love the sweetness of intimacy lies in chemistry and art of compromise

*whom God the Father called "My beloved daughter", "My little flower"? ;the world is troubled by secular doctrines, atheism and modern philosophies of mission by the way in which she showed us how to live the beautiful doctrine which I charge to speak.
Felled, his face raised to the ground, immersed in its nothingness...
"I already told you, and I repeat; I can give her beloved Son once again to prove his love for the people! I am now coming among them in order to love them and to help them announced this love, assuming their image, their poverty.
Look, now set aside his crown and all My glory to take over the appearance of the common man! "
Taking the appearance of an ordinary man postponing his crown and His glory at His Feet, He took the globe of the world holding it to His Heart, supporting it with his left hand. Then he sat down next to me. His coming and appearance in which deigned to make known to His love and I can only say a few words. In my ignorance I do not know what words to describe what I discovered.
He said:"The peace and salvation of this house and the whole world! Let My power, My love and My Holy Spirit touched the hearts so that all mankind spoke to salvation and come to the Father who seeks to him loved and saved! I have only one concern; Keep all people and love them as my children.


However, good morning all; today I planned to relax the mind, or I'm going to take advantage of the useful part of the day.freedom of expression is important but I do not take off all their feathers woman nor I want to peel the skin and reach the center of the human nucleus.No matter how much you write frees the slave and servant and master of his social being, some things did not itself have not freed as other authors to express too freely because they exceed the hard pornography and I'm just one of the more normal members of this society who throughout his life has many acquaintances who I confide in the sense that it remains so in private.No door behind which lies not too many questions, decisive fixes, unknown, opposition and condemnation.But I'm not a therapist but a cross that is submitted and your crosses, trying to find the golden mean life itself and life on earth as an ordinary man.How started the morning; thank God with rays of sunshine and a refreshing warm breath of wind and the positive mood despite issues that satisfies one or answers about where I'm trying anxiously to show people in a certain way.I have to constantly turn on their brakes, although this all affects me very emotional and we create the various doubts and frustrations.I'm not stiff but not too freely, perhaps brought up classicist adopted but never far either from the so-called modern society organizations to avoid condemning or judging from myself, though I read and I know in my many years as part of the acceptance of social knowledge.I myself sometimes put limits and traffic sign stop crossed and surrounded by a red deer and painted on it.
I'm just a woman with certain standards, such as trying to respect herself trying to escape these standards and playfully break.Do you then feel better, neither I nor the larger lower; bohemian said.
Walk like a man, he lives as a woman, a little mischief cut to the brave youngster from some distant past.Sensual and sinful grounded therefore can not write about people I know and I know even remember their Imeneo because this is not the way to any kind of freedom.
If I were a man he would have been a border guard in the army with a trained German shepherd faithful against yourself ..female sensuality is certainly a very important spice in life, but in this case I'm not talking about sex, sexual therapy care about the life in certain ways.To Mrs. or Miss you are an experienced adult, on the contrary a certain flow of knowledge and experience I have, or I myself inexperienced in certain subjects or do not even want to open because I do have my definition of a hard but flexible guideline of life ..I'm not sensationalists who run towards populism sensation that does not serve human life-long learning;I will reach out to all the unknowns just for curiosity or lack of experience or a mere proof..When asked what their special satisfaction, dads said they were children, closeness and easy "time together" with family members. So given that we have a lot of time writing about women, but rarely on men, here to correct an injustice. Let's see what kind of modern men, such as fathers, and they need to do to be a better dad.But history (fortunately) does not stand in place and so is the company continued to develop, slowly push forward, and little by little - we have reached the 21st century. No longer do we wash laundry at a creek not plow fields with a wooden plow, and instead of letters to friends send e-mails. Here's how the times have changed! And by the way changed the roles of women and menModern man (and father of modern)In the minds of men, and even in the attitude of society not the government more thinking that the only function of the father to serve as a source of income, or as a duty dictator and enforcer of discipline. Not worth any more stories to the ordinary man who ne'er in the education of their children more bother than it helps.Today's fathers are no longer acting insensitive brute. They shaved beard, began to take care of the family, and consequently - have accepted an active role in bringing up children. Instead of brutality and imposition of "correctional" penalties smart fathers now seeking to establish a relationship of trust and understanding with children. Instead of indulgence and indifference, modern dads take their share of responsibility and therefore know the right time to show the firm position and set clear boundaries for children.Father to whom we can countThis shift from "dad who is never at home" to "dad on which we can count" came just in time, because the role of mothers has changed. In a situation where the average family has become impossible to survive with only one salary, drastically reduce the number of women who stay at home as housewives. Instead, women as well as men looking for work, and when they find him struggling in order to progress and build a successful career.Expect from a woman who works eight hours (ie, no less than her husband) to be at home alone taking care of the household and the upbringing of children is at least unfair to her. Even a greater injustice that makes children, because they need to be active and interested dad with which to grow and learn.A sex drive, although one of the innate instincts, however, is not just a primitive impulse, because it is closely connected with our emotions and mental life.
Almost half of the women in the world is struggling to resolve the passivity and replace the responsibility on yourself. In the meantime, there are many things that women think, but never
Wanting to be the one who controls things is not just a male trait, but sexual aggression is regarded as a masculine trait. Many women are afraid that they will not be considered feminine if they act dominantly during sex, but our imagination is not limited to these fears and rules dictated by society. Maybe we behave according to the rules when we are awake, but in our fantasies and our desires freely come to light. Do not we wait for permission, but we do what we want, when we want, without apology
.How to set the standards in life? When we talk about how to prepare a good espresso, there are clear norms as much coffee, water, sugar ....We will agree that it is easy and when we talk about the norm for a burger or a good French salad ... and I could go on so long. There are areas where the standards easily. But what happens to the norms when it walks in the area of ​​male-female relationships;question "is it normal" is imposed by itself...
Remember, the word myth comes from the Greek mythos (the word, speech) and its meaning is a fairy tale, story, fiction, unsound see some events. We can also say that the sexual myths are nothing but fairy tales, fiction and implausible images of some event or occurrence. If we expect a fairy tale or a not authentic claim to be applied in our lives, if we treat them as to the real truth, we can be almost certain that we will have problems.Therefore caution with sexual myths - let's analyze them carefully and call into question each that we would not have to sneak in the back door attitude to start with yourself or partners expect unrealistic things;area of sexuality and erotic-emotional relationships, is burdened with challenges as well as insufficient knowledge of their own and partner's sexuality.
Although we like to say that we are open-minded society that tramples taboos and opened new frontiers, on some issues we still stalled. The area of sexuality in our society is still not an area on which we can talk and relax in one of the challenges that we can easily share it with others.
Do not talk, on the other hand, means to sink in reluctance, lack of prospects in this regard. Do not talk means turning back the home fires you can not restart, or may ignite a new fire, a different and perhaps more interesting. The dialogue can be (and usually is) a great and positive turning point in the relationship, it can start to work together to refresh..Female half of the world spends a lot of time and money to unlearn passivity and replace the healthy dose of honesty.
But until that happens, there will still be a lengthy list of things that women do not speak, but that men should already know themselves.Thus, two thousand women surveyed agreed that the perfect man eats meat, drives an Audi and earns 48,000 pounds a year, which makes about 448,000 kuna. In addition, Prince Charming is 182 centimeters tall, has short black hair, brown eyes and elegant style of dress. It is always clean shaven and has a smooth, depilated chest.Charming boasts a sensitive side - regularly called his mother, telling your partner that he loves her only when I actually thought you would recognize if you've ever looked at another woman.The woman wants someone to comfort or encourage when necessary. Someone with whom to share the burden that has her and make life a little bit easier.This gives it, in turn, will be with you when there's no one else. This is actually required of man, what is certainly willing to provide on its own.blind loyaltyPeople are by nature competitive mood and like to feel better than others. You like to feel special, the only and unique. It just shows that women want to be the only one in the eyes of his men.She is aware that may not be the prettiest, smartest or funniest woman in the world, but wants to be sure to know that there is no competition with her boyfriend.There is something very sexy with a guy who can relax in any situation, a guy who does not care too much for the opinion of others is very attractive. I do not mean to be rude and rampage around, but it's nice to see a man who is not burdened nonsense.A man who knows what he wants and is not afraid to get a real aphrodisiac, but women will always turn his head for him. Even when shouts or just angry, transmits vibe that shows that he is aware of what works and does not care what others think, because they will eventually get what he wants.

Analyzing fantasy similar to the analysis of dreams, the more individual interpretation than the general concept. For some, the dream of a public appearance pleasant, others a nightmare
our subconscious is trying way that make it more acceptable, and this is one of them.
Fantasy indicates a lack of confidence and doubt shy men and women who do not make demands in real life.a few decades from the beginning of the fight for gender equality brief period to make things come into place; We advocate encouraging honest and open dialogue, teaching girls that do not suppress their sexuality and, most importantly, stressing that their bodies belong to them and nobody else. But first we have to put an end to myths but not with movies for "adult":man should determine their own identity;or women.. reduced sexual desire means that a person has had a period of "normal" sexual functioning, and it is then, after a while,  began to think abaut other spheres of life..It is normal for some years; commit to something that until that time did not have time, reluctant to be of any so-called mid-life crisis.*Andropause is a collection of symptoms that is primarily characterized by a gradual decline in testosterone secretion and reduce its concentration in the blood. It happens, but after the age of 40, except that symptoms appear after that, and most men becoming aware of the change only between 50 and 60 years. Unlike women, in which the change hormonal status sudden and dramatic side effects, men go through menopause for many years and are slowly getting used to the new situation**Level testosterone annually an average decline of one percent, so at septuagenarians can be reduced by 50 percent. Aging is the main cause of reducing the amount of hormones in the body of a man, but this phenomenon can accelerate and unhealthy lifestyle habits such as excessive alcohol consumption, smoking or stress. In addition, it is affected by numerous diseases and disorders.

Gender equality' is a word that we often hear in discussions about relationships between men and women and in society there is a strong belief that women are in a position where they need special protection. Virtually all the companies in the West are sensitive to this issue and working to correct the 'gender inequality'. But is there a possibility that our civilization is overlooked some facts and wrong group of people declared discriminated? Is it to protect women's rights too far and thus hurt men? Is it even fine individuals of one group always seen as privileged, and individuals from other such discrimination?

 four basic components of sexual function in men: libido, erection, ejaculation and orgasm.
 While it would be through the media such as television or newspapers have concluded that sex and intimate relationships are intended only for young people, this by no means is not true. The need for intimacy knows no age. Sex in old age does not have to be the way it was when you were young, but he can still be fulfilling.Many people, as they age, will continue to have regular sexual relations, but the aging process could cause some changes. The aging process involves a variety of health problems. When this happens, some people's sex lives never recover. But some people then resort to other forms of intmnosti such as kissing, grlenje, gentle touches, and the like. These practices can help to maintain a sense of connection so that the partners will continue to enjoy the fruits of mutual concern for one another. This will give you a sense of well-being that will in general a natural way to prevent the occurrence of anxiety and depression, and strengthen the immune system..It has been proven that most healthy women can be expected until the end of life undisturbed sex life if it had previously been their practice. Also women suffer from fewer sexual problems than men. However there are problems that can attack the woman's ability to enjoy intimacy. First and foremost, a woman comes to a decrease in estrogen, the female hormone, to which especially occurs after menopause. The lack of estrogen can result in reducing vaginal lubrication which can lead to painful intercourse, but this condition can be treated with lubricants. Other changes in women that accompanies aging is a reduction in the length, width and elasticity of the vagina. However, these changes do not mean that she will not be able to enjoy sex. Recent polls indicate that older women have no physical limitations in their capacity to achieve and enjoy orgasm.In men, the appearance of impotence is more common as they get older. In addition, as the old, men might take longer to achieve an erection. They no longer enough just to take a look at your partner and to achieve an erection. A woman should be aware of this and be ready for something to caress her partner easier to achieve erection. Erectile dysfunction in older men sometimes not as hard as before. Some older men will observe that their ejaculation volume slightly smaller than before, but also, and reduces the intensity of ejaculation. Finally, the time required to achieve the second after ejaculation erection time increases. For example, one 18-year-old after ejaculation will often take 15 minutes to achieve a new erection, while men in their 50s need to know up to 24 hours and more.
AGE OF REASON: from 30 to 45,
Sex is no longer the number one topic, and in the forefront life goals. Now the man important intellectual potential partners, and physical attractiveness, although still important, is not the only thing that interested him. Do not chide him and constantly complain because if you look at the picture of their own age. Beware of him, but do not forget about yourself.

"Well, my grim reality is that I am more familiar example of a vehicle that can be driven in middle lane on the highway at a speed below the limit, and most of the excitement generated view in the rearview mirror.

Closer to the middle of the '50s, and my libido, and the pulse is still there, but not crazy. That old theory (that is, I'm pretty sure, thought of women) that all men think about sex, on average, twice a minute, do not really apply to me. Twice a day, maybe. The older I get more respect someone's inner beauty, and desire sex much less."

**historically feminism has had a favorable impact on the removal of male sexism and mitigation androcentric (male-centric) view of the society. However, one might ask whether the contemporary feminism has created a new, female sexism in society and introduced ginocentrični (female-centric) view of reality that surrounds us?
defend the thesis that American popular culture in the late eighties and nineties became markedly imbued with negative depictions of men (in movies, TV series and talk-show programs) and that masculinity is increasingly began to paint in a bad light, even through the film world in the decade march through numerous male monsters, and men are all too often been portrayed as incompetents, fools and villains
    In these decades of drugs and the sexual revolution, the artist presented his nose like an erect penis, women's faces as a background, and his eyes like a woman's breasts. One side of his face was a voluptuous woman whose legs were wrapped around the body of a muscular man on the other side of the face, and of course, the two heads were thrown into dramatic ecstasy. I remember the face of some brother's friends who were staring at a portrait of confused looks, apparently uncertain whether the twisting torso was really there or not.

When we got the results, we were surprised by what we found.

What dreams are made then? Not only from sexual desires directed towards the romantic object, but also of aggressive acts aimed at competitors. We are not only dancers in our dreams: we are in them and enraged bulls.