weakness compensated mask of pride that gives the impression of power

It's nice what is true. Elegant what is just. It's perfect when you remove all that is superfluous*

You've probably noticed that on my blog generally has a lot of comments on texts, which does not mean that readers have nothing to say but just do not want or no need to comment.
What is the theme of a newer and more complex on my blog,less and comments ... I was the point that in the comments has as much relevant
or answer questions that are slowing the development of themes blog, but in these parts there are not many of those who want real and can work.As I write the usual posts I completely carefree, but when something you seriously any restrictions become important. Often the question is - how long (or how short?) The text should be in order to have maximum effect.Is my article on the blog too long or too short, there is no policy on the number of words. The point is that people do not like to read. All in all, do not worry about the number of words, do not count them, write as much as necessary to achieve the objective of the article.

Conceived and thinking and trying to figure out what someone else whispers to me constantly they say, by the way again himself on the surfboard, the sky was gloomy and weak wind strength.It would be much better that some human weakness does not exist in our genetic code, merely trying from Esperanto other people's thoughts lead on Croatian territory translation meaning..any desire to dominate is a form of creeping expression of aggression towards another human being, the desire automatically generates the same kind of desire in him who is in a relationship with me, which inevitably creates conflicts or misunderstanding as children and cultural creation with which we identified during development, of a series of cultural and family values conditioned, roles and identities, we can not destroy or erase from our minds, but we can overcome them. We can rise above it, so you will see that he is not the essence of our being. Everyone has an ego, or none of us ego.
Conceited person is a person who is centered on his ego. She does not see that it can not exist outside of your ego. Therefore, it is so fragile and hypersensitive. As long as people believe that it is the ego, it will not be able to accept yourself unconditionally and free themselves of slavery vanity.
For example, imagine that two people two inflated balloons. Now imagine that one pump to the point that at any moment can burst. It's grandiosity. Grandiose people hide their shame of themselves, have too high of thinking about themselves and are full of false pride. They need to be superior to anything over trying to compensate overbearing behavior, for fear of the environment see through its weaknesses, arrogance that irritates people, on the subconscious level this is an attempt overcompensation feelings of inferiority.They are characterized by cynicism and the need to spit all and glorify themselves...

To warn you"; I am not a professional journalist who has paid for all of this that is proud to point out each of its scoop (especially important,sensational first news),with news that can open a whole that will be immediately usable and available to the general public...For agency journalists worth
rule that should say enough, so that none of the important issues from running out
response. This simultaneously means that each agency news must form a whole by itself that is immediately usable as it is, whether it's the news from a few words or a summary of 500 words or more...the system inverted pyramid. This means that starting of the most essential and goes to the less important data. Excerpts news, starting from its end, must be able to throw out because of space constraints. It is important for
the news that the base does not change. In a properly structured news each
section is supplemental. Exceptions are biographies, chronologies
or movies.
blog is - a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies; "postings on a blog are usually in chronological order"
web log is the same** diary, journal - a daily written record of (usually personal) experiences and observations;people discussions, which is what and what is who*?-seven billion rules for the seven billion people.I do not like to come back to the topic I have already dealt with and that a long time ago.


I myself have fallen into the trap of foreign influence;no, I have to"* create or write a paragraph**..and I'm all alone and I have no slave driver..I have the freedom of writing, the time of publication and selecting topics..thinking about how difficult it would be able to practice journalism ..There are differences from the TV stations to private newspaper**

"** to the time limit, first mentioned around 1920, when he began to mark time limit within which should be submitted materials in newsrooms. Transition from cruel meaning the prison perimeter in the life of honest citizens, this word has not lost much in force, indeed still shining terror. Used by on all sides, how convenient is it for a explanation on Wikipedia that we will not ruining translation: "A deadline is a powerful thing people set up to Ensure less powerful people comply with their way of doing things."*


A new type of political beings???  *With  Start thesis the credibility of the message bearer, who decodes certain social phenomena and analysis of relationships  suggests What is it good and what is bad or disastrous bad..Topic: show what you Know**Analysis is (monitoring of media reports - press clipping infection, and examining them can adjusted their message and alleviate possible damage, and after the end of the crisis draw lessons for the future).

It is interesting that in the Croatian media publishing untruth act according to the law of connected vessels, and published a lie in one medium other media report very quickly, without any critical judgment and to verify the truthfulness or her build conclusions and comments, taking the "face value";the most common ethical dilemmas in the  media and summarized them in these categories: false reporting, anonymous sources, displaying only one hand, the interference with the fundamental rights of man, violation of rights of minority social group propaganda texts, bad taste and obscenity and inconsistency of the text and titles; question the credibility of such media is imposed by itself*.Relations were built long term,by no means should not obscure the fact or deny crisis.

"Pile heads in the sand and denying data is often seen as an attempt to avoid responsibility for a situation, decision or action.

Be modest and honest,
focus on a specific problem

pay attention to what the audience already knows

respond to their needs

put the risk in context

preferably provide at least the minimum information which will solve the (partially) dilemmas
Observe the feelings and attitudes of others

be subject to subjective evaluation



"once when I caught this headless Cheater, which is encased in a heart on the shoulders of her mother.

tying both rope obedience and beaten them whip modesty, press them to tell me how they entered into me.

Finally under the blows, speak: "we do not have no beginning, no birth, because we own and start and parent of all passions.
contrition of heart that is born in the subordination -not a little war with us.
We do not tolerate that any of the reign.
We have fallen from the sky just because we wanted there to rule.
In short, we are the parent of everything that opposes humility; all that humility helps us-it is the opposite.After all, the sky was strong: where, then, to get away from us? We often go beyond suffering insults, beyond obedience and without anger, not behind the memory of evil and devotional service,our offspring are: a drop of spiritual people, anger, gossip, stubbornness, disobedience.There's only one thing we can not stampede.We'll tell you what it is, because we are your canine terribly hurt if before Mr. honestly blame ourselves, considered us for cobwebs."