"Marriage material"? After so many years of evolution should know differently?

*humble and modest, he who enters the Holy City riding on a donkey, knows that it will issue one of the students, and yet with them in intimacy celebrates one of his last dinner.*

joyful message to all who are in the hot-cold conditions; which from the outside have to laugh, although it actually wanted to cry; which disappointed the very people about whom they are particularly labor, and especially they love. There are such absurd situations in nešemu life, if we prefer to scream, but still we have to stay in the game.

"I do not want you anymore in your life. Toxic you."
Who is celebrating or mourning? Who needs recognition or comfort? Let the focus be there in his place ..

Who are my parents?

They are genetically engineers responsible for the creation of a new human life to continue the study of life by developing their roots science and education, which are themselves inherited from other genetic engineers grandparents.

Who am I ?

Genetic code and recombination of hereditary characteristics of an independent branch of science and biology and the sum of all hereditary factors.

One of Girls  born with about 500000-1000000 eggs, but by puberty it remains only about 10%. Only about 450 of them in the life of a woman ejected from the ovary
Under the influence of the pituitary gland secrete hormones that "being" dormant egg. The nucleus of the egg cell starts to prepare their chromosomes for possible fertilization. At the core of the genetic code, which are carriers of chromosomes. The goal of fertilization is to be brought to the merger of chromosomes two eggs of two different sexes. Since human cells have 46 chromosomes, to form a new cell is required for each partner to halve the number of its chromosomes. When eggs are halving this takes place after a signal from the pituitary gland. And for 20-36 hours egg done an amazing transformation, after which it is ready to meet with sperm. But even that is not so simple, because it is imperative that the meeting happens at some point.

Terefore this Do not impose child your  guilt and shame ".

Guilt and shame are the hammer and chain saw in a box of educational tools - one will hit the child on the head, while others find it deeply cut. Do not gripe about their hurt feelings if your child does not want to bake cookies or play football with you. Do not go overboard with the statements that will embarrass you if you do not pass the biology or enters the sports team. I do not threaten horrors - such as living in poverty - if the child does not improve grades. Such your behavior will not help and will destroy the confidence of your child and make him dependent on your and the recognition of other people. Instead, help your child understand their choices and real consequences of their actions.

Awakened with the thought I jumped out of bed, even though I can not because I grabbed a cramp in
the leg..

.Immediately caught the job of writing heated and fed the dog, cook another black coffee and lit nicotine under the nose..

for up to 10 seconds of my inhalation, a potent alkaloid nicotine, penetrates into my bloodstream, crosses the barrier that protects the brain from most impurities, and begins to act on brain cells.
The molecule nikoatina inserted as keys to receptors on the surface of brain neurona.u fact, nicotine enters the same keyhole and one of the most brain neurons (signal substances) acetilholin.imitirjući acetiloholin, 1.5 milligrams of nicotine obtained by smoking the first cigarette elicits physical revival chemicals including, but adrenaline (epinefridin) and noradrenaline (norepinephrine) .This provides plenty stmulansa and increases blood flow to your brain.
Nicotine triggers a series of biochemical changes in the brain..
The substance for regulating stress called cortisol was freed along with beta edorfinom, brain Cushion pain reminiscent of a opium.
With another cigarette begin to feel the paradox of smoking-that a single dose it can stimulate and in the other to sleep...but who wants a burned marijuana or injection drugs**not recommend because through years of experience for me ist oo much and nicotine..bad side of my body..Real ladies never, but never light a cigarette on the street (or while driving a car with one hand). If a lady at all and smoking, it is reserved for sitting and / or a room.

Now you know not to lecture you and preaching"*  I'm not perfect!
*but it also did not other people".

**errors with a strong emotional charge which the individual is mostly not aware of, and that can turn into sick idea of exclusivity and exaggerated importance (eg. of himself as a separate person). I'm not the one that you served own head on someone else's plate and your own table.Some of the things I am writing to provide you with the masses of people and newspapers as well as television itself and internet;what you will all of them understand and accept depends on yourselves...but I in my pot do not cook my own head, even pig's feet nor donkey tail ..
But of course I have and their aspirations as well as obstacles and even more borbe..sa the topics on which I've been writing ..- I'm not resistant to external influences but to my way of trying to create a bypass to a better and different life.
If you aspire to populism they got a healthy environment that is essential for the health of the entire social system...

here's what it looks like my and your mind .. in women, some mothers, housewives and whores as business women and politicians ..this titles and explained not impose no pope or the priests, nor any church that exists on planet earth-except if this is not some sick sect with sick ideologies.

we are God-given and talented, so constantly jumping and pictures and talk as well as words, and so should be; we have a law for the community.
Some will want a black-haired woman with curves, some skinny, some were still the size of the breasts, the other below the triplets do not watch ... Every man will have his own definition, but experts link they found one characteristic that men, often unconsciously seek in women : the perfect woman is one who admires her manThe right dose of sex appeal involves a little challenging, imaginative combining and emphasizing exactly what you want, but without excessive provocative. Remember, the perfect woman knows flirt and seduce a view and for this it is not required minjak or deep cleavage.The perfect woman has a career, own circle of friends and what they passionately interested. In fact, if we asked men, many would agree that there is nothing odbojnijeg of women who are like leeches caught for every aspect of a man's life.Relationships are not always fabulous and of course an argument broke out, sometimes more often than we expect, but men are more likely to attract women who are grounded and real, and not lovers of drama. When an argument or heated discussion, no man wants to be found in the center of the drama, pay and threats: the dream of every man is a woman who can discuss the problem calmly, maturely and rationally.

 Hair color would with perfect woman should be brown, you can look forward to care. If they still have blue eyes, then you are already very close to being declared ideal, at least as far as the physical criteria. The perfect wife should also be exactly 165 centimeters tall and weighs 58 kilograms.As for the interest elect, it seems that their most attractive nurses. Type of music you should listen to the ideal woman to be classified in the rock and pop genres, and favorite food means perfect woman meats, grilled meats and pizzas with which to work out the white wine.As for the hobby which has to deal with the perfection of women, they include travel, movies, reading and tracking of sporting activities.Needless to say, it must be a good cook.You must be good to smoke and fit the perversions when they got and what got us think of. When her period ... and furthermore it leaves two holesWhen we get home at 5 in the morning drunk when moldings to meet us in the bed moist and ready ... Now then quietly stood up, slip on your fingers out of the apartment and go to the market, the shop and the newspaper. Let us wake up smell the coffee and hot breakfast in bed of course.If spending money on a stupid spending their own money.It must do or not a job that takes her a long time ... and quite clear that the man when he returned from work must wait for a warm lunch on the table.It would be nice to her and to have a nice friend who would call when we felt like a bit of fun for adults in three.If she likes music that is not like us must understand and accept that our musical tastes better and forget about your musical bad taste. Same thing with the movies ...
It must well to study our hobbies and interests and get to work the adoption of these terms and actions that could with us to discuss it ...
Most men, even 57% of them answered that the ideal woman should laugh a lot and have a sense of humor ... But are not the only criteria. For the role of femme fatale is not enough to be smiling and happy.
According to men replies, woman graphically embodies femininity often brunette or brunette Mediterranean style, with rich curves and rounded hips.Of course, this type of woman generally inspire confidence in a man, and for the vast majority of them, the best embodies sensuality: luscious lips, almond-shaped eyes, long dark hair ... It should be noted that very few men like skinny girls, though just such a teeming magazine pages (though mainly magazines read by women).However, the ideal woman is not only beautiful women and women gorgeous curves, it must also be intelligent and full of spirit. And even that is a beauty queen, if her Kama Sutra highest peak in the Himalayas, its charm is lost ...It has to be a good conversationalist and eloquently express himself ... We assume that they wanted to say how to have charm and be communicative.
Clearly, it must be broadminded and professionally fulfilled ... The ideal woman, according to Harris Interactive's, it should also be the athletic type, natural, and at the same time feminine and sophisticated when you need it..

A good lover is having sex completely at home. Relieved rejects clothing that it imprisons, the situation is thrown into the partner's embrace, openly admires its beauty, he acts according to his penis like a precious gift for which we were proud and happy. Women's rights, all of the senses, serenity and satisfaction.
I have to express a sense of disappointment (although the degree of nausea that I'm reading the same was hard to describe) in all senseless and notornije lists that appear in this matter, as well as the same men who compose them.The preparation of the same points to the existence of large gaps, lack of confidence and security among our stronger half. However, I wonder whether this is still a good word for the male part of the population.Men do not make a lot of problems with my weight, cellulite and other female "ailments", how about taking care themselves. They just want that woman is not broad at the hips. And the legs are important to them - the longer the better. Finally, super woman has small feet. As regards other factors, the men stated that the perfect one who is younger than the two to four years, educated and has his own career, and even if you good money, breathtaking! And that should clothe red shades.In this sense, any specified formula for determining the perfection of being (in this case women) remains ridiculous indicator less dignified, courageous, strong and real men. I know, there are exceptions and these congratulations!

When this flood feces of modern life, you emerge from them and breathe fresh air ... I know it is not easy, their smell is felt when slip out its upturned nose. I know! It seems impossible, but persistence pays off and still get those days when the morning you open your eyes and you see someone smile and be honest and that smile on your face mapped. Then you realize you're in the right place and that's just further struggle is necessary. Take this weapon called "smile" and fight! Because life is a double-edged sword and you hewers of your life!