School trip without gray:panicky fear of "wild" water with all these Beautiful creatures White as milk, red as blood

This is as a missionary position, but with a reverse twist; is facing a terrible choice because it does not fit in a divided society where everyone must obey.
She is the heroine in conflict with the world of the future in the collapse. It is against the terrible choice. It's Different.This broken zipper:for all amateurs: You can not win. Can not be breaking even. You can not even give up.
On the tombstone of a bishop in Westminster Abbey writes:
When I was young and free and my imagination knew no limits, I dreamed that I would change the world. When I became older and wiser, I discovered that the world will not change, so I'm a little bit reduce their objectives and decided that it will change their country. But even it is not possible to reverse. When they reached old age, in the last desperate attempt to satisfy himself with the knowledge that it will change at least my family, those closest to me, but unfortunately it was not possible. And now that I'm dying, I suddenly realized that if the bar first changed himself, then to his example could change your family. With their inspiration and motivation easier to pass the homeland and who knows, maybe even change the world.
Everything has its own color. Each thing has its own color. Every feeling has its own color. Silence is white. In fact I can not stand white: it is spatially unrestricted. White is the color key in several of the operative part, to spend a white night does not sleep, the second term shows that not getting anywhere desired, whether waving a white flag means you're giving up, when you leave a blank, white paper, then turn to have a white or gray hair ... In fact, white is not the color. It's nothing like silence. Without a word, silently. Silent and white. I can not stand not silence is not solitude, it is the same
Spirituality means waking up. Most people, even though they do not know, sleeping. They are born asleep, they live asleep, women in marriage sleep, they breed children, and die asleep, and never to wake up. You never understand the loveliness and beauty of this thing that we call human existence. You know, all mystics - Catholic, Christians, non-Christians, no matter what their theology, no matter what their religion - are unanimous on one thing: that everything is fine, everything is fine. Although it is a mess, all right. What a strange paradox. But, unfortunately, most people never realize that all is well because they are asleep..
So, are you all ready? This is your first assignment. Here we go. Choose one: Stand up, take three steps or squeeze hands, raise them above your head as much as you can for five seconds. Go! Okay, I like people who do both. You are doing more than you are asked. Very good.
Congratulations, the seven and a half minutes are yours. Did you really deserve them.
That! Excellent. Wait, wait, wait. You still have your special mission, his secret mission. How do you spend these additional seven and a half minutes of life?
These additional seven and a half minutes are like a wish genie out of the bottle. You spend the first desire to even a million wishes. Clever, is not it? So, if you spend these seven and a half minutes today doing something that makes you happy or makes you physically active, or brings you in contact with someone to whom you care about, or just dealing with a little challenge, will strengthen its vitality and you will earn more minutes.
You only have one life to realize your wildest dream ... there will always be reasons why they should not perform..
If you meet more groups can be anything from an argument to attempt achieving friendship, and you already have your hands full..
surgical precision polishing In the minimalist spirit ,get rid of unnecessary, reclaim your living space, and therefore life.A lot of people hear how day after day saying: "I have no time!". All people in the world, regardless of whether we are successful businessmen, presidents, workers, retirees, athletes ... We have 1440 minutes a day.
For me this is somehow different sounds, I no longer have enough power; this is my body speaks in certain moments

Sophie's world and sarin KEY As we were growing up: a free fall

No, she loves and her wolf side, running noise and rolling in the tall grass..*
whose daily lives of a series of quite ordinary things such as schoolwork, extracurricular activities, socializing, first love ... These are the children who "do not work problems", which are excellent students and good friends.What crazier, as madder, more "kill of booze" and a variety of drugs, which are available at every turn in order to be accepted in society or simply sad atmosphere of losing every youthful ideals, or the life that was interrupted by the luxury and boredom.."DO IT NOW". I was talking about this philosophy? Simple: what you decide to do, do it now, today and not tomorrow or the next day. Surely you sometimes gets on my nerves a dirty car. And then you say to yourself: "Tomorrow I'll wash it." But that tomorrow never comes, the car is more dirty, you all to go further on my nerves. He'll take you up to one hour and in it you will be happy, because you have a nice car washed and you are therefore in a good mood. The longer you delay the unpleasant jobs, and these jobs become even more unpleasant, so ... do it now!
This is one of the best investments you can make to your life done more ... I just imagine that you have an extra 30 hours a month that you can spend on this ...#Cancer #This is the worst horoscope about you***reformatory home for troubled upbringing...veterinary clinic private practice for pets...merciless criticism of a society losing value criteria, young leaves on the open of their own, often dangerous choice.
Possessive lunatics, offended if their 'good morning' are undesirable in the proper tone, mood change that comes to mind and with the emotional need that one oppress them very important to the side pickup. If they accuse you of lying in trouble, weep and wail for years. Cancer changes your personality from one extreme to another. One day turns into your worst enemy and sadistic, while the next one again, "old", with mild amnesia. If you want to have a time bomb next to you that you regularly blows up in your face every few days, go ahead. Just join a hunting society as you will need gun eventually.
Big Brother is watching you! No one can figure out anything about his life, he is present in every home, in every human relationship, in every man's step. His eye is constantly captures, monitors, blame, rewards, straight overall our lives, society as a whole. Of course, all that is happening around us going to his counsel.These are lofty secret known people from the past - pharaohs, emperors, philosophers and kings - and later was discovered, scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs ...

Explores the abandoned rooms and corridors of the ruined house, it becomes clear that the children were not only strange: you might have been dangerous and may have rightly been abandoned on the isolated island ...imagination and reality merge into a living nightmare of the heroine filled with anxiety, fears and passions growing up ...
What Do All Good Solve before the year certainly does not look like a favorite movie from the 60s a few more times, and you have the chance only on DVD.

Most people do not even know what he wants. Actually know, they want to be happy. Life in America is different than in Germany, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia? Yes, I believe it is. But if we think so, we will remain trapped in what are still our grandparents knew and achieve. If in our country is not perfect as elsewhere, does it mean that we should just shrug and continue to swim further into poverty and discontent?

): "Through the wolf's eyes all men look like sheep"

As we drew nearer, I became increasingly nervous. It reminded myself that I'm doing this because I want your body back to the company can not rule it
I went to nudist beach. And ... it was a total disaster!

Theory of illiteracy: Delusions of a knowledge societythe boundaries of general education and clean learning - with the disappearance of educated citizens and scholars, this limit is losing attractiveness,maybe less is more. Perhaps it is enough, if we want to be educated in a practical sense, we know that people in potrezi the benefits lurking suspiciously at each other. And that is a competitive society this wolf attitude had promoted as a glorious principle.a society that is defined knowledge could be imagined as a society dominated by:intellect, judgment, caution, thinking, thinking,  critical self-reflection, review of hypotheses. And not irrationality, ideology, superstition, lust, imagination.given the infinite potential of available knowledge we are in fact ignorant. She had never been so easy to comprehensively inform about some not think of your own head - it seems the secret program of education today. Who is not willing to work in teams and networks and be flexible, the more there is no way to satisfy the demands of a knowledge society today;modularization - obeys the principle of quantification and integration: a study should be absolved in the modules, and the modules are interconnected units which then like elements .
Balkan rulers by force have spent their plans drawing on all of us inhuman. Encouraging us, insidiously by drawing the worst thing we have in ourselves. It zivotinjsko, predatory. It wolf, when the rage of slaughter tor, no real need for food. It nothingness, which leads to the disappearance of small pens where sheep have names, and shepherds them affectionately known. How many sheep in wolf crossed folds .. How many people have lost human in their desires ..
Everyone will talk about their reasons. Justifications. The fight for properly. And they're all wrong. Because only man as an individual, in itself has the right to decide what to do with your life.
Many are then themselves, decided his life, family, property, move into an environment that will not endanger them physically. Because of the pressure, due to peaceful sleep, because of the right to life .... They were looking for an environment where there will be "marked" as different..
I give you the ten most expensive dog breeds that exist in the world, the fact ... language means little lion, and at first glance, this race has nothing unusual
in itself..

wolves in wolf mell "as Media morphine for several percent of patients right turns into the terror of all the others, but it is interesting that in this media terror insist all:Can we fool ourselves thumbnail on various media as evidence of their morality, keep your ego, then what if in the end prove to be historically incorrect. Nothing, evolution will change anyway without our permission, and often without knowledge. We are left to those sometimes unruly revolutionary in us catch the ear and say, "Where did drop by man 'and that's it
You do not even have to communicate with the person to feel anger, pain, sadness or joy. The worst thing is get through someone else's anger, I feel that my nose bleed, and teeth that we poispadati, not to mention the pain around the heart.

Human stupidity can go far. ..and human stupidity that have become the star of the popular..Neither the Alexandria Library in its full capacity would not be able to receive and store the entire quantity of human stupidity when she by any chance, as most enduring constant of entire human life, tried to put into written materials. No, not a phrase that is nonsense greater, more widespread and more open-ended (can you say that?) Even from outer space.English dictionary of synonyms to six columns brings verbs, nouns and adjectives associated with stupidity, and it related to the savvy cost is less than one column. Stupidity is eternal and it is against God and powerless. Even man and God takes advantage of their stupidity. Nonsense is a "sin of omission", that is, the product of laziness of spirit that used what nature has given him, or the use of that failure, wrong or perverted way ...Nonsense is most often manifested in the most frequent forms of human life: in social life and politics, and science, and sex, in relation to wealth, race, gender, profession ... There are no fields of human life and activity where stupidity excluded and where as a man the product does not significantly affect a man's life ... and a problem that nonsense touches only one who produces, but it spreads to other, even Monday to contaminate their lives. Or even - criminal affects them! Yes, her innocence us for centuries disclose satirists, but how much of us ever wondered over its aggressive totalitarian and criminal activity.The Internet has enabled the world in which we live, we learn absolutely everything, but what is offered on the cover such as YouTube are not educational recordings. Jackass team first started running pure human stupidity. And in doing so, earned millions. After that flooded the internet videos of unknown people in the same demonstration.Promotes the 21st century human stupidity or exclusive entertainment? The fact remains that we are always fun to watch nonsense. No one is immune to this, each of us at least once in their lives have "fired", even those who should not the public - politicians.Look stupid is not difficult, it is enough to just not think about their actions to end.Although we're all afraid of appearing less intelligent than the others, we will always be happy to see someone else's stupidity. The only thing that's scary is that teens repeating someone's nonsense seen on the Internet because it is cool. Should this be so? To conclude this - no. But still it was hard to miss. And as long as the measures that are not harmful to the environment, it will be fun. But to a multitude of high-quality content that we can use, choose just such a scene and give them a million hits on the Internet..

"Nature has given us two eyes and two ears and only one tongue, so that we may watch and listen rather than talk, because you never can tell how much wisdom can suppress nonsense."