Shadow and Persona are like two brothers or two sisters; one public, the other is hidden and withdrawn

"We proceed unsafe, independent thinker. Expose your ideas dangers of controversy. Speak your mind and less color of the label "madman" than the stigma of conformity. And the questions that you make important, get to see you at any cost. "
Ordinary mortals. This, however, these are normal people, who, this, live one, so to say, a normal life, you know. And we call them ordinary mortals, because, as I say that what we experience in a day, they do not experience in their entire lives. So there's no way they're ever to experience not so much excitement not disappointment, not beauty, not bad things in my entire life, how we experience in a day. "
Now would welcome a joke and it does not matter what language of the world.
All tired and nervous read indefinitely; Do not wander or in a short time so that the process is impossible for a mortal like me.Every new text should lead to solutions to certain merger and logical reasoning but in the end only get bits and pieces that I find the less necessary to connect to comprehend in that sphere of the world I wandered.Initial was searching for answers to one's evil thoughts...
"The toxic shame and becomes the object of his own contempt." The contempt that is directed towards you tends to get out, discharge, and one way to "bestiality" of the deep-rooted shame is ridicule. Laughter at this serves as a convenient airstrip to set over another person to contempt was carried out from above, with a more secure position."
Writing is an exciting adventure. It acquires self-confidence and the feeling that something very important rule. This is the language. By sharing a personal experience with someone, your language from mere potency into reality, breathes his life
Why is it so? Why a man must control the world around you? the reason is
at the same time very simple and very complex. Must be managed because it is not solved in advance
all. But why? Because they do not know everything. Having in mind that strives to know everything, what should I do? I need to learn,should realize - to master the theory.
In philosophy, it is necessary to rational methods, with an impartial review without interfering beliefs. In establishing the facts, not to be confused personal attitude or any prejudice.
World endless series data arising from every area of life, are mutually attracted, refuse or create new data, making polygon beginning and end of everything that makes a man. Already complex human lives and relationships are interwoven in a strong network, which like those real spider retains the basic form and quantity and resistant to change accepted and absorbed all new, being more difficult.
man comes into a situation of continuous influx of diverse data which is why every so often forced to evaluate their position in the world around him,evaluate all new and see the advantages and disadvantages of all new and devise a way to apply and use. And of course time to manage.You could say that man is born   as control manages all that familiar with. And it happened to him since the beginning of existence to this day.

Education as a term has multiple meanings. Under education is meant institution, process, content and result of organized and / or incidental learning in the development of different cognitive abilities, as well as the acquisition of diverse knowledge, skills and habits such as reading, writing, arithmetic and general knowledge about the physical, social and to economic environment.
The pleasure is to read about such people: all do what the reader itself (not) wants.effusive human possibility, one exemplary and beautiful life, what is being possible, it becomes an example, a model that meets the personal hope and enthusiasm ..
In each personal story the sense of what the experience of that person, an experience that can not only personal experience, but also experience a culture, language, education, other ... issues of identity to the question of representation subjekta.-actually artistic reconstruction of his own life, in every such act is present in person , because every work delivery of a certain personal experience and that all such texts a kind subsequent, selective dnevnika.Kao source of human self-realization and for the sake of merit in understanding life, it is not just a special kind of literature, but also an instrument of knowledge.

author's voice is NOT your particular style of writing, although the style is part of the voice as an author. Also, it's not even the tone of your writing, although the tone of your voice part.
Your author's voice is your unique way of seeing the world.
A singularity is the point.

The subject in writing retains dispersion identity, which never becomes finite and fixed ,
clearing copyright self or the act of writing.Genre composed of inherent personal materials give the public the importance of personal life stories,personally witness a means of breaking the official single-mindedness and the official version of history represents an extremely valuable contribution to further discussions. Is there anything obviously passed over in silence,modified the new version, upgrade mythological dimensions or something?
Continuous text game to avoid fixation their identity through both the refusal to identify themselves and with conventional and with unconventional roles,personally and publicly.That does not insist on individuality and personality discursus, then run back and forth, a home run, means and ordinary conversation In terms of literary discourse of the text as the realization of dialogue between writers and readers. But the discourse is a way and style of one's exposure with respect to the subject or field of activity in which it is realized. So we have a social, political, scientific, literary or other discourse. In linguistics, discourse is a superior concept for different types of text,related sequence of sentences or expressions Discursively is something that is derived from logical reasoning and conclusion, based on the thinking that something rational and counter intuitive cognition.

When an issue is much more important to the other person than yourself - to satisfy the needs of others and as a gesture of good will in order to maintain relations of cooperation.When it is possible to save time by achieving a temporary partial solutions complex issues.
Strategic philosophy: Both ends are directed towards the center in order to "common good"
ensuring that each side can keep some of your initial bet..
"Dialogos"( which means the conversation) is keeping a written or an oral interview and against conversations between two or more persons. Its opposite is a monologue, a conversation with one person or against itself (especially with the drama),used to knowing, or discussing the problem in terms of the classic Dialectic (Thesis and Antithesis).As text form serves dialogue especially one lively presentation, whether an issue better than a single text of the various parties to clarify at a given moment to serve the personal opinion of the author hide, perhaps with personal protection and at avoiding censorship (both with David Hume in his dialogue "concerning natural religion") or from principled distrust against the unique form of written texts. (So, after some interpretetima, Plato) ..
the log that is unpredictable flow sequence
daily events, memory (which has a lot of intentionally
forgotten, but an idealization of the past memory of what actually is not 
it was not), gathering life fragments, debris and residues, re-construction (And it will say again imagining), "mount" memorized images ..
It turned out that we only need 40 milliseconds to form an impression about a person. Even children aged 3-4 years have a tendency to assess when someone is good, but when the bad.

We try, wrong again and again trying, through this call attempts and mistakes most of us mastered skills such as riding a bicycle
What are the attitudes?

According to dictionaries and encyclopedias, interpret means to clarify the meaning by explaining or presenting facts;Someone impose something, but often that is imposed interpreted quite differently, even completely opposite. According to dictionaries and encyclopedias, interpret means to clarify the meaning of what explanation or presentation of the facts, explain, explain. To interpret the meaning and convey what someone said, show that, play some role, represent nešto.Međutim, if he wants to move to a higher level, and if you wonder what the author says, that his message and what is the meaning of a works, we are in the sphere of interpretation, in which the answer may be different for each of us. In this sense, the interpretation there are facts (do not have anything that would be universally valid and universal), but there are only possible interpretation. It can provide answers to questions why the work just as it is, but allows you to understand the same act in different ways. Equally, we must not forget that the meaning of this affects the context, which in addition to the language section (rules) include the author's and the reader's circumstances, but also everything else that might be important. For example, when trying to decipher the meaning of a text, one should not ignore the political, historical and social circumstances of the text that it may also provide a new dimension.
Interpretation offers almost unlimited possibilities: one is the work we can visit again and again and find new aspects, we can change their original understanding of the text, we can discover other people's interpretations and build upon them. Furthermore, the interpretation provides slobodu- one person can interpret the work in one way, but it is perfectly legitimate for the other person the same act is interpreted differently. Facts, by contrast, should not be questioned, because if in them we suspect, the question arises whether this then still the facts. If we move away from literary criticism, we can see that the whole world is based on interpretations and not on factual-facts are what we take for granted, and its construction of the world based on their interpretation or personal understanding.
Raw (brutal) facts, eg "Grass is green". Institutional facts, eg "Spassky in a duel beat Fisher." (Applicable only on condition of the existence of some (here: chess competitions) institutions and rules). Common sense facts, eg expressed as statements of natural spoken language and meaning of such statements is understandable to all persons who understand the language and the context in which they are imposed). Scientific facts, fact is what can be undeniable establish. In establishing the facts is a necessary objective approach, which in science should be supported by exact evidence.

After all, except for the first conviction of human personality is advisable to get to know the man, because look at first be mistaken.
Assessment of other personalities, an everyday pastime not only psychologists, but also of the wider population, which indicates the importance of this scientific construct in people's lives and makes it one of the more interesting areas of psychology to the public.Learning is a relatively permanent change in behavior that occurs as a result of experience. "
The confession can be reached with the clear intention to storyline that nightmare, the problem which should be freed or the knowledge that must make known-reconstruction extinct, a replica of the past, imaginary house the remains of the actual personal resume..

person can easily assemble in the memory that is called "retrospective illusion "), listing the significant personal adventures within social events, subsequently creating a complete picture of their own (in which always trying to prove and show that the author of all life was true to himself, to was morally consistent and firm in their beliefs), rounding unit,whose completeness usually proves chronological order described life adventures (Its authenticity and artistic properties), which is a little violent disintegration and one basic question: how much is self present in this text,and how this text can be true text of its author?life principles and philosophical point of view-they forget that the person confesses he wants .
To confess everything to her is the soul of their secrets to their beliefs) .can always be a personal pleasure, narrative repetition and confirmation of the philosophical point of view, to clarify and answer criticisms, because here clearly becomes prominent authors, so the idea of ​​personalized: I'm not a medium the truth, but one that speaks the truth ...
The Young author, just like the one experienced, can in any place and time to set up their characters and texts in general, but still they must donate the vitality of true, in my own experience deeply rooted personality. What, then, can write young author? About everything that knows, if in fact truthful, more simply honest. Experience sincerity gives the power of writing because the text is written if I was listening to a heart that hates falsehood,ideas interactive learning methods.test their own assumptions,Connecting the thinking of people with different perspectives on an issue in Principle dynamic balance and continuity, according to which every social system there are mechanisms that have kept him in balance or are able to balance disorder after returning to its previous state.questioning the social order and humanity, serving in that process ideas "nature", "freedom" and "reason" against irrationality, superstition and tyranny of past centuries trying to avoid social "sabotage..
Policy is a collective activity which direction the decision on the resolution of problems and the execution of the decision which is mandatory for all members of the community
The policy assumes an initial diversity point of view, it is reconciliation differences between the parties involved is also one of its goals. This is achieved by proposing solutions that are considered rational and correct. Other members of the community it is necessary to obtain for this option, which is achieved through discussion and persuasion. Therefore, communication is extremely important for politics, and it contains and fight for devotion.
Proving can be defined as the process of specifying the arguments for a claim. When something is proven, we give one set of statements with which to prove the claim that can be linked so that the collection can serve as a justification for the claim which we are interested in evidence. In order to explain this relationship, we will go from the simplest case. Proof that we were in a city can be our photographs from this city, our credibility when we say that we were there, the statements of the people we were or who we saw and so on. In the course of proof do we determine the level of confidence that needs to gain some claim , proposition or thesis. In our case, our source, since his show photos and listen to statements by other people, will gain some degree of belief that we were actually in the city.

"The author, who is also the hero of the story, will lighten your past so you draw the structure
his being in time "to meet the reader's horizon of expectations "

Premise (lat. Praemissa, praemittere - state before something) is a proposition or assumption, what is next mentioned, (lat. Praemittere - send forward) ie. At least one of the two or more courts from which is derived the final conclusion. It can be said that the premise of the court from which starts the process of concluding a number of such courts and those which are reached by the conclusion of the procedure - conclusion, constitute conclusion.

Socrates is mortal, because all men are mortal.
Here we come to the general understood assertion that Socrates man. Fully expressed opinion is the following:Because "all men are mortal" and "Socrates is a man", it follows that "Socrates is mortal".
In this example, the first two independent requirements or provisions; "All men are mortal" and "Socrates is a man" are the premise, while the continuation of "Socrates is mortal" is the conclusion.
Catharsis Arguments serve reassure people about the truth or the error of a theory and therefore are a key tool in the field of science, criticism, debate and dialogue.
The argument (from the Latin "basic proof") is a statement or series of statements used to justify or refute a claim.

I was going to explain, in all this has me as an author who supports certain texts to express what it does or what I have not gone through professional titles of certain college education, by trying to meet and expand their notions of sight with which does not meet the society which communicate with the common people as well as I did ..What I mean by the tendency judgment? Being prone to judging means not only show differences have preferences or make comparisons. It carries a moral judgment, assign the correct attributes and bad, good and evil a person. This assignment can take many forms. Words like "should" and "should", "responsible" and contrast, right and wrong, ethical, moral, reasonable, valid, disgraceful or other synonyms for good and bad usually appear in the articulations of judgment.The judgment is separation. Create judgment shows that you choose differently from me because you are different from me. She says, "If I were you, I would not have done what you did."the totality of our internalized and external situations what determines our choices and beliefs. In contrast, most people in our society has dispozicionizma attitude that says people make decisions exercise of their free will based on relatively stable dispositions or preferences. If someone makes a good thing, says dispozicionist, it's probably because it is a good person. Situationists say no, this is a mistake - "fundamental attribution error". A lot of careful research has shown that people (in our society) consistently attributed to situational influences dispositional properties, and consistently underestimate the impact of the situation in the behavior of people. Someone says vile thing and our first impulse is to think that this is a despicable person. After you may find out that she had a toothache and we change our judgment, but the first impulse is to bring dispositional judgment.
A mature person can not be lost in the society, nor should run in isolation. His personality and uniqueness enriches the other. I do not exclude them, but found time for herself. I do not live in illusions, but do not lie to herself and others, not rises and does not humiliate, but objectively assess their capabilities and limitations, their place in society, without snobbery, along with a willingness to humor, accepting reality as it is.

"No wonder he is digging our soul first kind of sewage enterprise. Only the great idealist like Freud could entire life's work devoted to this dirty work. He is not caused by bad breath, but all of us, that we behaved so clean and decent, and that of the purest and crudest ignorance of self-deception. So our psychological science acquaintance with our soul begins particularly with those most unpleasant place, namely, precisely the one that we would not want to see "