subject to unreasonable and obsessive attention and adoration ostentatiously rich and luxurious or lavish emasculation

current intellectual and cultural disputes, according to the "radical censorship of all that troublesome" and insisting that the controversial issues "to be discussed", not them continuously "swept under the carpet" .A defend institutions and compromises is very complex and is not exciting, but it nevertheless true. "bureaucratic processes, which constantly equate, constantly bringing small laws to ensure that no one does not discriminate, that no one says and does not teach something that puts him in a higher category than others. Freedom is too bureaucratic in the sense that it no longer represents the freedom of people to break free, to do what they really want. It is conceived as a form of empowerment - the state allows it in the form of guarantees or privileges that you can have, for example, as a gay man, women or ethnic minorities. So these two ideals ceased to be ideals and become the property of the state, which are distributed among the people therefore what is already the current fashion. "" Whatever we may think of revolutions, "he says," the original slogan of the French Revolution - liberty, equality, fraternity - it was just a slogan, and no one had not occurred to ask himself whether freedom and equality in practice compatible.


Who and where I belong as a participant in one state and citizen, or a citizen of a commoner.I have myself disambiguation about it, but I'm at certain years when certain rules can be treated quite differently from those that occur in addition to Croatian as the state with the constitution and written legal provisions.Why I started a specific theme, constantly in a society promotes free love.
Non-fulfillment of my life or a certain fulfillment can not be compared with other cases way is life but never enough to agree in agreement with to them,ne may themselves fall into a sealed can of canned from World War II that is already rusting and long initiated proceedings botulism and spoilage,nature that I have a certain state education luminary or a certain thought out or from the roots of my ancestors adopted through my genetic code.Forgive and understand,  not going know about the history and people and who knows how many times I myself read about everything and a couple of life passed.Agreements on free expression ljubavi..ovaj are stolen from the time of Caligula and the Roman Empire ..
If they could they would not be able to why all of us.People with time to mature and grow up and come common sense,to someone else so far to get an ulcer or any other disease ..This is not about my butt than on my face and not the reflection ..Is money laundered all and the created class...small dirty-to-door and in trouble while with the help of the media and a handful of dollars to certain conditions tolerate ..However, his wife ** or what kind of them; what about you nice to say or even cheerfully and generously.All this writing does not start from a mere concern but in my genes, although I have my genetic roots of my children I shall at least those who want to come near me aware that there are ways of being afraid, in my opinion.
In the name of the country to speak -to have such power that I leave the country and its professional-paid officers and officials who are also all like me family men themselves sometimes kneel youth and folly but it is more like to inexperience and ignorance than experiments and submission to something other people's games or wishes treachery.
Constructive criticism they will call out something that violates human freedom and differences in all the areas of life.


How to explain all this modernist pressures? It is obvious that the traditional parties have no access to the media, but it seems to be a deeper reason, there are a "myth of modernism". It fascinates us this very word "modern", it in itself as it carries all the positive associations. Modern people are advanced, human, fight against injustice, while traditional support injustice and defend the interests of the privileged. It is easy to prove the inaccuracy of such images, but it will not change the fact that such images exist, especially in the media, thus the general public.We shall reject arbitrary definitions of individuals and more focus on the form itself, we will accept that there are two opposite poles; traditionalists and modernists. It is easy to show that in contrast to the political direction where it is impossible to turn off the scale, and you can get even move in one (left) or (right) extreme.

The universality of marriage within different societies and cultures is attributed to a number of basic social and personal needs which gives socially accepted framework such as regulation and satisfying sexual drives, the division of labor between the sexes, economic production and consumption and the satisfaction of personal needs of the individual for the affection, the situation in the community and human companionship. The most important function of marriage almost certainly stems from the basic human need to create offspring ie. A natural instinct for biological breeding, care of the offspring and their education and socialization, as well as editing the problems of inheritance and personal backgrounds of each individual.Human beings, among all mammals, to develop to maturity should be most of the time, and thus the period of addiction and the descendants of his mother the longest. This fact imposes increased obligations to parents about care of the offspring and in this sense, marriage is a social mechanism that traditionally institutionalized exercise of parental responsibilities and obligations.Marriage is, in legal terms the Croatian law relationship of man and woman. Marriage is in compliance with the civil (Civil) or ecclesiastical laws and regulations. In Croatia, marriage has traditionally been understood as a social institution, the cornerstone of the family and the whole communityThe economic aspect of marriage can also be expressed through the phenomenon hypergamy or search the spouse who owns more material resources, which has until recently been limited primarily to women. In some cases, economic considerations primary, and sometimes the only motive for marriage, whether it is on tax reductions or eligibility to stay in a country (where it is particularly well known example of the so-called. Ordered bride. If such motives are present at both partners, then we talk about a false or fictitious marriage.Concubinage  Latinism (Lat. Con cubitus) is a term that describes a common-law unions, or special or "inferior" form of marriage, as a rule, between men and women. The connection to the concubine, especially when it comes to adultery, is considered socially inferior compared to a man's "regular" husband or wife.Men taking concubines usually because the particular woman or women can marry either because they are already married was because these women belong to a lower stock of man. One of the motives for taking a concubine is the sterility of the "regular" wife, and therefore concubines taken as a substitute for that man should give an heir.Concubines represent the institution in many societies and cultures, with particular highlights China. Although the same institution known and old Jews, as evidenced by the Old Testament, the insistence on monogamy characteristic of Christianity had abolished in the Western world. Concubines in such cultures and societies are not recognized and not called concubines, but mistresses.

There are many reasons why someone enters in sexual intercourse without love. This example, make the young men and women who have grown up in an environment where they saw the love between the sexes, nor felt the love that environment to himself. Such people often remain sexually primitive, ie, poor emotions in expressing its fullness, raw sexual behavior. They do not know love, and is not seeking nor the know give, even though deep down I still yearn for her. Another reason is the toxicity of some young people patriarchal conceptions of gender mainstreaming. Both men often think that the girl and must not show feelings if you want to preserve the male prestige, or to have it before the girl to have to prove their manhood. In the same spirit bred girls feel that they have to accept such behavior from their partners and to be reconciled with the subordination of their femininity and its utilization by the "beloved" young man. Another cause of sexual relations without love is neurotic some girls and boys. Strong sense of inferiority and lack of self encouraged some people to seek the possibility of establishing themselves and their value in something which I do not have to invest a lot of effort and perseverance. Neurotics are often erotofobi (Greek. Eros - love, fobia - fear), fear of love because she did not feel themselves equal. The real sexual revolution - therefore the rejection of all survivor, sick and monstrous relative equality - does not consist in the fact that young people without much hesitation engage in sexual intercourse. That they are more or less always done. The rights of the sexual revolution would consist in the fact that from the sex ratio remove everything that is in it unnatural, sick and harmful to man. We'd love to do the necessary content of any intimate connection between man and woman. Having sex without love entail certain consequences that human damage, because they act negatively. The first consequence of sexual intercourse without love is sexual promiscuity (lat. Promiscuus - mixed). So we call a full life in which the individual frequently changing sexual partners, stepping to him only in very superficial, short-term sexual relationship, not entering into it any feelings. Sexual promiscuity damages because the man does not allow him to sexual life finds everything expected of him. Every man, and primitive and patriarchal, and neurotic and "modern", aspires to the emotional experience of intimate contact with the other half, no matter what it often does not or does not want to admit it because "love does not exist." It is therefore disappointed and dissatisfied with himself that it makes even more irritable, intolerant and aggressive toward other people. This is a neurotic projection of aggression towards themselves to their surroundings. Patriarchal man choking in sexual promiscuity because this is supposedly proof of his great virility, seduction skills and his "men's" rights. He is afraid that it "prettier half", in its absolute emotional lecture, could "read", noted weaknesses and finally wound in his right achilles heel or that she could "keep the fist", to capture feelings, loaded it obligations. Therefore, does not allow any of his connections strengthen, specifically to enrich the love.

confession of one Bussines women
Lives' modern courtesans' '?

Women who live so rarely emotionally mature. '

While some tantalizing idea to sleep with older men and fifty years - some of her clients had seventy years - she said she did not mind. 'For myself as the healer or entertainers. A healers need to be paid. This is much like that go a masseur or a doctor
Over the years he worked as an escort lady, traveled the whole world from Barbados to Cape Cod. 'It was a real adventure. In my life has been a lot of interesting people. Men used to give huge amounts of money, which was better than lingerie and spa treatments. '
When the last time you had sex three times a week? "- Asks a prostitute in an open letter to the women of their clients, hinting that she is not really a hindrance to their marriageThe good news is that if your husband sees me, and still wants to stay married. Selects replacement excitement in the safest possible way. Imagine that instead of me chose a nanny, your neighbor or best friend. I could go on until tomorrow, but you know what I mean ...I am a professional. Discrete I, even more than that - my time, attention and sexuality are measured in hours, but after that is entirely yours. And most importantly, I do not like your husband nor I will ever love. It is unlikely for him to feel anything more than to his favorite bartender.I will never be a threat to your marriage, because if you do not want to have to deal not with you, not with him. I'll never go out with him for dinner or to call him in the middle of the night asking for a divorce. From me you will not get anything out.

If you find out from him, that means stupid or mad at you.

Men know that my interest in them conditional cash. He imagines that he has a family meeting with you and the children with whom he escapes to the hotel room to lovingly whispered my fancy name. I'm out of your life. I'm an employee. As much as he may have sexually fixated on me, his feelings will never get involved more deeply in what we do.

confession of one man
3 days ago I was with a prostitute had sex and after 6 hours of unseen sex, she stayed with me to lie in bed all night and talked until the morning, kissed, joked, laughed .... morning we went up to the city, a walk, drank coffee, and again we went back to my house and made love all day ... for free ...I love her, a beautiful girl and she told me her sad fate and reasons for traveling to prostitution. She said she was sleeping almost the entire Zagreb, Belgrade. She was even in Moscow and accumulated a lot of experience, but most of all, I am flattered that you just fall in love with me. Time has recognized my qualities as a man and as a lover.But my mind is another matter.If I'm with her, and all he knows as a prostitute, will follow me negative vote public?But I can not help it, too I love this woman, I love it ... It's so beautiful, quality and capable woman. It is full of wisdom and experience. A bed is a real fire.And there are only 32 years old.A lovely woman, but still, prejudice bothering me ...
What can I say at the beginning ... and I belong to this group of women described above ... homemaker, housewife or whatever you call it, or as many like to say no fault of their own, because it was not just the main goal in life. .. first of all I wanted, and some say to a career, a hostess can be always ... this is my only partly realized, but I'm not complaining ... my mother always said everything in life should be to try and then on how to give your opinion, and not blindly generalize and generalize ...

confession of Elite
Elite sex parties at the coming millionaires and models are held in ten cities in the world, including London, Paris and New York. 'Culprit' for the former athlete Chris Reynolds Gordon, affectionately known as King of the Swing.
Chris's internet portal through which to announce and organize parties have 27,000 members, but also offers franchise interested in launching "own orgy" under the brand "Heavenly Circle".He advertises sentence: "When it comes to the organization sexy fun, there's no one better than me. I'm a perfectionist. "Joining the fun will cost 120 pounds for couples and single ladies have a discount and pay 40 pounds .
Chris who was this year organized 15 swinger party in the UK has one golden rule - all who visit his parties must be incredibly handsome."The amazing thing is when a girl puts the image on the page, and I think this is not real, the photos were fake, and it appears - a real beauty," explains Chris."Fortunately, one of my friends has a board of 18 million pounds in London and allows me to use it," it said, adding that for smaller gatherings used his apartment.However, all is not well, reveals Chris and cites the example of an orgy where there were 400 pairs and 100 single women."It was the biggest disaster, after the party I almost gave up, there were too many people that I could not control them," admits Chris.