Word is sown in the weeds of human lust

"If a man dives to the bottom of lust, there will fetch more gravel than pearls."


fantasies of power, beauty, success, exhibitionist behavior (continued ability to attract attention and admiration), a grandiose sense of self-worth, turmoil of emotions, from anger, through feelings of shame, to feelings of humiliation, as a reaction to the criticism.
The illusion of self-sufficiency of fragile identity "should" be maintained with the help of the grandiose fantasies of their own being..But everything seemed to be going against human favorite pastimes - enjoyment. As if someone wants to deny fun and instructive reading. After all, we live in countries that offer masochistic cult victims, and not in the "pleasure" and free-liver..The cult of the body remains the focus of our interest, because it is only a young body attractive, desirable and beautiful, no matter what will soon end up in the Empire transience..

in modern times nakedness, each of us,, has somebody that does not have "?

As with Plato, it's about being in love with the idea, the attractiveness of some of our performances, not the one you feel about real people with whom to meet and build a relationship.Some call it a walk in the clouds, they say that they feel as if they are senile, give the impression of romance who dream of the impossible and sublime..erotic connotations (ie, only in your head, but not in practice), without touching and consumption, as well as chili con carne without chilli..the perfect place for running away from their own problems; licentiousness mean devoid of conscience without intelligence, indulging new or prohibited incorporeal and intangible as emotions..It no longer corresponds to our illusion, and we are therefore angry and we want to change in order to be closer to our wishes... that 'as' real world' finally became a fairy tale. However, quite frankly, with all its flaws, defects, wrong estimates, even the various Crusades, the Inquisition various forms, including the memory of the "star in the east".

So let us continue where I stood, three to four days trying to finish this text ..
most easily is to escape into the world of illusion
factory a building or group of buildings where goods are manufactured or assembled chiefly by machine..You are not your thoughts; people spend a lifetime trapped within the walls of his own thoughts. Never sets on the other side of the narrow, personalized sense of self that is created by the mind, and caused past. In you, as in every human being, Detection and dimension frees you and the world of suffering we cause ourselves and others while it is> yeah <, created mind, all you know, the only thing that runs your life Whenever you overtake compulsive thinking avoiding reality. Then you do not want to be where you are. Here and now. Dogmas - religious, political, scientific - growing out of the erroneous belief that thought can encompass reality or truth. Dogmas are collective conceptual prisons. Oddly is that people love their prison cells because they provide feeling security and a false sense..

"An acquaintance came from casinos in one business and hospitality center. He spoke of how he played, he boasted that he had earned a few hundred kuna at roulette. A few days later we went together to buy something, I think of the story and asking for just shows how it plays. I played a couple of games. Something got a little, but not me this time something really impressed. I now remember that acquaintance who told me, "just make sure you do not take." "Whatever you," I replied to him, convinced he was talking nonsense and that it's none of my Business."Every addict is a story in itself, but every addiction has predictable sequence. As one more time devoted to the compulsive activity, so his decaying finances and psyche. Therefore, begin to report problems with the environment, which strengthens the grip of addiction over it...Awareness of the problem only means that you understand the consequences of their actions and the suffering they inflict on others..
This does not mean that you have the strength and the will to change! Therefore, the criticism of addicts and resentment that are morally depraved not only pointless, but also wrong. Addiction is a disease.rustle always precedes the feeding of animals, and shooting into a vein always precedes the feeling of relief and joy.
Cube is different. In it, the sense of relief and pleasure you will get every time and you frantically invest money until you win money. But that will not be enough because the euphoria soon and spend the money you invest in a new mental orgasm ... which, unlike drugs, might not even come...-the most common misconceptions that people assume the deeper levels of problem and pathological gambling psychological profile of gamblers.Here I use these terms symbolically to describe all the traps that to us set our brains
  ""I am angry, sad, afraid." Who is aware of?**Selective attention and selective memory: "I only see what I want to see"-introduction to '' real gamble '', continuous behavior, constantly moving within a vicious circle...But, the world of dream work and delay. While leaving beaten, subsequently, in the imagination, the gambler goes in my mind all over again, and instead of curves, in the mind pulls the right moves. This assures that the next time everything will be different. Then, thus encouraged, reappears on the scene.

This type of gambling is expensive. Luck or has or does not have. Those who do not have the luck to find ways to finance their addiction. Reach for the money intended for other purposes, and are increasingly borrowing. This occurs because a new dimension to growing indebtedness, growing more and compulsion. First, it must borrow to gamble, then must gamble to bring back the debt.

You are knowledge, not a condition that you realize...prejudices any kind implies that you are identified with the mind that thinks. It knows that not see another human being, but only an opinion of the human being. Reducing the vitality of another human being on the idea already is in itself a form of violence.Hell is a state of deep illusion, ie, a condition in which we believe each of their thoughts as absolute truth. When it works, our mind has the ability to create the wildest, scariest and most amazing stories, and we believe in them and from them create your own personal reality; in fact experiencing only his interpretation of the world around us and ourselves.The rational intelligence  is a process of rational thoughts that serve to make decisions. This includes the use of the mind in the analytical process, logical thinking and judgment, which requires time, a lot of energy and mental engagement. Emotional intelligence  is an oxymoron - a contradiction terminology. When you are emotional, your intelligence really wears thin. There is still a lack of understanding of what the emotion and how it affects our consciousness. Love we declared the overwhelming emotion, which leads to the conclusion that there is a positive emotion. But it is not so. All emotions are actually a hindrance, an obstacle awareness, mind and intellect. When the mind and intellect confused, can not work properly so the thinking hazy and distorted..We can not separate aspects of intelligence from one another because they are all related. For the moment we forget who we really are, our spiritual intelligence and ego loses generate emotions so that lost and the quality of our rational thinking . All that exists in the consciousness of every human being, the only thing you do not develop that awareness, because we are brought up to all the other external, physical things we experience more important."It is time, as you perceive it, is an illusion caused by your own physical senses ... perceptual boundaries between past, present and future are only illusions caused by the amount of activity that you physically perceive, and so do you think of that one moment exists and disappears forever , and others after him, also appears, and disappears. "This part of the personality translates inner data and sifted them through the subconscious, which is an obstacle and the door to the present personality. I also told you that the highest layers of the subconscious contain personal memories and below that, the memory of the whole race. Personality, of course there is no protective covering, or continuing the necessary analogy beneath the racial memories, you see another dimension of reality, which is facing the second self-conscious part of your being. "

Mental dependence is close to the physical manifestations (something man missing), but the cause is not (or not be) kind of material, therefore does not need to work on substance abuse. A person can be addicted to television, the Internet, business, another man, about anything. Denial of stimulus leads to a crisis similar as with physical dependence. It is common for persons who depend to become physically and psychologically dependent and vice versa.

The one who follows my blog knows that this is a it is a mega social campaign for "no smoking"chemical reactions in your brain can trigger a sense of satisfaction serious and chronic diseases, such as obesity, digestive problems, heart problems, but also can result in depression, isolation and low self-esteem..The consequences that cause to individuals, families and communities are considered one of the most serious socio-pathological disorders today.
#every beginning, ma how innocuous and harmless done, can end tragically.All you still seem harmless,count on it that can stop whenever you will.."

For example addiction affair, partner or simply the imaginary romance is quite difficult to recognize because such dependency often hide behind the conduct which is considered normal and acceptable. Unfortunately, these are depending on a man who is dependent on them just as dangerous as addiction to alcohol or drugs because not only endanger the health, but also affect interpersonal relationships biggest problem depending on the relationship is that both men and women can often be in relation to which there are only one-sided feelings. In such relationships, in order to fully satisfy the partners, people begin to lose yourself and become dependent and of love and of partner.
When you think you would regard could come to an end, lose ground. Therefore, they are ready to do everything to stay in this relationship no matter how bad it was. Thus all their actions, or at least most, reduced to reflect what could be, but it certainly will not like their partner. Connection of the imagination is equally fatal for the addict .. Often the fantasies of such addicts is no sexual or even romantic intentions.
The player is mesmerized. His greatest,almost the only value of the game....

Here's where I was brought reflection on platonic love-idolizing illusion**Man belongs to the soul of the world of ideas, and the body transitory world of matter. Since the soul existed before this life in the body, where it came to penalties, knowledge is only a memory, which is the more successful you are the soul of the virtuous life more releases impact the body. After the death of the body, it continues to live in the world of ideas.
The starting point is his philosophy of learning about the ideas, which are the only true reality, a world of sensory things only the image of the world of ideas. Ideas are eternal and unchangeable, and sensory beings are changeable and imperfect, and there are only participating in ideas.
extremely influential Greek philosopher, an idealist, a student of Socrates, Aristotle's teacher and founder Academy- (Athens, 428 BC. BC., or 427 BC. BC. - Athens, 347 BC. BC., or 348 BC.)
It Plato Learning makes its idealistic and dualistic interpretation of the world. He says that the idea of the origin, cause and model of all that exists. For it is true, eternal and unchanging world, the world of ideas. Plato in his youth was in doubt, to observe the world: As something that is changing, as the philosophy of Heraclitus or something is, what is the philosophy Parmenias, who said: "Being is, but not get rid of", and from that doubt, came to that theory.

In fact, Plato described humanity as a group of people in a dark cave. Behind them is a hole from which comes the light. The light casts a shadow on the wall in which people watch. How are people out there might carry some things (boxes, for example), shadows on the wall give people the wrong impression of the outside world - people with checkered head (lack of knowledge of the world of ideas). Sometimes someone from the group separated and out of the cave, however, strong light blind them (because of the darkness in which they live) and those in fear of running back to the cave.