„What more 'in the name of love'?!“ my own deal with the challenges

incubation - the stage where conflicts arise and run adjustments-Alleviate emotional reactions (problems are part of life, the problems are useful, change the perspective, a positive note, you brought failure, where the humor?)eliminating stressors through the development strategy of flexibility.

conscious communication with oneself and with others. It changes the unhealthy habits, questions the limiting beliefs, assumptions and habitual reactivity and transforms degrading thoughts, words and deeds, turning them into a positive, clear, and concrete and feasible steps to enrich our lives and the lives of people around us. Price free will and keeps us in the present moment, in which the only change and possible.When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. "
This wisdom applies not only to the things outside of us, but also the inner world also. The existence of things in the external reality is a projection of the original creation of our interior. By changing the inner world of values, beliefs and attitudes - create a new reality within and without.

Would you cry if you drop dead ** asks computer owner * better I would be with some electrical engineer or computer technician and this is what you interest based on the theoretical and practical preparation for the maintenance and servicing of computers and computer networks, and software installation and operating systems .. detection and troubleshooting, detection and removal of computer viruses.
Microsoft's 1985 first introduced an operating environment named Windows as a supplement to MS-DOS.
I'm a then had at primary school  informatics are based only on theory ..
BIOS (Eng. The basic input / output system, basic input / output system) is the name of the standard software for the first run after switching PCs.
BIOS is a set of basic instructions and driver-drivers (drivers) for the monitor, keyboard, printer, I / O connectors and other devices within the PC configuration. The task of the BIOS is the mediation between the demands of the remaining parts of the OS and all of these devices. BIOS any individual application OS translates into a series of instructions to the microprocessor which controls the devices.

Well, honestly I am all of these functions and theoretically and practically forgotten ..
Nothing shaking of the head, the mixture, follow the rules, be good, barking when you say, roll over and pretend you're dead ..and after a few attempts to start or stop, the computer was revived...you silly wife..we sold the soul as we have signed we are like servants under a lifetime contract and do not have the voice of nothing and of no importance..."Time can be either lost or exploited." Indeed, there is no third option when the time comes. Faced with the fact the importance of every hour during the day, or the importance of time at all, where "time is money", many are deciding that mathematically calculate how much one person in an average lifetime spend time swimming, shaving, brushing teeth, sleeping , eating and other activities the like, in order to put him on notice that the most innocuous activities in total man taken and after a few days of his life.

Also, in today's world where we live in a very fast and life itself very easily takes on a kind of consistent rhythm. In this life we easily promote important "details" own life, or the mechanisms behind certain human behavior, and therefore I think that the habits of today anything in particular people should put their attention. So, let's go..learned patterns of behavior that people following us through our whole life. Slowly and quietly sneak into everyday life and automate to perfection, but the habit after some time becomes a separate system, and like the autopilot controls the life of a man that does not even paying attention that follows one and the same well-established pattern of behavior. I read the fact that 90% of human behavior consists of habits, but in fact I think it is generally very difficult to separate the habit of the human behavior. Because habit is a type of human behavior. But it is important to notice that this is the kind of behavior that is passed into an automatic routine action while repeating regularly without thinking.
Also, scientists have proven that learning new skills (sextet) rejuvenates the human brain, because then we are asked to use its neural network to a new / different way. Scientists say it is important to stimulate all the five regions of the brain (memory, attention, language, visual-arts spaces and executive functions) to our brain with aging stayed mentally fresh
.The simplest explanation is that habits are thoughts or activities that we repeat over and over again. Our nervous system is programmed on a basic level that the actions that we repeat often considered important actions, and store them in our long-term memory.They manifest themselves automatically and mechanically, take away your energy, have harmful repercussions on bodily functions and emotions and go against what we really want for yourself.If one of the choices we decide several times, then one of these choices becomes a habit, but the brain does not have to actively make decisions every day, but works automatically. The first few times make conscious decisions about a choice, then it becomes a routine.
It was found that the habits operated by another part of the brain compared to the one in charge of making rational decisions. When a routine becomes a habit, it is managed by the basal ganglia, a part of which is located in the center of the brain, which is evolutionarily much older than the outer part of the brain responsible for rational decisions, but has a stronger impact on our decisions.
At times as many as 75 percent of women are delaying the fulfillment of their obligations. One in four does so almost every day. Although this behavior can lead to chaos in life, a study shows that it is still useful. In fact, taking a respite from certain tasks can result in these tasks later make a lot more successful. Be careful only to break not too long. I'd rather take a few small breaks than one long.

have a clear organizational vision

To be charismatic
determination with the intention of conducting diameter is undeniable:
Changes under their leadership ability but not the obligation

The goal: attainable, distinctive and pragmatic
-Motivate and enable their own transformation into detailed plans
and specific actions without doubt or off-set direction
Continue to stumble on these two "stone" convincing themselves that there is adequate time and that in their lives matter what else is not important. These, as is often said, "killing time" not feeling actually that time thus killing them. Hence it is no wonder a growing number of people who complain about the quick passage of time or the lack thereof, for the obligations that have not executed within the time period equal to all, however, it often happens that one thing to suffer at the expense of other, usually those that are essential to the expense of those that are non-essential; suffers faith, family suffers, suffers education, work suffers, suffers and the man himself. In all this suffering, if a man does and fails to recognize, to be audited themselves precisely in these two.
Fortunately, of all that load easily be turned off and spend a few minutes / hours / days in offline activities, fresh air, relaxation ... Without load, without notification, without drama.
Sow work and uber preference; sow preference and uber habit; sow a habit and uber character; sow character and uber fate. So, your destiny is in your hands. If you change your habits (thoughts, words and actions) can become the master of his destiny. The key to change is in your hands - in mind. Turn the key to the left and lock in the outside world (remain slaves of their masters). Turn the key to the right and open will be the interior scenes (for improvement).
Most of us know a great complicate simple things.If doing some of that, you suffer from a mental riots, which takes up too much room in your mind, the general feeling that all life has run over, step back and ask yourself:procedures so complex to look for other qualities, such as skills and habits, supple strength and firmness of character mature personality characterized by a positive, socially desirable human qualities at all distances.If it seems so difficult to change, it's because it's really difficult - from a neurobiological perspective. Basically, the point is that we have to go against the basic functioning of our brain to change their habits in order to change their lives. The good news is that it can if you are determined and willing to take the time to form a new habit.

The killer living hope the last line of human dignity-throw the bull, their every sentence is platitudes or empty phrases and responsibility transferred to other;tossed the ball to the other, like little children and poor people who are all guilty except them ...Amateur playing, Selfishness, arrogance and hypocrisy, a small light in this darkness, passivity, inaction, non organizing, superficiality,poltroons, egiosti - ego maniacs..animal and predatory nature..