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awareness of life in the present and living each moment fully

Hello or alo, cool; I coming to you from somewhere else; frustration of a couple of days but I will not write about it**.What you think or see in the mirror is just an odd reflection of the movement that is mirrored in our eyes and in your the minds...
how long it takes a man to become fulfilled **well, that is something totally differently than questions about happiness.Gold-fulfilled is something that seems an eternity and lasts indefinitely looking but makes us remain immortal.
What circulates through the juice these days still needs to be recorded;wake up with a headache and you know her cause and to at least partially have to live with it and know the cause..I'm not your battery of light energy where you  forever can to complement..Keep your own words serve as a remedy..

If you want to look through my eyes, you know that's impossible.I am for the blind only system of writing and reading intended for blind or visually impaired -Braille;designed a system of six points classified numbered 1 to 6 and arranged in two columns and three columns that can be convex or concave (first column - 1, 2, 3; second column - 4, 5, 6). Each letter of the alphabet, numbers, or any punctuation corresponding to a certain combination, position and number of these relief points, and "read" the touch of a hand, or swipe from left to right across the paper on which something was written that letter. The meaning of some combination of points can vary among different languages, depending on the letters in the alphabet of a language are, and the other does not, and vice versa.
Method rediscovery experience of life, produce a transformation of consciousness, to awaken us from the dream world and the endless thoughts that we experience life as it is at the moment,as in the famous story, should be emptied his cup to get into it could infuse new content.The truth can be revealed only if we do serious research, we stop to imitate, and can not give up the search for answers to the fundamental questions of life and challenges view of the world turned us into fearful observers and actors of life and so we lobotomy of the spirit of true adventure that is associated with a deeper sense of reality and the search for knowledge themselves, understand the concept of freedom; This primarily means self-control, inner freedom, spontaneity, authenticity and incorporation of nature and the whole of life and death.
To head to the south and feet to the north -So why am constantly tired? I wake up exhausted? If a man is burdened with life, the psyche can not withstand the pressure and then, in addition to mental, and physical illnesses occur.Symptoms spring fatigue easily disappears when the body adjusts to the weather conditions, but stress can never be used. Apparently can, but that price is too high. A man falls ill, his immune system weakens further and the circle closes.
When I'm better than some 50 shades fifth element replenishment this post, edit and expand.

When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.

Of course, that certain words or certain quotes reveal my mood, but it was such a breath moment of my life.What does this have to do with the title or any life fulfillment; no links.
He remained a question mark hanging in the air.
So that's when you cut off from the Internet, it is not strange or wrong when it happens and you are in need of some essential .Commit country little man, to think you cut off from their own reality and solving their problems.
On all sides I was frozen without some support, listless fighting but still standing.
Do Where it all stopped, you have a time when you have to wait for specific solutions and actions that do not depend only on me or you, sometimes shorter and sometimes is too long; failure to appear and quiet small circle of people judged as negligence or disregard for my health and I for certain tips his burden is not Dale with others, such as a neurologist noted ** stop, do not we talk now of prematurely Osman magnificent up of industrial revolution on its history of disease and illness.
Sometimes I think that they have enough other papers on the basis of them make logical conclusions rather than over again I have to dive through the history of pain and trauma.
Get out of it, but impossible if they repeatedly ask about it.


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