ideology of seduction through various examples, the irony and the real motives of business activities through various media corporations

First I wanted to bitter joke at my expense;
of course it is about money; (
Ma'am what you reverses at home; large amounts of zero in this state unless you count binary zero and the units on my computer ..What irony, mainly in the purchase of any goods like this as quickly as possible so we do the easiest to provide a paper bill to make it less bothered cashier in the workplace ..
but this course has own negativity because we are accumulating amount of petty cash that they need as well as banks in exchange and business ..

 Corporate social responsibility is a concept in which an entity decides to
voluntarily to contribute to a better society*


Restructuring in a socially responsible manner means to balance and take into account the interests
and care of those affected by these decisions and changes affect. Restructuring must be carefully planned,
with the involvement of all potential risks, calculating all costs, making alternatives
strategy, etc. At the same time need to be involved all stakeholders - companies, employee representatives and power.

Environmental impact can be reduced by rational use of resources, reduction of emissions to air, soil, water and reducing waste through separate collection and


The production of coins of one kuna Croatian citizens pay 3.29 Kuna. This is just the cost of the metal, but when that figure is added to the cost of human labor, equipment for production and other things, the price still further jumps.
This is the calculation:
Croatian Monetary Institute on its website states the composition of the coins: 65% copper, 23.2% nickel, 11.8% zinc, and the mass of the whole coin is 5 grams.
According to the exchange rate published on the website of the Croatian National Bank, 1 euro is 7.56 kuna, and the site chemical-technological faculty in Split says that the price of pure copper € 26.10 (500 g), zinc € 39.60 (500 g) and nickel € 96.60 ( 500 g)

Coins = 5 g
65% = 3.25 grams of copper
23.2% nickel = 16.1 grams
11.8% zinc = 0.59 grams
65% copper = 1.26 kuna
23.2% nickel = 1.69 kuna
11.8% zinc = 12:34 Kuna
All together, the price of a 'nightingale' is 3.29 kuna.
This is just the cost of the metal, but when that figure is added to the cost of human labor, equipment for production and other things, the price still further jumps.
In Croatia, the pennies Croatian kuna (HRK), which is divided into 100 Lipa
All together, the price of a 'nightingale' is 3.29 kuna.
This is just the cost of the metal, but when that figure is added to the cost of human labor, equipment for production and other things, the price still further jumps.
A common definition of money shows that money (1) unit of account; (2) the value of the container; and (3) a medium of exchange, although most authors deem that the first two properties irrelevant and that follow from posljednjeg.Stability currency depends on the stability of the economy and the properly-used monetary regulation mechanisms. The central bank can increase the money supply deliberately demolish rate of its currency on the international market in order to encourage local production and exports, and if the same device and other countries may be a currency war, after which comes easily to a trade war and the rise of protectionism. The deliberate reduction rate of its currency usually used state with high external debt and a negative balance of trade.
On the stability of the currency can act and international speculators currencies which methods of financial aggression buying certain currencies in order to rise up the course, after which they sell in order to achieve high earnings. If at the same time have the support of their own central banks of emission of which lend money for such an operation can achieve very high profits, and the cause of economic crisis in the affected countries, while their countries such proceedings raise the competitiveness of their own policies economy.
Monetary lower primary interest rates stimulate overall economic development .
Print money monetary authorities can use money as a means of discreet tax all residents except that the height of this "tax" depends on the size of the available money in the pockets and bank accounts of the owner. This taxing State shall by taking loans from of the bank, but it does not return. In this way reduces the real value of the assets for all legal and natural persons who have money. If the country in this way increase the amount of money in the market more than the increase in the quantity of goods, there is inflation, and if this is the primary method of financing the country can reach the galloping inflation.

Why I started to scribble on this topic, as far as this above WRITTEN can not confirm that this is 100% true because though sometimes to some specific data from certain differences we can not get;

But most of us managed with more paper money than with metal coins that also belong to our national currency,to me occurred accident and thank goodness that is not in quantity to be collected one certain amount of petty cash which for a long time of eye-catching, has value and I was up to now I have not used or replaced at certain way..
Bankers constantly note that should complement the National Bank and print a new series of coins in certain values.
I finally got rid of that and back metal in a  bank, and who knows how much of the Croatian people and our little children as it has in its piggy bank, now that it watch their in times of crisis or simply from some strange reason.....

..invest it there where and belongs..**
This is  not gold or silver coins which will get you a higher sales value, nor belong to numismatics old rare coins from the Middle Ages, be hardworking and smart.
today's society as a society of the spectacle and the acquisition of media competence through a system of propaganda seduction

"The mass media serve as the central nervous system of society, crucial information channel that flashes without downtime and provides continuous socialization, disseminates information, values and opinions. The ruling and those ruled, thinkers, creators of public opinion and citizens in general inform and shape each other using mass communication "
The mass media daily referred to as the social institutions that should impartially, publicly and instantaneously transmit information diverse and heterogeneous audience, and be one of the major corrective in democratic societies. They are the means by which communication is achieved, mediators between the authorities and the public, to inform the public about all relatively important topics for the community, and all this in order to properly formed (or today, unfortunately, more and more, manipulated) public opinion of citizens. It has to be more than usual, taking into account their ideology.
It is obvious to cause major changes in human life and have become an everyday component of 'normal' functioning of every living being.
What my eyes see, so that I can not not say much less describe ..Scenarios that I do not like to let them have me fooled mind ..What is fake invented and what is real and what is for the public? What is a private person, which is privacy, which is a global satisfaction or food for humans.
So I do not want to be like that kid who ended up in the crime section of certain newspapers, when a few years ago watching a cartoon or a movie with Superman and is himself made cloak and jumped from who knows which floor because he thought he could, and I was so take off.
This does not concern only children, concerns the people and those who are responsible for a particular industry will say we give you what you request and you want ..
what people want ** ??
soap operas or mythological stories? "at each end there is the Achilles' heel; (

The media can be local, national and international, and private, public or state, as well as the home or an alternative. Under the mass media also includes newspapers and stationery; books, radio, television who are somewhat overshadowed by the new media (Internet most of us).

However, the best known and most widely us the Internet, which has caused a huge change in lifestyle, studies on specific information and is currently the biggest contributor to the general democratization. Of course each of these media has its downsides such as the alienation of individuals, individual closure in itself, a virtual life that proved to be unhealthy for the population. As for the information and their credibility, that it loses the race authenticity and quality. There are large amounts of inaccurate and unverified information, and there is the inability to control the publication, the lack of censorship and the like.There are also functions of the social point of view as a function of information, creation of public articulation, mediation, compensation, reduction of complexity, the topic of the training, selection and structuring, criticism and control functions, socialization.


So which functions have I?Does this feature helps at least some percentage of such opinions or thoughts of one experiential individual of this society?Today maximum materialistic and media functioning and operations is largely ruled by the profit and less ethical principles and actions for the benefit of the public.Well, that is for me not to me but to every additional HRK welcome patch up the budget of households, do not have a goal of becoming the new tycoons in the global market and blogging mostly alone and disabled to deal with global and specific works and further forward quality.I can not afford most of it as can other bloggers, various travel and learning in the field with specific people and issues, can not turn into a private company, nor can accomplish various campaigns to help other people, I do not have high-ranking acquaintance or contacts with various other media such as for example newspapers or TV, nor plan to look for managers who would invest in my development because it is the same as if I went to the bank to pick up a large loan that can not be recovered banker.


Freedom (media) speech is often a relative term that we also sometimes imposed to us assured that the "something" we have the right, just as another kind of manipulation.

After a number of visits to the blog as well as the mode of writing as well as the number of followers on my social sites I see you've met with my not skustvom to work on a variety of so-called media; for me there is no seduction through the story of ezepovim fables, of course that is itself trying to tangle through metaphors and expressions and certain words sometimes relax and have fun even though most of them are not all entertaining topics, and more of them come talk to the internet to relax a little bit of everyday living pressures.
For me, even if I press the pressure of just like, because with that I had not told the person you are hanging out ..
something cold and somewhat cruel ..
at least for me ..respect for the dignity of others'


Social responsibility means that the media should serve the individual and society, otherwise people have the right to take against them certain mjere.89 Unfortunately, as the public are unaware, however, the most common reaction is absent (or again orchestrate media themselves as part of the public) and individuals or social groups do not exercise their right to take measures for the protection of "public freedoms".


"Every profession has to fulfill the expectations and moral obligations at the level of society. Occupation, and therefore employees must serve society ... "

We can ask how and why a film director or a corporation wants just such thoughts arouse in me as a viewer of a film of this genre, you manipulate it with me right now displaying film and citing me to be just for him interested in me and in this way I think.

totalitarian political or  ideology totatalitarni discourse philosophy  advertising messages such as: does the fact that you will not be promised. False consciousness is always produced only were few who had the will and desire to think about it and potentially counteract at least part of its existence, the rest of the 'team' swayed like a flock, not bothering too many relatively 'insignificant' preoccupations like that if we indeed manipulated or not, or to what extent. Thus, the ideology of seduction is actually producing false consciousness in the viewer ..Mlađe generation is in fact somewhat easier to manage because they may worry about being influenced by the old environment and because they are beginning surrounded by some contemporary media technologies and influences what is for them a completely normal ..danas we live in the digital age when everything is possible and stage and act out, everything can be virtual and act really. It contains an interesting dose of "psychology of the media" when the media constantly and deliberately being determined by interest and public interest in "new and future", but entails (a) a great deal of fear and pražnjuenja emotion instead of reason or activation remains silent , known as the blind and simply ignore the already very obvious manipulation, both in the media and in personal lives. We have to plead and using metaphorical conclusion that 'heroin' is not there for addicts, but also addicts here and in this state because of (media) broker-dealers. The media message (drugs) we choose, or we choose his broker and influence on their own awareness of the consequences of the chosen.

often uneducated media do not see, and often miss and media educated
There are certainly some propaganda techniques, and a range of skills to draw attention and shaping propaganda messages in order to more efficiently act on the recipient and create preconditions for the achievement of propaganda cilja. There are different techniques to influence the emotions and particularly strong effect of creating a sense of vulnerability and insecurity where - from shopping to war propaganda - can be represented as 'saviors'; "We'll be the ones who will protect you!", Which is very well known from various and numerous political .

He is aware that we are all manipulated information to us through the media images presented. He believes that the media today function cover-up is essential. He criticizes the school and their education, and they called out because, in addition to the institutions for teaching young people, and institutions to impose obedience, preventing any possibility of independent and critical thinking. Apply criteria such as the former religious education where students (public), such as small flocks of sheep, while the teacher has a bell and everyone followed.The danger lies in the methods of media manipulation that changing tastes and needs of the people, especially the young generation who are more susceptible to the manipulation of media content and technologies, because they absolutely assures the validity of a fictional world or "fictional reality" that young people should be more important than the "real ". It is important to warn that the media influence attitudes, direct the activity of young people, and encourage the communication quality, but with insufficient moral control releases and use of media. Criticize the roller contemporary media and journalists, and their increasing tendency and orientation manipulation, because the mass media has an ethical "stumbled" for profit and trends, but also hidden motives of interest groups, advertisers and multinational corporations. Corporate reporting its focus seeks to replace the educational function of social institutions to a certain extent and consciously create "gaps generation, thinking and understanding of freedom" and thereby causing their educational crisis, young people and their parents.

Each spectacle is really a result of the activities 'someone', like media stars who are again the key through which the public media institutions, described as admirable people, and personalized system that creates them and seems to have been known, "they are not what they are." The actors in various movies, commercials do not represent their products (rare personally present their products and activities. The allegations are that the (spectacular) acting for profit and guidance to the public, but are also motivated and their own profit-making and presentation, with total indifference to the needs of the question should in the process of deceiving the public. as agents of the spectacle are placed on the social stage as widely recognized and unquestionable star and thus are contrary to the ordinary mortal / individual. disclaims all autonomous quality in this way, it is sometimes the worst thing in spectacles awareness of such manipulation with simultaneous consent impersonating a non-self and the manipulation itself Society of the Spectacle and exaggeration in values leads to the opposite effect - all loses meaning, everything becomes a commodity. The tourist as a "citizen of the world" for example, now only a spectator of what is actually turned into a tourist offer, uniformly transformed and thus becomes banal and boring expected over time. The current image in the spectacle also determines the direction of flow of information and curiosities, or someone else chooses which direction to move the current, rather than the public itself. Emptiness alienated man closed the viewer jail, enjoying the events of those ended up on the game, going up to the stage spectacle on the screen (the star - part of media manipulation)...

These are just a list of some strategies that always work in our humans; if this someone awake depends on the person*I just ran through the theme, but gave to me and the all to help me to become more highly immune..Sit on your ass hoping that everything will disappear by itself is no longer an option. It never was...who wants to be a puppet, puppet on a string, voodoo?

I do not; I said that I do not want some crazy idolatry according to some the stars, kiss ass their pictures while they amuse themselves and even better at it make it profit..Give applause and ask for more *.
boxed hope of us might happen some gains on a lot.
One person I was before davadeset years said that playing sports lottery for over 25 years and the money that is invested in this idiotic not called hope..with what is spent could have had a much better retirement and not living from day to day..We all have certain qualities and abilities regardless of the amount of education and maturity; how to fall for the same gimmicks..Is may all of us a better life and more common sense..Flee from the disease and go to you know what that means staged, organized lives, acted so-called Reality-well you know that it applied celebrities..

Public attention diverted from the important issues on the irrelevant. Overtask release a flood of irrelevant information, so people do not think and acquire the basic knowledge to understand the world.
This method is also called "problem-reaction-solution". It should create a problem that part of the public reacted to it. For example: cause and transmit violence with the intention to release more easily accept the restriction of freedom, economic crisis or to justify the demolition of the welfare state.
To the public agreed on an unacceptable measure, introduced gradually, "spoon", months and years. The changes, which could cause resistance, if they were carried out rapidly and in a short period of time, will be conducted policy of small steps. The Council also changes over time, and to not be aware of changes.
Another way for the public to prepare unpopular changes is to be announced much earlier, in advance. People do not feel at once all the weight change, as previously accustomed to the very idea of ​​change. Besides the "common hope for a better future" facilitates their acceptance.USE OF CHILDREN'S LANGUAGE
When adults paying as when it comes to children, we achieve two beneficial effects: public suppresses their critical awareness and the message has a powerful effect on ljude.Taj suggestive mechanism largely be used in advertising.
AWAKENING OF EMOTION is a classic technique, which is used in causing a short circuit, when a reasonable judgment. Critical awareness replaced by emotional impulses (anger, fear, etc.). The use of emotional register allows access to the subconscious, and is later possible at this stage to implement ideas, desires, concerns, fear or coercion, or cause certain behaviors.
The poorer classes should disable access to the mechanisms of understanding to manipulate their consent. The quality of education lower social classes should be as weaker or below average, to the gap between education higher and lower layers remained insurmountable.
The public should be encouraged to accept the mediocrity. It is necessary to convince people that it (and, in fashion), preferably to be stupid, vulgar and ignorant. At the same time should induce resistance to culture and science.

Of course, we're talking about them only in information and educational sense (to have knowledge of their mechanism) and preventive (to prevent their use). Many would agree with the fact that it comes pretty evil methode.