STRAIGHT TO THE BOTTOM '' good soldier 'in the comedy - official sucker ... at Drava bridge

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As ever, the best among us, first, let shouting: "Follow me!", But this is a bargain, "Charge!" everyone can..
What is the epithet? What is the contrast? What is a metaphor? What is an allegory? What is hyperbole? What is an ellipse? What is the inversion? WHAT IS SYMBOL? What is the composition? What is the lesson? What is the motive??
My Diplomatic fluff and whim pioneers of rock and roll in this region, one alienated world that we have been and distant and mysterious, and its established norms and rules.If we knew what we did not - who knows what would have happened we have seen and who knows how to live the world today. So, do we have a right to know? To know before us that we do not know hit on the head;without the old ways of thinking and old knowledge to watch over the other tombstones.Publish or not to publish the biggest dilemma every editor whether the information is relevant to the public debate, that you talk about the illegality and the injustice and, finally, can contribute to accountability and transparency in the company? The basic idea is that the public interest is always something that is of mutual benefit and used for general welfare!
Criteria of public interest and the authenticity and veracity?
She(used to refer to a woman, girl, or female animal previously mentioned or easily identified ) may be recognized for its dance-theater projects, and this is present, using the same elements of modern dance and the individual is theater, and classical drama theater, I tried his unique authorial approach that is characterized by humor, theatricality, and mixing theatrical genres, enter and theater for children.Since its introduction in humoresques to the final, magnificent novel I overcame ordinary frames, unsophisticated and naive soldiers and become a symbolic icon.
or every "reasonable" man it is a complete dork who like "bona fide unspoiled uniform, a civilian irreversible and indestructible optimist" through their picaresque adventures through unscathed thanks to his own naivety. Well, if you think for a moment that any of what she did,has made thinking about the potential impacts of their actions, and if for a moment think that in these works there is premeditation and cunning - but you will be the next "nonsense" that the good soldier makes full argue. For all that it seems, it seems from the best of intentions, in order to cheer his superiors or any of the relatives return the favor.But it will not be one to say "so help it" revealing not only his deep understanding of manipulation that every political system resorts to in order to shape the individual according to their needs, but also their own willingness to - sometimes at the last minute - the manipulation of very successful slip. A soldier, although in principle left to the manipulation, not only by design. It remains benevolent and well-intentioned, very terrestrial and life in his quest to survive. While at the same time yelling that die for the emperor and the monarchy. From the first scene of the play my passive resistance grows and becomes sometimes a farce. Do not mockery and a farce, but the real satire where - his alleged naiveté - ruthlessly incurring all around.
stream of consciousness, enters the world of the subconscious and developing technology soliloquy (internal monologue, talk about yourself objectively and cold). Also introduced psychological time (internal, other than real).psychological (subjective) time (in reality, usually a few days or hours)
reproduction of human consciousness,internal, narrative monologue (soliloquy),focus at character, not at event (due to better detection of man's inner world),absence of fables (plot weakens or disappears, action without cause and the ultimate result links, depending on the subjective experience of the character),common themes are searching for life's meaning, think about myself, questions about the world and his sense,the narrator is unreliable and subjective, narrated in the first person singular,language philosophy, symbols (meta-language).
In the postmodern novel reversed historical stream, and the story itself is built from fragments and from other stories and genres, combine various former stylish lines. It avoids the absolute end, lose the border, the story stands between the real and the imaginary. This results in many smaller, usually national lines, depending on the choice of genres and styles.

In this my black comedy overcome the transience of time, achieved the unity of the Earth and the world beyond the grave, by deploying sinners according to the nature and aspirations of their sin
impact pictures of infernal torment, but also the depth of human despair, a sense of failure and nothingness, sad as hell valley, "loco selvaggio" says abyss and void in the universe;the mystery of pain, talk about the weldability of earthly glory, branding their political opponents and extraordinary suggestiveness evokes the tragedy, defiance, passion, fantasy and pathos.. Purgatory time of redemption, liberation of man from material dependencies and possibilities of its development,permanent human dilemma between duty and feelings, thoughts and actions.
It would be good because this is my libertarian expression when someone donates at least 10 ounces of coffee; if you do not kill all these ways my writing skills then kill me and cost the life of this black gold called caffeine addiction ..
so by mentioning a person and personality and I can be attributed to their company crazy workaholic ..
What do I think about the competitive struggle for influence and control over the popular perception of key institutions and public figures, events and issues, through the mass media, and its participants are politicians, public figures, businessmen, journalists ..The trend nowadays looking to take some money and do the job amateur..

Given the diversity of the electorate in terms of origin, ethnicity, race, space, etc., There are possibilities for the establishment of certain types or groups of voters - the target groups, in order to adjust their characteristics aims of political engagement, content of messages and methods of promotion. Public opinion, which is affirmative again politician give power, circus or geniuses, shooting stars or politicians of the new costs? The Culture of Narcissism, which has become a classic of modern thought, probably could not have dreamed that today's word to be more topical than ever before. Looking at the behavior of Croatian celebrities - politicians, many of the ideas and thoughts of his books can certainly apply to them ..This is especially evident in his need for popularity and social attractiveness. Only in interpersonal relations, in groups where the member and which have their own clear rules.Maybe we could trivialize and say that every - egocentric / infantile / histrionic ... - self-presentation hides a feeling of less value..exploitation and skillful manipulation of the media.This is a huge crisis of democracy, a huge increase in distrust of citizens in what might be called mainstream or established political elite. One part of the citizens, not only in Croatia but also in other countries, is extremely dissatisfied with what they are doing the established political elite, in the case of Croatian HDZ and SDP, and then looking for what might be called the protest to politicians, or populists.They are, says, mostly amateurs who have no political background knowledge, have developed a political ideology, not a consistent political ideas.- Well, enter the political arena with the idea: I am not a professional politician, but it is exactly what citizens and people need so we now we come here as saviors to the people carried out of the crisis.The information and opinions on a global scale thanks to the privileges created by a narrow elite, which clearly sees the legality of the process of social and psychological schemes structure weight. "Precisely those pulling the strings that control the public and which are discarded old social forces and devise new ways to overcome the world and managed."

When you stop displaying images of black humor, the humor is not only wider Document addressed to readers, but also the to me ;that constantly reminds me of the reality and the reality of this life that we all live.
And  about making money by writing; it would be too great a burden on my life as well as the current status.The difference is when you have your own freedom of choice and the difference is when you have a specific order of execution of a certain task and the theme that these other imposes.
For me personally would happen blockade  that I accidentally endedand
 journalistic faculties or another concerning the writing or publication.And that someone deliberately affects my emotions and thoughts then would not it be me than some sick, rigid and uncreative and totilatiran mode in which someone else owns my soul and mind.

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according to them I'm probably not technologically literate and sadomasochist**

only question is how they do not check State Tax Service??

or by as  Croatia FIMA*



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Of course, that most people do not fit any of my free participation in the blogosphere.
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ICT sector here was really an amateur and I do not deal with it**