three coffees - so-called. "Dočekuša", "razgovoruša" and finally "sikteruša"

individual is a being, an individual, a whole person, which is different from all other people*
Competitors by nature, as it happens in life, have different abilities:
each are distinctly muscular and agile, others clumsy and slow, each bursting with health, others are ailing, some are with more endurance, others decrepit, while the third went lame from birth.
Those who reach the finish line first, will take the most, while the latter remain crumbs or, simply, nothing.
Since this is a result of natural differences in human abilities country there must not be mixed.
Her only job is to keep an eye on two things:
that all start with the same starting position and to run under the same conditions, and that all follow the same rules of fair play, and no one no one pushes the leg.
equality of opportunity means equalizing the starting positions, so the state must take into account the differences in the social position and a property status and allow the starting position;those who have sought refuge in the birth of adverse social circumstances equal to the starting positions of those who had more luck.

*everywhere the same: the promise to build a bridge that will be the place where the river does not pass*

Suum quique tribuere-There is no unanimity as to the result even among scientists that this issue devote your whole life so difficult that will exist between us.

The first thing that came to mind, if you think you're writing and you're on the move during the day, however, show yourself any pen and piece of paper for each case.
no not one of those that will whiz city toilet to take a couple of pieces of rod rolls of toilet paper and scribbled something on it which is very important or wrote or recorded in the palm of my hand.
Good thing I'm not a physicist or mathematician; how much formula at a given moment would be lost ..
Day after day; and not a start and I can not say that this so-called popularize way or the name of a style of life; this has nothing to do with style, this is the only life with sometimes major and minor headaches.
I wanted to avoid the morning news or an adult can not hang on programs with cartoons for children; sometimes joyful but this is not one day of these better.The whole time though awake, despite the bitter black can not even write your fingers on the keyboard and body functions and brain does not yet awake in the sense that the finger of inspiration and live energy.
Nor did I have any plan to mention a dash of coffee a couple of minute or I learned and what is good for some people and that is bad; although we are talking about coffee for over 3000 years of anecdotes and spoof.I have caffeine capital in the veins from an early age; the first was chicory, Divka; than white coffee on the bottle and pacifier.Cheers ..
And now because of this capital can not even think to drink a latte, I tried other replacement or black is black and bitter-how to say good, there will be someone else and kill every remembrance or a word about it; the brain, focus and adrenaline cultural artifact-history of consumption and pleasure, "beyond the border", the Janissaries and clerical modest pleasures.Every coffee lover is familiar with headaches after the morning does not drink my fill. The termination of coffee drinking, the body taking up the adrenaline and dopamine, which act as natural stimulants and keep you awake. Instead, you will feel the impact of adenosine, a hormone responsible for rest and fatigue, which causes changes in the brain which in turn lead to headaches.I measured my life spoons (or cups) of coffee or not, we can not deny its impact on the daily rhythm of modern man. Most "Westerners" to start the day is inconceivable without at least one cup of coffee and departures "have coffee" have long since outgrown the mere enjoyment of a black liquid already have become the backbone of our lives.
Black drink in one of its countless variants was, one might say, a kind of precursor of what we now like to call globalization..

Human behavior is somewhere on the scale between extremely unorganized over medium-organized by extreme super meticulous.Neat, meticulous, organized, state, habits, personality traits, a more or less good or bad qualities, which depends on the occupation and the situation, the question is not only where we are on that scale, but how and how much to our place affects us,
unrealistic aspiration of people, irrational, absolutist demand on yourself to be perfect / on, if not all, then at least some of a person important spheres of life;pettiness, obsessive engagement in detail, expressed motive of achievement, excessive self-criticism (rigor of self), the propensity opinion "all or nothing" and expressed anxiety regarding the possible failure, severe for themselves but are very difficult for those with whom they should cooperate,often do have good effects and it represents the award (which motivates them to move on to behave in the same way), often not aware of how much energy they spend on unnecessary planning and self-assessment of what they want to do or have already done so. Nothing wrong with that in something we want to be good, but striving for perfection is counterproductive.
and yourself every time illuminated a similar part of their dilemma or internal conflict, without placing themselves directly and from all sides, as when the scene explicitly bring a piece of their own stories.Despite the "unfinished business" with them and all the feelings that arise from it, in a way, I want to protect them from view and judgment of others. In order to facilitate you, disguised ashamed dispel unease - resort to humor, which helps me to easily go through this fragile bridge that separates the known and the unknown, and bridge the gap between themselves on the scene and those who watch me on stage.
So now that I do not know but after that time read meaning perfectionism and not only read, but also a couple of million times listening to it on television I can say about it.
Some of them rise up and praise; doctors describe them as weak or sick personality various edges, some of them hate and disrespect.

What I see, themselves can not be classified and can not be one of them.Most of the time people have to get actors who consume huge quantities energy to satisfy themselves and even more so the environment around us..Sooner or later their nature explodes and turns into destructiveness which they converted into living hell.Prisoners the golden cage that we raise and celebrate every day..
I think the word perfection is incorrectly all the time used In today's interview, not to overcome the problem but to another person topped the above third or fourth ..convert them into egocentric egocentrale of this world;leaders, managers and governors of the world..Every day people present from politics to Various scandals of our perfectionist;highly educated, with various titles..a multitude of processed cases, examples and anecdotes that generally fall into the field of economics and psychology.How groups can form a network of trust without a central system to control their behavior or directly demanded their submission.

"Excellence means enjoyment in what a man does, rejoicing because of the adoption of new knowledge and skills and gain self-confidence";
Phoenician myth, which says that people are born with different natural abilities:

Once they gods at birth interferes gold, others silver, a third iron and brass.
Given these innate abilities, individuals are included in individual stock: time is being determined by their permanent place in society..

Zealots-effect: "No one can no longer felt safe. In such a state of panic and hopelessness spread religious fanaticism, appeared false prophets and messiahs, who had many supporters. They convince people that it can relieve the suffering of the Roman yoke "