Power over oneself is the only humane and noble power on earth

If he likes reality, it gives rise to a tendency and liking to her. If he does not like, in his heart creates aversion versus familiar reality. Sometimes the subject remains indifferent the perceived reality is ignored and does not pay her attention.

important question: whether and how a man his master?
Get well and go to God
God gave us the mind, intellect, intelligence we can get to him.
And come to him, means to be human.
And being human means ebbs to use the possibilities of your mind.
Sv. Paul in the 12th chapter of his Letter to the Romans says

A clue is and the kind of miracles that serves as a reference and guide and an indication of how we will get to an unknown destination. He hints something that we are looking for the same. The symptom is a reality which is still
hiding in the dark and the dark abysses of the psyche. Provides insight into deeper
layers (not) the public-and unknowns. A clue is therefore a psychic who see also affects what is still foggy and the government is like a dog on the trail for prey

What are the indications? INDICATION (better than circumstantial) is a visible a reality which indicates that the other which is less visible or at all invisible. He plays the role of a character who, as we know from semiotics,indicator or illustrate one less obviously and affordable reality. It is a sign that tells us something (Latin-dicere, indicate) if we able to understand. (For example, such a numerical display, statistics, the condition of a community);ethnological goods offered
intelligent seeker, treasure hidden in the heart of
the subconscious.Public opinion that the government in our society and government our behavior,our behavior is mainly the result of mixed factor, who on We act as conscious as unconsciously.

Only now I realize that the very theory and confuse certain words which are and are not related to human nature, but it is not my personal ignorance because it populizirane words that are used in a variety of media, and I blew herself as a certain explanation for the established behavior in the human daily life cycle.
What are the habits of a man practiced to ouspostavio its function and thus maintain the function of your body for 24 hours and 365 days.
I wanted to mock the subject started this article or with just one click went the theme with which I caught a thread in the early morning.
And then I knew it to some nice songs of our musicians that are written in the original Croatian language in the translation into English nor May value or meaning, let alone any symbolism, let alone a good mood.
"*so I gave up something to incorporate into my text.
I alone know when sometimes I have to stop and point out where the border guard must hold its own borders in order to maintain the integrity and its some pedigree.
I do not think that burden my readers but I try to point out all human banality that should rid sačinajvati a target thread in our lives, especially I think in the younger group.
I am a member of the assoc and a particular community, or want me to take only the good and for bad and my weaknesses crackling fingers to everyone and sufficiently mature and immature in this society.Even my so-called mongrel dog has its own pattern of behavior, normally it has its own language like any other living creature, showing its character as well as comments at a given time.
You can train your it or he will respect you as much as you respect it and not how much his love provide.
Human infatuation that only those the center axis of this planet, no other elements in nature, we are nothing.
Dog faithfully century or loyalty, even animals can recognize and read or snuff our personality and react the way we think and give us what we want and it is not 100% obedience than their wisdom in touch with us, tempting us to teach ourselves something more the world's mammals.
Do not stuff the deliberate some of the proven scientific theories in your way of understanding but it does not help to you on your way as especially attractive myself open my eyes to his awakened and your lifestyle to a better tomorrow.
"*that we can all be better people.**

YES "it has its price

When we jump off the rails
Their biological rhythms on the physiological and psychological level as a rule are not aware, we take them "for granted", but when they inadvertently ruin, we become aware that something is wrong. Sometimes it can to solve the break, and sometimes we need the help of a doctor.On the work of the main clock affects much of our body and in our environment, and the main clock affects you on a day / night rhythm, the sleepiness and wakefulness, the secretion of hormones, body temperature and other important functions. The hormones that are affected by this master clock are among other growth hormone and melatonin.The biological clock marks the rhythm of psychophysical events in man which are connected with the rhythmic events in nature. Due to the nature of the control of different rhythmic events such as the change of seasons, rhythmic appearance of the day and night, the tides established to assume that this is reflected in the human mind in different rhythms so. biological rhythms.And I looked up the meaning of what it is in fact biorhythm; normally that part of the explanation I found nothing to do with my life, because I do not need to calculate postopcima or natal astrological chart although sometimes porsufam and horoscopes or just for fun.Circadian rhythms are called biological circadian rhythm that is accustomed to our body. This rhythm in the brain regulates the production of hormones, and also acts on the heart, liver, stomach and other organs and supports the proper functioning of the whole organism. For the circadian rhythm essentially repeating patterns of daily activities. Frequent changes in the period of activity does not allow the body to function properly.In our brain there is something that science called "master clock" (main clock) and it controls the circadian rhythm. This master clock consists of a network of brain cells. This core, the main clock, makes about 20,000 brain cells and is located above the intersection of optic nerves .

The rhythm of life, especially in the business world is becoming more rapid and, as far as our personal rhythms have been able to adapt to, after a certain time (individual) "jumped off the rails". "Thanks to the" technological progress, the speed of communication has increased hundred years back 10 million times, the speed of execution of mathematical operations a few million times, traveling speed hundred times ... A lot more rapidly changing requirements than our biology and the resultant effect of such an imbalance awakening of our defense mechanism for the purpose self-protection. It can take different forms, and can be brought under a common denominator - stress.
On psychological level it was revealed that during the day brain activity, at regular intervals, every 90 minutes, moving from left to right half of the brain and vice versa, and I period of moving to full activity left or right brain takes 20 minutes and it was a period needs to rest for quiet operation of our mind, in which we need to drown in the (semi) dream, dreaming, dreaming awake.However, most people tend to ignore the intricacies and demands of their circadian cycle. Life in the modern world of the many requests work at night and sleep during the day. Even when we are obviously tired, we have a tendency of staying awake for work or entertainment. If during the afternoon we feel lack of energy, often resorting to solve for coffee or other stimulants rather than to respond to odmorom.Budni we when we should sleep, rest when we should be awake so it is not surprising that our bodies often develop symptoms that indicate that system is not synchronized. The inertia and lethargy are the most typical signs, or indigestion, headaches, feeling depressed, poor memory and lack of coordination are also common.
Folk wisdom knows well what it means "to stand up to the left leg.
My habit, though I somehow forced home a 24-hour clock always wind up at up at a certain morning doba.iako sleepy stand up; if you keep it longer in bed, even though I have some high social responsibilities all day, we becomes disrupted, even in the performance of the smallest details. active inactive is not a natural human or my position life.
There is a biological regulatory establishing a biological clock and orderliness in the human mode of conduct to prevent a different certain sick or diseased ways our bodies get used to something that is not leading us in the right direction.
For me, many not practical theory will help to stand on their own feet in my life and that normally healed and rely on my own self.
Teba me strength and pillar rather melancholy whole society through scientific knowledge.
Normally it and this time acts and to other people in a negative cotexts but I'm a comedian or work somewhere where people are sick sparked up the mood or turned into bogus figures would not be of much help, because certain groups into a mop of recurring patterns or habits of his work where many years getting used and adapting  become only the patterns that fulfill their moral Duty.



Behavior is the central concept of biology, behavior, or an indication of the relationship according to their needs, natural and social environment. Applies to all active external change, movement, position, posture, gestures and sounds of one man or animals, and as a more or less short-term reversible changes in color or secretion of substances being which in any way serve the communication (eg. Pheromones). As behavior can and call the various properties of certain life stages.Behavior can be conscious or unconscious, covert or open-air, willingly or unwillingly. Biology of behavior has its own genetic and environmental determinants, with particularly significant learning and imitation, or adjusting a healthy organism its natural and social environment.Human behavior (as well as other organisms and mechanisms) can be common, unusual, acceptable or unacceptable. People assess the acceptability of behavior using social norms and regulate behavior means of social control. With the death of an individual ends his behavior.Among the most important determinants of personal specific features of every human being also includes the nature of his behavior towards people with whom direct contact in the social environment, and the overall (material and spiritual) world that surrounds it. There is no doubt that hereditary basis concerning morphology, physiology and intelligence (eg.) Essentially have the same mechanism of intergenerational continuity. Methodological difficulties are, however, particularly highlighted in the study of a specific line of conduct, since it is to a significant extent pedložno impacts of current circumstances and social environment, and the same people express and in that respect the inherent daily, seasonal and ontogenetic changes at all. The behavior of every man, therefore, has a spacious and vremenaki dynamic categories. Logical implication, it has been realized that its hereditary basis must be very similar to the biological sense of animal instincts - innate tendency equivalent opredjeljenog, purposeful and spontaneous behavior (without "training") in a given period of life situacijama.Infantilni man is much longer than that of its animal relatives, which (among other things) significantly extends the period of group learning code of conduct, or "exercise" and control instincts. It features the same flexibility and hereditary human consciousness and its capacities for "imprinting" and gain experience in the process of enculturation.Domination, or more or less pronounced "of management and leadership" behavior (regardless of intelligence) in the group,Aggressiveness (its different intensities or complete absence) and is considered to be defined hormonal and higher nervous functions that can have a significant hereditary basis. And at different defined human groups varies widely degree of feeling "superiority" or "servitude", belligerent or popustijivosti, and the same effects can be separately have some psychological and hereditary factors. Unlike animals, man can not control his "aggressive instincts"; he learns and knows why, when and how to defend or attack, or develop behaviors that facilitate his adjustment to life (especially social) sredini.Teritorijalnost reappropriation and maintaining controlled territory achieved by various forms of active and passive marking and odbrane.Strah, fear and natural fears forms the primal fear are specific to each type and largely are hereditary; in humans there are subconscious fears that are phylogenetically inherited even from distant ancestors.

Travelling through time zones can create a very specific type of desynchronization between our internal clock and the prevailing cycle of light and dark. Known as the "jet lag", its symptoms can also signal that we are not in sync with the spinning Earth.Our the planet rotates from west to east, and that is the direction of rotation in which we evolved. Let the opposite rotation of the earth - from east to west - generally results in greater disruption of circadian rhythm of the body because the request to postpone the release of melatonin, which runs sleep, and this is usually accomplished by exposure to bright light and other external signs even when the person is exhausted and needs to go in bed. As a rule, one day is required adjustments a one-hour time zone which moves during leta.Sugerira that such reactions could be related to geomagnetic activity is also followed by weekly or even polutjedne cycles. Some research has shown that there is a clear weekly rhythms in neonatal blood pressure and heart rate, which indicates that people "follow" planetary pulse from the moment of its rođenja.Drugi, approximately monthly cycle is cirkalunarni cycle. For some women their monthly menstruation also monitors the lunar cycle, although opinion is divided on whether the menstrual cycle, in the absence of modern disorder, naturally synchronize with the normal lunar cycle.There is also circaannual cycle. In the natural world, this cycle alone reveals the seasonal changes in plants and in animal behavior.The physical biorhythm cycle which lasts for 23 days, physical ability, strength, fitness of the organism.The emotional biorhythm cycle lasts 28 days, mood, feeling, emotional health, creativity.The intellectual biorhythm cycle is 33 days, concentration, analytical skills, mental ability to make decisions, the stability of the nervous system.Each biorhythm cycle is divided into two phases, which should always posmarati longer as active and passive phase, but as positive and negative bioritamsku phase. Biorhythm is not horoscope - will not explain or predict events. Actually calculated biorhythm reflects the current state of emotion, physical and intellectual state.

Biological or genetic common to us with other living beings, but psychologically it is typically human. With sensory what is more emotionally and intellectually. Types of behavior still depend on the objectives, wonder, personality, upbringing and environment. The human behavior is the result of interaction between nature and okoline.Sve live in the world has its own way of being and acting. This way of being and working determines our behavior. Thus the behavior belongs to reality as we call life. Life is in fact reflected in the behavior.
In the Croatian language there are approximately four main expression of the phenomenon of human behavior. The first and most common term is the behavior of a lot of other roads, and read governance. The third is keeping a fourth and even politeness .How every man wants to be  polished (though about it and still do not bother), urban behavior also called civility, courtesy, decency, decorum, etiquette and Galatea .
Egoman the biggest aggressive beings, to open or hidden way.They tend to the physical or moral violence to one's neighbor,and in exceptional cases and against themselves. They are regularly and conflicting entities, are eternally something injured and quarrelsome, and in constant conflict or argument with the environment. These are, in short, asocial
specimens of human society. Samples were belligerent, but not role models
Peace. The causes of the tensions and unrest, but themselves are often their victims
Unfortunately directed to conduct, but not overcome.
family upbringing
-builds their offspring and most determined its life
destiny directing his behavior. The child is favorable
develops and behaves if accepted, loved and cared for by parents and
educators. Education is help the community in education and acquisition good habits. During his education and upbringing and own personal experience, which again becomes the inspiration and schools for future conduct. Smart man constantly learn through their successes and failures, and make failures, attempts and failures. The choice of a profession,choice of spouse, the performance of some professions, mode and entertainment enrich experience and cultivate wisdom.
Abnormal behavior is usually born of human egotism,egotism and narcissism. Each of us tends egotropiji assertion,but if this excessive rise to mental tumor, becomes cancerous and deadly and or its holder and for his victims. Excessively self-love - individual, tribal, ethnic, racial or class - Introduces a severe tragedy in social life. And, what is worse, it is persistently and skillfully draws every pore behavior and knows how to find and seemingly opposite paths to tune his own megalomania. Then vanity, glorification, ambition, craving for power and greed reign sovereign