Blockbuster rumble like an "anti-drug ambassador" sit to the left if you are to change, the right to tradition:

"You must tell me, where are you bia those three days what you were not there! And I have to say I do not, I'm known well where are you been? You were with that whore, with those whores were you !!"
 "Even before ten days changed're there taps on the sink, and now it to command, and that's a plumber, professional me. "" I'll warehouses to blow up, everything has to fly and you and I and half of the city. "" in this barracks you will not even write that! "
Each of us at least once happened that we woke up with a stiff, sore vratom.Gospođo give a few small pillows on a large pillow and fall asleep so, it will surely be more stark; there you our chiropractic ... all the happiness that you have in the closet that the day before the day after tomorrow or in the future;) painkillers...
When you do not know how my eldest brother Jackie Chan works, a couple of times you hit a slap or Tai chi as boxers and what movies guys supposedly do ;I dare not to practice ..
Do You have political opinions?
barometar Croatian society

29.2 percent of respondents did not want to answer the question as partisan - "left" or "right" - on a scale from 0 (extremely left) to 10 (extremely right).
Highly left opted to 3.2 percent of respondents, and extremely right 6.2 percent, while 27.1 percent of respondents chose the middle, and number five on the scale.
The political left (0-4 on the scale) of "breathing" 15.9 percent of respondents, a political right (6-10 on the scale) 28.8 percent.
Political developments extremely interested in 5.6 percent of respondents, while 23.5 percent of them fairly, while little interest in politics shows 39.1 percent and 29.8 percent of any. The answer to this question does not know 1.4 percent, and 0.5 percent were unanswered.
Television's most trusted 19.9 percent, newspapers by 9.7 percent, 8.2 percent of the Internet, the media in general 2.5 percent, direct communication by 2.1 percent and 1.7 percent of the radio.

The division between left and right political orientation has its roots in the French Revolution, when the session of the Assembly in 1789. supporters of the current regime were sitting on the right side of the hall, and the opponents on the left. From then on the right side represents the political views that are conservative and supportive of the existing social order rooted in tradition, while the left consider those options that promote social change and the fight for equality. These can be identified two fundamental aspects of this dimension - as opposed to accepting the rejection of inequality and the desire for social change as opposed to the preservation of the existing hierarchy;understanding the psychological background of these differences, and respect for the positive and negative aspects of both orientations, the better the strategy of opening dialogue of mutual ignorance or mutual attribution of stereotypes that lead nerazumijevanju.U politics or political theory center is a name that means the movements, parties and ideologies that promote attitudes between the so-called. left and right, or trying to find a middle way between the two ideologies. The ideology that promotes political center as an alternative left and the right is called centrism.Often used the modern name for the third time, which is more widely used in the economy, indicating the synthesis of free markets and social sensitivity, actually the philosophy of reconciliation between capitalism and democratic socialism.





Bread and games

The words of contempt that is tossed Juvenal (Satire X, 81) Roman crowds, which is the Roman Forum sought only cereals and free games in the circus or gladiatorial combat in the arena. Given the fact that at that time one-fifth the population of Rome lived at public expense, because she had not done anything, those words had only allegorical, as we have today, when with them will tell you that the crowd only care about that that ye may eat and to have fun and not taking care of matters of general interest

only reflexive modernity, the importance of self-determination, multidimensional understanding of self-control and self-censorship community's condemnation, culturally legitimate
Infotainment is the term used to describe trends or tendencies of modern mass media, especially television to informative content and news combined with fun. The word comes from the English language, that represents a combination of the words information (information) and entertainment (entertainment). On a positive note, the team under an effort to make the news and informative content presented on the audiovisual appealing or "fun" way. In the negative sense that imply editorial policy which insists on the "popular" and "attractive" subjects such as black news, gossip from the life of celebrities and the like. Opposite the important topics of politics, economy and culture.



Sex drive ??? Orientation Compass ?? ?? on the organization and functioning of the brain gland ?? of same sex couples? * against Nature? * or point of education?
Through lack of understanding of this phenomenon * Selecting or biology?

!historical continuity stigmatization of mental images personalized preferences permanent features of the pre-Oedipal (auto) erotic stage, victimization early initiation accumulation of experiences within a specific cultural framework, when exotic becomes erotic.Sexual world, therefore, divided into three "tribes": sexual fantasy..Sexual fluidity of sexual orientation**The term sexual orientation refers to physical, sexual, emotional, spiritual, etc., appeal to different people and / or the same sex and / or gender.Sexual orientation and sexual behavior (and preference) is not the same. Sexual orientation is based solely on sex and gender.Heterosexuality - physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual appeal mainly to persons of different sexHomosexuality - physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual appeal mainly to people of the same sexBisexuality - physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual attraction to persons of the same sex and differentTransgender people also have a sexual orientation. She still primarily corresponds to their gender and gender identity, not gender.The fourth sexual orientation: 70 million people are asexual-For a growing number of aseksualaca blame is just long and blatant sexualization of society * or sexually are not attracted even one gender .

Of course I have a bit to go through the scientific explanation of certain social phenomena and knowledge; I do not like to go into someone else's pants or sleeping room and think about or discuss it, but this can not be avoided because in certain parts of the world or a particular person; I do not know how to act in a particular context; sometimes ask questions that you sexual orientation? For me such a question has not happened in my life and I hope that will not happen because I would probably rejected by that person to ask me that ** ; and not because of prejudice.
We do not have a tradition of such questions**..(.But you are not open to the world?*)..Dumb CONCLUSION..Of course that in my country there are various sections of people and political orientation but this topic is not taboo nor church..nor even BYcommunity; A law to correct and confer certain rights to bypass some kind of mass lynching OR CONVICTION as different from you ..Different from us, NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE CREATED FROM MOTHER AND FATHER, LIKE PEOPLE BORN; men and women; THROUGH THE DEVELOPMENT OF LIFE YOU CAN NEVER FIND OUT ABOUT OUR REVOLUTION further our evolution.But even when we talk about Forget your sex life that constantly filled with various newspaper circulation and erotic sensations. I do not think about him than about the love that the origins WORLD AND LIVING biological being.SORRY BUT SEX OR SEXUAL REPRODUCTION; EVEN monkeys in the jungle NOT TO JUMP idiotic one another in just for fun; Than in the time of reproduction and the survival of their community.The fact that scientists noticed such a phenomenon and in the animal world Maybe it's just coincidence SOME domination over other animals.MOSTLY PRINTED are aware that people are curious BY NATURE AND THEN TOO, THAT THERE ARE SUGGESTIONS, Education and auto-suggestion and some NATURAL genetic disorder; WHAT SOMEONE MEETS AND MOSTLY happy MAY NOT BE DRUG AND ALL WHOM MADE OF IT AND I WILL BE OFFERED OR accommodating WITH ALL theory, practice and the fact THROUGH EVIDENCE OF SCIENCE.
HOW equalize HUMAN RIGHTS *IN PRESENTATION FIRST PERSON YOU SEE ANY male or female, regardless of age, we are not talking about the love of futures or past experiences.Stretch out your hand, TAKE each other and get to know...NOT ONE ON FACE OR FACE  WRITING OR LEAD THE SPECIFIC STIGMA OR SIGMA; SIGN ARE YOU NORMAL, abnormal, INVALID, OR MEDUZA AMEBA OR diabetic or who knows what LIKE, YOU HAVE ANY NAME AND YOUR personality.If in a further acquaintance and realize that SOMEONE WANTS TO THEIR OPINIONS ON PARTICULAR orientation MEANS THAT WANTS understanding without judgment ; AS EVERY EUROPEAN CITIZEN OR CITIZEN OF OTHERS TO continent understand and accept OR YOUR SEXUAL ORIENTATION HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR Far associations because it does not practiced WITH me, because we are just friends or acquaintances.Of course I'll try from other misunderstanding YOU PROTECT AND MY OWN.And these are the subjects that only YOU CONCERNS OF YOUR HEALTH AND LIFE YOU CAN Share with me BUT MY ADVICE WILL NOT GIVE, BECAUSE  this decision should be mature and responsible BY YOURSELF.

The report, "Sexuality and gender: Results from biological, psychological and social sciences", together signed by dr. Lawrence Mayer and others. Paul McHugh. Mayer is a visiting lecturer at the Department of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University and a professor of statistics and biostatistics at the State University of ArizonaThe report provides an overview of precise studies showing that "only a minority of children who identify with the opposite sex will continue to do so in adolescence or adulthood."One of the topics that appear in several places in the report is that science does not support the assertion that "gender identity" immutable characteristic regardless of biological sex, but to a combination of biological, environmental and experiential factors likely to shape the way in which individuals experience and express themselves in terms of sex and "gender".The report also discusses the reality of neuroplasticity: that the brains of all of us can change and alter the entire course of our lives (especially, but not exclusively, in childhood) in response to our behavior and experience. These changes in the brain can then affect our future behaviorWe are concerned about the increasing tendency towards making the children with gender identity problems are encouraged to pass on their chosen gender by medical and surgical procedures, "the authors continue. However, to note, "there is little scientific evidence for the therapeutic value of interventions that delay puberty or modify the secondary sexual characteristics of adolescents."review of the scientific literature found that almost nothing is well understood when we look for biological explanations of what causes individuals to declare that their gender does not match their biological sex. ... It takes a better research, and to identify ways in which we can help reduce the rate of poor outcomes for mental health and to enable more informed debate on some of the nuances that are present in this area.

After 33 years Riječanka finally become a manThe operation lasted six hours

As in Croatia doctors, says Damir, do not have access to this problem, or do not want to have it decided first to hormone therapy in Ljubljana, which thanks to its true nature, three years before the operation began gradually and physically emerge. The final objective was, however, the operation, which has decided to make in Belgrade, where there is a great medical team specializing in these procedures. The local medical team, says Damir, does not turn a woman into a man and vice versa, but considers that only corrects a mistake of nature.The operation lasted for six hours, wherein Damir's upper and lower female sexual characteristics changed suddenly. Removed his uterus and the ovaries, breasts removed, constructed dicks."After the surgery for me nothing has drastically changed since I was from that moment I really was, what I was from the first day of life. The normal and happy person, finally satisfied and in his body, "concludes Damir. Previous psychological tests showed, interestingly, it is the fact and conservative, but that he simply explained, does not mean that they are transgender, gays or anyone else to whom we turn, liberal, preliberalni - these are normal people whose nature mistaken. "I've always been a man, and this is quite a conservative man, and sex have changed not because I am a liberal, but because I, for my own sake, I do," he says. Who can understand, he will understand, who can not, Damir, as he says, not criticized. But he says: "If you notice that your child is not what you 'should' be, do not make their misunderstanding in even greater suffering, do not apply to him even more pain. Twenty-first century, where everyone deserves its place in the sun ".Damir is no problem, he says, could change his former girl's name in the present and in the documents is the discharge letter from Belgrade, which says it has changed sex, sex and changed the sheets."I can only commend the Office of the State Administration of Rijeka ladies in the MUP, bank, everywhere where I had to go in order to change data. They were extremely helpful and friendly. Rijeka, I think, in general there is no problem with prejudice, this is the environment in which it seems to me, a man will not be marked. Therefore, continue to live in this city, "concludes Damir, who after graduation job in the family business. The only problem that remains is, he says, his college degree, which can not, for reasons unknown to him, to change dataI do not want to reveal his identity just because they do not want my family, which was well received by myself, there are problems with the environment. But I want to talk about it because it is my duty to cause the people change their minds, to come up with transsexuals removed the stigma and to realize that we are normal people whose nature is wrong, "he tells us Damir.Since he is aware of the environment and differences in sex, he says, he knew he was not a girl. When his mother wore a dress, he knew that mom something wrong, or is, especially later, adapted to what is supposed to be. He did not, however, never wore make-up, even wearing high heels, but he tried to talk about themselves in feminine gender. It is not, however, have the strength to say aloud who he really is.

Of course that's what I was born with a natural curiosity, narvno to see through media events and news as well as the first internetu.Vital issue is not sex or sex or political orientation and even less thought or the mere thought.Life is not sex and games **panem et circenses...
Try a couple of days a child can not change diapers or be without food or water, or the patient after surgery a few weeks does not change the bandages.
Surely you will fall in that moment the idea of sexual orientations, left or right or straight or underneath it.

For me it's too much eroticism, local rituals, pseudo-religious performances and pre-modern myths...The neighbor let poured another black bitter, the way we will fall even that shift black joke without geographical origin ..
You drink hormones to increased estrogen, that's what women have in unlimited amounts.Can women become boys?Through old movies were advised pass beneath long and there you will find a pot of goods or become boys; Does this mean that cosmetic surgery can turn into a vagina penis?Do only the masculine gender changed? Or is it has become a lucrative business? Being androgynous fashion model? Or easy employment in pornographic industry and becoming a dizzying star ..Does this mean we women will emerge and they will be extremely rich and ning people .. ??they have the guts to cut off, what about those men who are to be done to disease ?? example cancer?For the operation of sex or genitals say the price of Belgrade 10 000 euro,  for now Belgrade who are interested or some other continent ..To my knowledge on this topic is silent on our TV screen; here I will to, not No. THEY CAN  at their own expense.This is not a cancer that threatens human health *.When they need costly surgery for severely ill with various rare diseases and cancers in the million-dollar amounts must be established foundations and raise loans, to do concerts and humanitarian action; and that people always jumps irrespective of the results.

In Serbia, the Center for genital surgery, leading dr. Miroslav Djordjevic, since 2002 sex change more than 300 people, mostly foreigners.
- Keep in touch with most of their patients. Due to the relatively closed environment in which they live, patients are mostly left the Croatian after surgery and begin a new life. Our patients are mostly intellectuals and highly educated - said Dr. Djordjevic, who previously operated a dozen Croats.
Transsexualism occurs on one of 100,000 people, and the patients who suffer from gender identity disorder do not feel good about yourself. Team doctor Djordjevic works both types of operations, from male to female and vice versa.


All operations necessary for sex change will be at the expense of HZZO
people who want to change sex will be able to perform the necessary operations at the expense of HZZO.Children from an early age know that they were born the wrong sex and live in another tribe will be able, with the support of the whole family immediately after the entry into puberty get medication Wherewith stops puberty their biological sex.With 16 years will receive hormone therapy, which will the appearance of them gradually integrate gender in which they live.Adults before changes will have the right to store their gametes to vital statistics in the future to achieve their biological parenthood.some of these are innovations that bring professional guidelines for preparing opinions of health care workers and psychologists, addressed in public debate.workflow actions-they bring a detailed flow chart of treatment, from primary care physicians further, when a person asks for help with his hometown distrofijom.precizno we prescribe treatment, a psychologist, a psychiatrist and an endocrinologist.Surgical part has not yet been arranged, but if accepted guidelines that are consistent with international guidelines on sex operation defined as a therapeutic procedure for people with gender dysphoria, a person will receive a referral and can perform the necessary procedures at the expense of HZZO-author of the guidelines and says psychologist with rich experience in dealing with people with native disforija.ministarstvo health, as we found out, but he asked for making a precise list of diagnostic-therapeutic procedures.Today someone walking out of the transition from one gender to another even in Croatia can not remove the breast or uterus as gender dysphoria is not an indication for such an operation.Final operations in Croatia are not performed.

Metrosexual was first mentioned by Mark Simpson in his article in The Independent at the end of 1994: 'Metrosexual is a loner who has a high income, living and working in a big city because there the best shops. He is the best consumer. During the eighties, he could only find in a commercial for Levi's or in fashion magazines. In the nineties he was everywhere and going shopping. '

Information for all trendsetters and those who feel that way: metrosexuals are no longer in vogue, recently were pushed lumberseksualci or 'urban lumberjacks' whose trademark beard of several days, slicked hair, boots or shoes brand Timberland, backpack and obligatory plaid shirt , preferably of rough materials like flannel.
He works in the sector of new technologies, earns more than a decent salary and despite despises metrosexual, their tight pants and tie, lumberseksualac (lumbersexual, the English name for a woodcutter - lumberjack) their "dangerous" appearance is trying to leave an impact on the environment.

We  normal abnormal people certainly do not**

Prenatal development is human development from conception to birth. During the nine months (if not happen temporary labor) of cells barely visible microscope is gradually going down to the development of a newborn weighing about 3 kg and a length of about 50 cm. Until modern times, human development in the first nine months was unknown.
First stop on the first day divided into more cells. From the 3rd and 4th days embryo travels the fallopian tubes to the uterus, where it implants in the inner wall around 7 to 10 days after conception and begins to feed. From 10 to 14 days embryo their feeding and secretion of the hormone prevents menstruation. The nervous system, brain and spinal cord are formed on the 20th day. A day later, the heart begins to beat. After four weeks you can distinguish your feet, hands, eyes and ears. The muscles and spine are formed. After a full month of the heart to pump increasing amounts of blood. There is a separation of the mother's blood with the blood of the embryo in the placenta, while the missing oxygen and food. Compared with the first station, the embryo is 10,000 times larger and still growing.
The production of pigment eyes 35 days. On hand you can see all your fingers. Approximately 40 days appear, in brain waves. In the sixth week, usually the mother learned of the pregnancy. The brain controls the work of the organs and muscles and the liver produces blood cells. The embryo is the size of 10-12 mm. Umbilical cord blood from coming in oxygen and nutrients to the embryo and used blood goes. The heart has a 140-150 beats per minute in the seventh week of closing the eyelids to protect delicate eyes. Opens only in the seventh month. Formed precursors teeth. In the eighth week the embryo has become a fruit (lat. Fetus). The kidneys and stomach perform functions. Harmonizes the work of the nervous and muscular system. Length of the fetus is about 3 cm. Weightless floating in amniotic fluid. It is protected it from shock and pressure.
Pregnancy is known to the mother. The fetus can hear the mother's voice, the sounds and beating of a mother's heart. The bones are soft and flexible. Through the umbilical cord takes place circulation of fluid per 280 liters per day. Length of the fetus is about 25 cm. Mutual ratio of body proportions similar to that found in adult humans, only the head is proportionately larger. Mother begins to feel fetal movement.