the role of the Fourth Power, fascinated by the illusion that goes beyond the limits of mortality

Local global loudmouth; maybe this and I can translate it into another language...As I speak in their mother tongue, as the environment in which I live and family environment to talk or talk a little distant from the beautiful literature that impression on me.As the use of certain words that I took from their parents and they have learned and accepted by other people with whom they socialized.I speak, I speak but how and in what way?Myself I can not hear when I speak; Only all that can compare, understand or accept if by any chance it all shoot a camera.Only then can adopt or accept or even to use some of it to change.Often the question of where you come from and what is your voice The area or origin.

Well I can say that I was not with that burden throughout his childhood but not during training in high school.It is only a question started by so-called experts ignorant of 25 years ago.That would not justify and confirm the first name I'm going to be a little more familiar with a particular theme which is present and our lives and deals with our consciousness through life.
Will the analysis and data processing and continue to be the primary source of information and knowledge or just juggling these data? Or will it turn into a juggling the reality, and the border will be only - an illusion?


Entertainment is Show business a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and delight. It can be an idea or a task, but is more likely to be one of the activities or events that have developed over thousands of years specifically for the purpose of keeping an audience's attention. Although people's attention is held by different things, because individuals have different preferences in entertainment, most forms are recognisable and familiar. Storytelling, music, drama, dance, and different kinds of performance exist in all cultures, were supported in royal courts, developed into sophisticated forms and over time became available to all citizens. The process has been accelerated in modern times by an entertainment industry that records and sells entertainment products. Entertainment evolves and can be adapted to suit any scale, ranging from an individual who chooses a private entertainment from a now enormous array of pre-recorded products; to a banquet adapted for two; to any size or type of party, with appropriate music and dance; to performances intended for thousands; and even for a global audience.

Good; I understand the literal description or explanation is written and explained in the briefest form.

What I see, see, and understand or do not understand at least part of what we see in different ways and how all of this as part of everyone's truth and education in a global society or only part of the adults everyone's the difference between reality and illusion? When you align yourself with the mind, you easily overtakes boredom and restlessness. So far suggests that the mind craves for additional incentives and for additional food for thought and that his hunger is not satisfied. When you're bored, you can satisfy the hunger of the mind by scrolling the newspaper, phone call, watching TV, browsing websites, or purchase - which is not uncommon - transferring the mental sense of emptiness and need for something on the body and then a short time you can meet food.But what if I told you that I am saturated with all this, with remote TV, Internet and even overreact with the music..Perceptual illusions (or illusions) are "wrong" perceived phenomena that can often be confusing. The most common optical illusion, but the difference is that optical illusion only include phenomena that are perceived eyes and perceptive include all phenomena that we perceive (in any way). Some perceptual illusion caused not by the perfection of our senses, and some work of our brain.
This is not a classic writing; for me this time my own torture that resulted in writing fairy tales, stories or any novels ..I get carried away and I need clarified and answers; you have to accept and how and whether it will be a reconciliation with certain world that we run all the time as part of the educational program at least for the younger population.We are told that girls living in some romantic worlds filled with fairy tales about Cinderella, Snow White and many other cartoon characters from fairy tales ..When we, as part of a short Society called little elves; our children ..when we can show them the reality of life.There already enters the pedagogy of human education, on one occasion when someone wanted the game to learn the alphabet slowly and letters, I got the answer, yet are small and let another play and enjoy childhood.I'm sorry society, was not born in a futurism or distant past or my upbringing and thinking took place completely different from this century, and now in these years all me banging on the brain questions of knowing what, why and for what.Are we poor generation or the generation better.But I see something that constantly repeats and remains unchangeable and it bothers me.Even my own emptiness as well as others' gaps in training and education in several ways.The modern spectacle of advertisements to the media industry of beauty and fun converts part of the art in digital dystopia that merges and rational framework of society, creative expressions and values. The beauty and purity of the screen and the virtual image replaces tactile relationships with new redefining notions of truth and art.If we look at the illusion as an inevitable part of discussions about human perception, prejudices and distorted images, we start really some fundamental questions about man and his abilities and capabilities, but also the idea of the characteristics of "social man" who in the community with other individualities, and produces its own a shared vision of Reality.
an atmosphere of modernity and the future of mass media and virtual reality again bring us back into the skin of lonely, isolated and alienated archaic beings who manipulate the same kind of second beings.Modernly industrial society, or rather anti-industrial society of information technology enchantment, picking up speed gallop of globalization that leaves "collateral victims "uneducated, unprepared, non-selected individuals greedy for raw materials, oil and unabated profit stopom.Gotovo to return to their mythological patterns man who in the present day sails between media numbness and media voyeurism in which all can watch, read, listen and surf but do not ask too much about their own future, which is always certain ,cradles in the fairy-tale notions, oligarchy flattery and rhetoric of progress encourages mediocrity ", planetary, if not global, contradictions and conflicts..Collective mental inactivity, induced by the extended collective illusions and delusions of omnipotent development, technology and elite-who-always-know-more. In order to strengthen and mature fully, nurtured and developed in the media well-being, happiness and entertainment, namely infotainment, recreational shopping, some reality show, celebrity laws and syndrome of view instead proživljavanja.mi we are just ordinary media Shopaholics: Every day we sold far more valuable products - totally new beliefs, and especially new feelings about things before we totally reject. I swallowed a lot of crap over the years. "On the human level of the individual sender (journalists ...) and the recipient (the public, the audience ...) prevailing neutral illusion - a cover-up, damping, insensitivity, interest objectivity ... Newspapers are commodities, and journalists are distributors, editors packaging producers, owners , marketing experts for brands, and the audience (p) remains all obediently confused flock, multi channel and lead to different multimedia creation and innovation in the field of information flow and communication channels. But do not call them in vain "Martini media"  because they can be eaten at any time, in any place, anywhere (any time, any place, anywhere ...).The future has begun, children at teenage magazines already meet quizzes with indicative main theme "what type of cell phone you belong?" Complete the illusion is created and has long been tested on the most vulnerable - (to) the younger generations.Celebrity as a temporary replacement for the illusion of immortality, a life and in news programs viewed only as a basis for a film script or a good story some TV shows or radio shows. "Master" world unrecognizable mass of individuals, all with the aim of separation, even for 15 minutes of media fame. "That's what I want Aiming ... wants to be seen ... this feature confirms us, so we become real to ourselves - by being others see usThe world is an illusion actually the world seducer and the seduced, where there is much room for the adults, more independent and more confident of himself, just are not profitable. And are not safe enough and long enough - obedient..

The methods of media manipulation include the use of fallacies and propaganda and often involve the suppression of information or suppression of a stop.
It may include methods of manipulating people to stop listening to certain argumentime, or simply diverting attention elsewhere.
daily "bombing" act on our health.
Due to the increased activity of the brain caused by the mass media, the brain becomes overloaded which increases the likelihood of developing behavioral disorders (depression, anxiety, etc.), The fall of the immune system, impaired sleep and loss of concentration. It develops a need for a greater amount of stimuli from the environment and the need to search for excitement.
From earliest childhood multimedia environment influences the experience of ourselves and the world around us, our life and health and value system.

Sad to say, damn her, if we can get from you a little positive.
You can "but it's like a small child falling asleep or soothers for a child who is crying because of the spoiled and not because of his teeth that grow.
I feel like a smelt in the network with the other 7 billion sardines ..
Reading the bit is spinning in a vicious circle.
I want myself to rest from everything, I think we were still before the ruthless consumer society and social.The children were out in nature; adults are at home perform certain tasks, there is time for lunch and time of learning and not playing with the social networking sites via mobile Devices-We had books, pencil, crayons and paper...and myself I have to use a specific policy, the average current but the a little chilly ..

And whether I come to the final answer; Money Entertainment guru is stronger than love guru in the 21st century ..comply with the wishes of the majority*I can not explain how people (expensive, close, but the those who barely know) I was discreet and less discreetly distracted that we can see the gray hairs! For God's sake! As if we see pants in public. For what, gray hair is a sign of age, and it would be much better if we can see anything else (except of course wrinkles, which are even greater curse).


Things are not black and white but all the evidence that emphasize the negativity of the media can not be generalized not absolutize. The media have been incurred to enrich our reality and that we facilitate some parts of life in an accelerated society we live in.
The first advantage is the media that we can come to events and quickly inform us. Modern man has a general need for information because it helps in the functioning of social life. The media we are usually informed by the news, and their information can activate citizenship. Although the influence of the media is very important, is underutilized.Given the large number of illiterate and low skills, we can talk about the need for education through the media, because it is undeniable that the media culturally enriching. In its programs, the media offer a lot of useful content. The influence of the media in education major, so it is in school and continue applying specific media content.
Fun is not always bad. People should have fun, but should not be numb fun. Not bad if you occasionally see a movie or playing computer games just for fun. It's bad when the media bombard us with violence and blood, not amenities relax and laugh.What has so far proven is that the influence of the mass media depends on the extent and manner in which the recipients are using. The media influence people, but recipients should not be treated as victims of media influence, but as people who are more or less able to be active participants of the media process.

the creation of a fully
a new concept of personality:

 no geographical restrictions

 education without restrictions and limitations personal

 parallel world with the re-built personality

 experimentation different versions of yourself.