain where the other parent
- Lack of understanding of the environment
- Problems in the realization of the right to alimony
- Housing requirements ...... ..


include social circumstances in analyzing psychological characteristics of the individual**

Mutual accountability for Fixation on a certain stage; means remaining at a certain stage, a regression means a return to an earlier or lower level in the development of an individual who has already passed. By fixation usually occurs due to lack of motivation for the transition to the second stage, a regression caused by stress, napestosti, anxiety and frustration;from conception to puberty the inherent heritage and MODELING copied behavior.

Faith, courage, fulfillment: the message to single parents the price of virtue.

Ideologising science. - Scientists should be objective but not as themselves sharing certain
ideological notions, whether they realize it or not. Ideologising more prominent in the interpretation of results research than in the study..
the testimony of single mothers and fathers

The law does not recognize single parents as a separate social category. Therefore, they exercise their rights as equal to all other citizens, despite the fact that they have these rights in practice often threatened. From the state, through parental and child benefits, given only to meet their basic living needs. And since, the company, rather than support - stigmatization and condemnation.
"Abyss" - a word which an unemployed single mother describes her situation. Nadica, which itself raised and educated three children, one of which is the Marina - a child with disabilities and vice dance - claims nor the state has a hearing, nor the society ..

Being a single mom means - must be crying, unhappy, plain! This year was the first time received a one-time assistance increased from the Center for Social Work when I went with all the papers and said that it is possible to vice champion of the world can not get help for glasses that I can not buy ?? Five years can not replace the glasses,
Single parents who are not employed, do not have the right to enroll their children in kindergartens. And when working, kindergartens paid as well as functional family. No benefits are on the lists of the National Employment Service
Alimony fund would somehow solve the system, ensure that mothers have a final court judgment for alimony payments could these funds actually get, not to water it only on paper, while in reality, the money they never received "
His children and himself the father and mother, and, though it is surprising to many, I enjoy his role - told the Voice of Slavonia in Osijek Dalibor Iles (29) that I raise three children. His wife left him, and the children and on living on social assistance and child allowances.I receive 1,700 kuna social assistance and 1,396 kuna child benefit. The city pays me a part of director, but another six months pay HEP debt of around 9,000 kuna. The remaining 2,000 kuna so that should be distributed carefully, because children should not miss anything. I can say that I was lucky, though you with three children can not afford to go out with my friends, I do not want to - says Iles.
By profession is a plumber, but a deal could not be found.
- As soon as they hear that I'm a single father, and three other children, for me there is no work. I'd love this assistance they receive change for a decent wage, but, unfortunately, I'm not in that possibility at least for now - adds this single father
Anonymous social network decided to speak about the problems that they found him as a single father. His girlfriend wanted an abortion, but he could not allow.
"We were not in a serious relationship when she became pregnant. She wanted to have an abortion, but I do not want to. It's never met our son. After the birth did not even want to see. On the court we decided on custody, and I was granted full legal concern for child. Her name is on the birth certificate of the child, but there is no right to visit or make decisions on education or treatment of a child. he did not want them, and every month paid 125 percent of child support ordered by the court.
She told me that she does not mind if you marry the person who wants to adopt our child. Until then, we will help her and that's what happened since our son was born. Raise their child alone, there are 18 months and never known a mother, do not even have a photograph of her. I hate being a single parent, 'burnt' I'm out of it. Although I love my son, in a way, he and blame. My family helps me most of the time. I would never neglected or hurt son, but I was constantly exhausted.
In court I asked for split custody, or because the mother wanted an abortion and because we are on the court made a different agreement, the judge now can not approve. Mother never seen more than a year, the last I heard he was going to remove excess skin from the abdomen and laser removal excess skin from the abdomen and laser removal of stretch marks and to go and the gym. His friends say that he was a donor egg, but that is not the mother, "wrote the father, trying to get the advice of Internet users.
Most users are single-parent father told is that unreasonable. The mother before the birth of their conditions and said it would not recognize the child, and he agreed to these conditions. "Paying child support and how you wrote, it appears that giving more money than they should," said one user.



Gospel Luke 10, 25-37
Reading the Holy Gospel according to Luke
At that time: Some of the lawyers
mouth and to Jesus the test, saying:
"Teacher, what must I do to life
inherit eternal? "And he said:" In
Law it is written? How do you read? "Reply
him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God
with all your heart, and your
soul, and with all your strength
and with all thy mind; and his
neighbor as thyself! "
He said to him, "You're a
This and you will live. "But he, desiring to
justify himself, said to Jesus, "And who is
my neighbor? "
Jesus replied: "A certain man
going down from Jerusalem to Jericho. He fell
among robbers, who both stripped him and
wounded him, and departed, leaving him
half dead. Coincidentally it that way
came down a certain priest, saw it and
bypassed. And so a Levite
that way, saw him and bypasses.
But a certain Samaritan traveling came to a
him, saw him, he had compassion on him
and bandaged his wounds, pouring in oil and
wine. And set him on his
beast, and brought him to an inn and
took care of him. The next day he took out two
silver coins and gave them to the innkeeper and said:
'Take care of him. If more
you spend, I will repay you when I
back. ' "
"What do you think, which of these three
was neighbor unto him that fell among
robbers? "
He said, "The one who showed
mercy. "Jesus said to him:" Go
but i do likewise! "
Word of the Lord.