Can the king of empty Practically irrelevant, little pawn on top of the global food chain vanity can to save the world?

indeed victory of the human spirit over lies, ideology and setbacks
"Do not you see those sheep so meekly goes among the goats and the goats? So, I say to you, our Lord Jesus Christ walked humbly among the Pharisees and priests-who champions. That's why, my son, for love of Him to please me be compassionate towards two sheep, so to buy it and performed between the goats and the goats! "

Alternatives? Do your homework
do not make any image about God. If a man is God-like, should make this prohibition apply to him: do not make pictures that make you immutable character, because thus jeopardizing the freedom of transformation and psyching him stereotypes.Tenet individuality.

suggests that
every man should be welcomed as enrichment and innovation in the abundance of character of mankind, without regardless of origin.


The Earth is, so to speak, "dirtiest" element because reserves and deposited all the impurities that result in disease of the physical body. This does not mean that we, as a physical being "dirty", but that we are subject to the accumulation of mental, psychological and other impurities that can harden (crystallized) through disease or other energy disorders that block our progress..Could this be a normal state for authors with an early morning coffee with a global world; instead of rest and calibration of my mind I still galloping in difficult burdensome state issues that I think will help me with the physical, emotional and mental exhaustion; lack of energy, concentration and sense of life that is emotionally very intense, shocking, and the environment is often incomprehensible, too much stress is too much pressure, too many demands on my psycho-physical capacity and reserves. However, people under stress are still able to function operates and plans.You did not know differently, you could not.Only, these losses can not be "swept under the carpet". The worst advice I can give someone is "forget about it, said, thinking something, hire the hands ..." because that really will not achieve anything but to go back to their four walls and you realize that it's even worse.And if it all day, "something fun", the problem went away, "everything is ok" yet you loaded a bunch of other people's problems every day and solve 101 little thing and with this sacrifice private life.
Wish sometimes numb to any external internal stimuli, but not even that could not reasonably healthy state, especially with this personality or character that I own in my own too.
You feel numb, yet your head hurts; empty, but inside you all screaming; tired, but full of fear. What I used to be a pleasure now barely attracts your attention. The brain as if it were a blur. You feel like you're pressed weight.
Remember the times when you had the goals? Of what are you looking forward to? Maybe it was something small like going to the movies on a Friday night or a job that you wanted to do. Now you have very few goals. Survive the day seems to be enough.
Do you notice what life is like without goals? Every day is the same. There is no rhythm of rising anticipation, satisfaction, then rest. Each day brings with it a terrible monotony, but you fear that tomorrow will be just like today. Enchantment with life as if it kills you.
prone to "mere listening" as people who watch our reflection in the mirror and then immediately forget what we look like. So when you read or hear about truth and love, do not merely listen; truly listen.
Not having a clue about what is just fine. Is there anyone who has no idea. Drowned billions information really know so little, almost nothing, and that we know what is it? Rushes and smash it one who has something to hands,why to voluntarily etching Company's own soul cliché? From that abyss reached such a need? How many more years must pass before they become aware of the senselessness of creating poison, drawing attention to themselves these desperate means. Who are these tortured souls without beliefs, attitudes and opinions.
Individualism and humanism are intertwined with mysticism and hedonism, pacifism with anarchism, chanson to jazz, east with west, and grief is treated with alcohol and hugs. Old forms give way to new, distinctive and free, frames become tight, the fence again be demolish ...Little by little creates a reserve of young (still in the old country).
All the squads supporters hedonistic lifestyle and rapid dissolution of consciousness. They are called freaks. Usually people consider them immoral, lazy and dirty, but there are those who always see the romantic return to childhood and even a sort of civilization purification. However, an aging are existential - bohemian bitništvu drowned in cheap alcohol added to the fury of aggressive teenagers. And new opiates.
Schools produce new capitalists and / or / workforce without personal identity and spirituality is therefore the duty of every conscious opposition members leave school (or work) and disobedience again to update the old idea of equality by birth and rewarding to work and potrebama.Razvija oppositional consciousness, disbelief establishment, disbelief elderly, condemnation of hypocritical behavior, rejection of racial, religious and sexual inequality, rejection of nationality and origin belonging to certain religions, rejection of money and social status, all in the name of universal brotherhood and the search for personal identity.
Adopted model criticizing everything and contempt for the institutions of state. After all, the state's powers over man, even though his work, just like religion..

This multitude still agreed with the usual ten sentences, saves and backs of the evening listening to the radio broadcasts of baseball games and burp while drinking beer from cans.Brotherhood that took oppositional stance towards such a society and all individuals in favor of art that are escaping from reality and the false glow of the mob called the beatniks.
It should receive a lot of punches and slaps that brings life in abundance. It should be understood. No one judge. In each of us there is too much unnecessary mud, should rinse it, treasure and carefully, every day. Every morning kill at least one wrong thought. Again and again. Again.

The answer is - no, do no harm. Greater damage to the child out of the system or that is in a system where more collapses - intellectually, emotionally, where the lost confidence. It is a pity..the official curriculum for which there are certain standards that can not realistically be achieved, and  inaccordance with the achievements go and reviews..„being with a lion's body and rams, falcons, hawks or human head..
"Which creature in the morning walk on four legs, at noon on two, and in the evening on three?"

"a man who as a child crawls, as an adult walks on two feet, and in old age helps you with a stick".
Work gives us the structure, purpose and meaning, if you take action, you will feel at least some control of the situation, the daily routine, but you can work on improving themselves and their communication skills.


inability to concentrate,memory lapses and memory,altered perception, helplessness, withdrawal from the society-avoiding isolation, over-thinking..
It is important to actively deal with the feelings and find healthy ways to cope with stress.
non-specific response of the body to any demand for change "- face is not running away *subgenre of comedy and satire in which laughter arises from cynicism and skepticism with short form simple and funny of the claim or summarized thoughts with properties paradox.Oxymoron is a figure of language (a special kind of antithesis) which connect two incompatible, contradictory concept (antonyms).

Examples of oxymorons (emphasis):
shrewd crazy, loud silence, crazy mind, warm the ice, silent noise, young age, smart nonsense, living dead, a wise fool, modest grandeur

more than bereavement. It is frenzied, relentless bereavement

Preserve "family reputation or to help their children.

The attacks on personal reputation:
- Inventing stories about the private life , ridicule, insults, humiliation-because of jealousy, envy, fear and desire for power

Wrong ideas, such as the incurability of diseases, the constant danger of a man who has suffered illness and permanent working disability, preventing adequate investment in health and miserable life of the sick and their families. Such bias reduce the likelihood that the patient will seek help early in the disease and lead to social isolation of those who have experienced the disease, regardless of their state of Health.
sensitize and educate the public with regard to this issue, systematic work on the prevention and early recognition of problems and provide adequate support

No, brother, do not judge the truth in man according to what he expresses, nor take his words or a job as a symbol of his inner self. Because there are many people who look down on because of their difficult language and meager speech, although the full understanding and feelings. It is also a lot of those not respected because it looks ugly and unseemly life, and they are one of the heavenly gifts, because the people have the divine breath. "