wind blowing from the southeast sometimes blows and the shocks

If the night is better than waking up the morning ?? I know that winter is not over but the outside temperature and the little sun that came out made me more committed to the obligations as well as vigilance although my body despite the coffee has not too many functions and is already 10 hours .. Did I'm meteopat??.HMMM... Just need to think about it in spite of everything that bothers me.
 .. Narnia chronicles of chronic diseases..habit to turn on the TV while doing something in the living room or home is not just a good habit or if you turn off and then within the living room too quiet; I do as an alternative, turn on the handset in the mobile phone and turn on the radio it ..but as the hell even music selection does not affect the mood better than me in some way upset.

Routine taking Remedies..a little bit more to habit than not dependent on them for my not can not get used to the strange events or listening inside themselves because everyone should be fit as a fiddle to function perfectly at home in society..Nothing of this is not placebo who keeps me in a better or good  health condition.. I needed positives feelings ..a each new rays of the sun and melting snow and little plus in the time temperature and a man is already energetic..i so the way I write and change radio station..I am not breakaway of Croatia music but now I need a stronger music and not romantic tunes may be crazy or some flowers out of the house despite dubious weather brought out himself out of the window and something that can not stand the climate as a tree of life ended up broken and thrown into fire..I have no botanical garden and a perfect climate where flowers can be enjoyed as it should .. therefore, do not allow him not to piss me off and ejected from tact..Fire in the oven is loaded as it is in the house cooler than outside ..Saving is important..probably I has wood for two or three day..than turn to gas heating with the hope that it will be warmer and I'll make it to save some of money..
What is today's cooking??probably as always something simple and hastily..still combine .. but without salad in any form simply do not going.. in the rest Day..perhaps house cleaning* probably depends on my Energy.**

.mainly outside the high humidity is not that I like but in some ways better than minuses and ice;snow is already something else..this would somehow be called smell the beginning of spring ..All this sounds a bit too ordinary.
what do you think is happening in the home of ordinary people? And now that briefly read that whether wrote this a mature woman or a girl ..I think I'll be a little pull in the horizontal position, I'm not sleepy but the feel awkward.Yesterday I had some commitments so I unbuttoned as that summer.
Elusive time and I hope I'm not catching a virosis or the common cold, for two days of sweating in bed..

Fatigue, dizziness, irritability ... are just some of the symptoms-problems to us create južina for which many feel ill. Sudden changes in the weather, such as pro changes of pressure, temperature, humidity, and in this case the wind or south wind, are responsible to some people the appearance of health hardships;after above average cold of January, beginning of February and is still marked by the south wind. In fact, by Tuesday will be daytime temperatures climb to 15 degrees Celsius, and expect the rain. The change time will come only at night from Monday to Tuesday..People react differently to changes in the weather, some people are mildly or moderately sensitive, and some distinctly. The main culprit for the brain hypothalamus and pituitary glands. Meteropathy most likely occurs because the weather changes, especially the arrival of cold fronts stimulate production of ACTH or adrenocorticotropic hormone (stress hormone) secreted by the anterior pituitary (adenohypophysis).Increased secretion of ACTH due to the drop in air temperature cause anxiety and irritability in ofmeteor. at the same time decreases the secretion of endorphins, our natural pain relief, resulting in significantly reduced pain threshold. Due to the lack of endorphins increases the sensitivity of muscle, tendon and nervous system to the pain and there are headaches, pain in the bones and muscles. The increased value of ACTH and drop endorphins reduce defense capabilities of the organism and reduce mood.Scientists believe that life which is mainly taking place in closed, air-conditioned rooms often reduces the ability of the natural adaptation of the body to different weather conditions. The human body is used to the confined space, which are often overheated in winter and in summer chilled so that the mechanisms of self-regulation are no longer able to optimally react to sudden changes of weather.

 A few hours later ...I read some so-called advice that it is advisable to go out to get some air in a nature walk if you are not good ..or walk was without any significant results towards betterment; walk the store and keep a little strange to my feet...I pull like a good car in third gear, or when returning to haul in the the way I managed some small things for home purchase, but nothing special; the decision now I know why not buy more chips body wanted something salty, but not with a kilo of we brought home a pair of healthy apples; it is the law!..