The spectacle of self-irony with my blood, sweat and tears in history do not see

our central nervous system participates in global embrace, and space and time, at least on our planet, no longer exist.elevated to the supernatural symbols, remembered as the women who agreed to sacrifice his ego to become 'future art' .- unappeased lust whipped his fans, his distance, unreachable, untouchable by the presence ...

Fools, leaving me in the most beautiful moment of life, in the truest, most passionate, the most painful time of my love. Do not you mean nothing to tame the pride of a man and throw it in front of your feet? Does not mean you know anything that he died because of this? "

 for your silk "," gallant "and" sensual life. "
You know, for me it is not quite dead ... She comes to see me in a dream. But, when we are told It, it is not a dream as others. That's it to be there. She set a dream. She came to my mind, my soul for one minute, and out of it with a dream. "- For all our philosophers, writers and musicians who have their work based on the projections of the All Diva"women and men/ whom were enchanted, sometimes possessive and obsessive towards their subjects of desire, sometimes tragically pathetic in their worship, and some ruthless and narcissistic.
Celebrate "The One" with patriarchal Sakrileg, it could be nothing more than animate Idols, groupies and the object of worship.In this way for centuries have been deleted and concealed deep traces of w as bearers of culture and artists.
Today's world have left the other muses are only trivial  serving as a portion of living flesh for rule artists as an alibi for their physical and often creative decrepit.More important of all, their social stories are not superficial nor tiresome, no preaching is not judgmental, avoiding the trap of pathos not at all a cartoon, but the people with whom we can meet at work or on the street..The life of modern man turned into a crazy race in which winning the fastest, the strongest, and not always the smartest. Constant tension not everyone can withstand. Many people are beginning to suffer from stress. This stress is gradually accumulates, and when in the body for it is no more room, he was like an avalanche descends on the environment in the form of a nervous breakdown.
educational, emotional and fun experience filled with laughter, and tears...visitors who are looking for good entertainment on offer intriguing visual, sensory and educational experience with a handful of new, yet unseen illusion
anyone who tried to pass through a rotating cylinder in an effort to make the next step after completely flat and stable surface room mirror, which, thanks to the variety of shapes and angles of reflection, distorts objects and people reflected, providing a new and unusual view of Reality..
"amazing perception of the size of the person you're looking at, depending on the context that we suggest objects around it through a kaleidoscope whose playful patterns, instead of colorful pieces of paper and beads, constituted themselves visitors a variety of exhibits and fun and attractive deception in order to better understand why the eyes see things the brain does not understand..

keyboard "human interest"Hollywood like a best-seller

oil well or gold mine from which confidently
can expect to be careful and intelligent author ensure
a hefty fee

MTV Unplugged
For example when we're backstage and the lights go out and the manic roar of the crowd begins, it does not affect me in the same way that is Freddie Mercury, who apparently loved, enjoyed the love and adoration of the audience, which is something that is totally admire and for which I envy him. The fact is, I can not fool you, any of you. It is simply not fair to you or me. The worst crime I can think of would be dribljati people with deceit and converting to 100% fun. Sometimes I feel like I should have time to hit before you walk out onto the stage. I tried everything in my power to appreciate it (I do, God, believe me I do, but it's not enough).In Rome on the morning of March 4 Courtney Love found Cobain unconscious in their hotel room. Cobain was immediately rushed to the hospital, where a doctor found that Cobain negative reaction to mixing drugs that have been prescribed for his illness with alcohol. The rest of the tour was canceled, including a part of the United Kingdom. In the following weeks, Cobain's heroin addiction has taken its toll, and Cobain talked into rehabilitation. After less than a week spent in rehab, Cobain climbed over the wall foundations and sat on a plane to Seattle (In the plane sat together with Duff McKagan, bassist group Guns N 'Roses). A week later, on Friday, 8 April 1994, Kurt Cobain was found dead at his home in Seattle, permanently separating from Nirvana. The blood had been found sufficient amount of heroin in four overdose and wounds from a shotgun blast to the head.Thank you all from the bottom of my burning, painful stomach for your letters and concern during the past years. I'm too curious, moody baby! I have no more passion, and so remember, it's better to burn some fade. Peace, love, empathy. Kurt Cobain
Some of the cats on a hot tin roof
At its metamorphosis crucial influenced by numerous failures in relationships with men? Although millions of men was the subject of lust, was never happy in love? However, she began to hate and avoid the people, closing in his villa on the Cote d'Azur with companion animals.with the help of the film has become a big star, but after a few more that showed his sex appeal, has become the most popular French and one of the biggest stars of world cinema. Young women of her age were beginning to imitate is a statue of national heroine Marianne, who was standing in every official building in France, he was made to her character.Not following men are not brought her a lot of luck. For four years he lived with the sculptor Mirko Brozek, who she is finally in a rage almost smashed his head with a metal sculpture. Animal rights activist Allain Bourgrain dumped her on her 49th birthday because it "does not want to live with a person whose life is just a series of failures."The once cheerful girl, who was half a century ago changed the French notions of sexual morality and greatly contributed to the liberalization of the next decade, turned into a vicious old woman full of hatred towards everything around you, especially towards those who think differently and behave differently ..The former French sex-bomb, once the most famous international film beauty Brigitte Bardot ..who was sentenced by a French court for racism. Already, even before the three were punished for the same reasons, but political attitudes had not changed. Other the most vocal spokesperson for the French xenophobes and antiislamista, the outrage of many French people who can not get over what happened with the woman were half a century ago first noticed by a sexy body and willingness among the first to film unashamedly reveals breast and buttocks.

Battle Amy Winehouse
She married Fielder-Civil (born in August 1978), the former video production assistant, May 18, 2007 in Miami Beach, Fla. Fielder-Civil was a minor who has dropped out of school Bourne Grammar and the age of 16 he moved to London. In an interview in June 2007, Winehouse has admitted that he can be violent towards him after he drank a lot and said: "If he says one thing I do not like it, hit it." In August 2007, came out of their photos that are both bloody and bruised on the streets of London after the alleged altercation, although she later said she had inflicted the wounds herself. Glenn Sacks, an American advocate of the rights of men, condemned Winehouse for her - as he called it - "bragging" about the abuse of her husband, saying that would (in a similar case) "male abuser was immediately detained, stigmatized and vilified."Their parents have publicly emphasized his concern for the couple, talking about their fears to the two of them together could commit suicide, a father Fielder-Civil has gone so far as to try to launch a boycott among fans of her music. Fielder-Civil was quoted in a British tabloid, which said that it is hooked on cocaine and heroin. During the visit, Mitch Winehouse in prison in July 2008, Fielder-Civil has reportedly said that both cut to shorten the suffering addiction withdrawal.In the period from 21 July 2008 until 25 February 2009. Fielder-Civil is in prison on charges of obstruction of investigation and serious bodily harm with intent. The incident, which occurred in July 2007, he attacked the bar owner and broke his jaw. According to the prosecution, the owner of premises accepted the $ 200,000 bribe in exchange for "failure to appear at the hearing." The prosecution pointed out that the money he paid actually belongs Winehouse, but that she came out of the meeting when negotiating pay bribes, because he had to go to the awards ceremony.Winehouse has told a magazine that drugs are the main cause of her stay in the hospital and added: "I really thought it was all behind me." Soon after, her father commented that when he appeared in public and was its problems actually used the media, because it seemed that was the only way to reach her. In an interview on British television, Winehouse said she suffers from manic depression, and not to the alcoholic and added that it sounds like "alcoholic who denies his addiction." American journalist wrote that Winehouse "a victim of mental illness in a society that does not understand or does not know how to respond to mental illness."

"Wear My Ring Around Your Neck"
Film career began in 1956 film "Love Me Tender". Most of the music played in the movies central value, but with the cover songs are regularly became a hit. In the period from 1957th to 1966th Presley was on the list of the ten most commercial American glumaca.Njegovi performances did not cause excessive success in middle-aged visitors. During his stay in Las Vegas saw a couple of appearances "Freddie Bell and the bellboys" and their cover of "Hound Dog" in 1953 by blues singer Big Mama Thornton, author Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. This design became the final song on his performances. After appearances in La Crosse, Wisconsin, an urgent message is sent to the chief of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover in which it stated that the Elvis threat to the security of the United States because his songs and performances stir up sexual passions of young people.In 1975, acting serious health problems, diabetes, gastritis, and joins and drugs on which the king became addicted. In April 1977, is experiencing a heart attack, but does not change the way of life. 16 August 1977 Elvis falls into a deep coma due to drug overdose. Doctors trying to save his life - or fail. Elvis' death rocked the millions of fans who immediately flocked to Graceland to pay their last respects to the giant.The book "Elvis: What Happened?", Which was co-written discharged bodyguards went out on 1 August. It was the first detailed portrayal of Elvis' drug abuse. The book was destroyed, and he tried to prevent the issuance of offering money to publishers. At that time the pain of multiple diseases (glaucoma eye, high blood pressure, liver damage). After the schedule is due to fly from Memphis on August 16, 1977 for another tour. That afternoon, Ginger Alden found him on the bathroom floor. Despite attempts to revive him, death is declared a 3:30 in the afternoon in the hospital "Baptist Memorial Hospital."

in a state of mental derangement in the search for a star nonsense motto Welcome to the madhouse!They became international stars, and have not completed high school is not Although education should not be confused with intelligence, most people are surprised to hear that some of the biggest Hollywood stars have never completed high school.They are talented, beautiful, rich and shameless (at least seemingly) happy, but they are not educated and immortal;all sides acting profession and to fight with vanity and ego that are common in this Business.Hollywood bankers,movie stars from the beach, science fiction or any course of self-improvement.Beautiful Cameron (44) is in the teens was convinced that it will become a model. She is in the 17th year drop out of school, to pursue a modeling. It is through modeling is able to influence and in Hollywood where the water is kept up to date.
Tarantino (53) is a great example of someone who has the gift is not necessary diploma to become a top expert in the business. It is interesting that he dropped out of school at age 16 because he thought that more than I teach at a school desk.

When she met Prince Charles has worked as an assistant in a kindergarten because she was not educated enough to be a kindergarten teacher, Princess and the favorite of the nation failed to pass the exams that British students take 16 years. She then moved away, and continued his studies in Switzerland, but never received a degree.inventory youthful aspirations and ambitions with what they accomplish,fill in the blanks of these 'suffering', since that person, which is unusual in science, while under the influence of exorcism, experience complete amnesia, ie. not at all remember their screams of which are chilling, psychomotor agitation, the phenomenon is not forecasting other phenomena which are happening. "Of course, the media promote, but do not create work. It was indeed an attempt to impose a person without talent, then the goes one step further emphasized by the way advocates the creation of a new reality under the influence of fashion, sports and media, which produce new meanings and create a hyperreality, where disappearing entity in the new world of images, spectacle, simulation and simulacra abolished the distinction between private and public, external and internal, seductive media images of Reality;the dubious ethics of democratic participation complicated rules, manipulative approach, constantly "pumped" atmosphere and trite content - this could be a brief description..cathartic messages under all kinds of romantic relics, former, metaphorically speaking, the living proof of love-story from Star Wars one's
the perfect image of modern democracy ..


In the last scene, the bell on the Christmas tree instead rang and Zuzu says: "Look, Daddy, teacher says every time a bell rings, an angel gets on the wings."


Famous people photographed to showing off her gorgeous life, and 'ordinary' citizens so to release some important life situation
Some of the fans selfie spend hours in order to record themselves in the issue of hiding their lack of aesthetic, which is so small that the environment generally do not even notice (or may not exist). Recently, the British public was stunned by the case 16-year-old from Newcastle, who tried to kill him when he failed to record a satisfactory positive. Spending most of the day filming in front of the mirror, neglected the school and health and lost weight 12 pounds. "I was constantly looking for the perfect 'selfie', and when I realized it was impossible, I wanted to die," said the
young man..
Human rights of the second generation - the rights of a different order !?

It is no longer possible to be restrained and distant, origin and charm buffoon The hot medium, such as radio and cold as the phone, or a hot medium..
what kind of movie and cold as it television, vary according to one
basic principle. A hot medium is one that extends a sense in "high definition ". High definition is state of saturation data. When We fully and immediately receive every shot meant our different structures of consciousness, soon to become nervous wrecks,which react with a delay and that constant panic.We live fabulous, but we still think in fragments and single levels uniform raising the temperature in the backward societies.

The rivalry between the hot medium of the press and radio, on the one hand, and Television, on the other, in the fight for the hot money from advertising, "Comfort" means rejection of the visual schedule in favor of scheduling which enables superficial participation senses, that is, the off when one sense, especially sense of sight, warm enough to begin to dominate any situation."Milestone where the given system suddenly turns into another system or in their own dynamic processes exceeds the point of no return..

Each our extension as "its own amputation", pointing out that the body resorts the self amputation
power or strategy when the ability to perceive not the state has not determined not to avoid causing stimuli. Many express our language suggest that self amputation, imposed by various pressures. We say that "we want to jump out of skin" to "losing my mind" that we "brought crazy "or that we" blew my mind. "since it seems that the awareness and consciousness of human preferences.

"Weightlessness,which, according to biologists, promising physical immortality, may be compared with a condition of silence, which could provide lasting collective harmony and peace..