Constructors and passengers of the Titanic their zeal that 'was not in accordance with the correct knowledge'

* One of 77 people, away from each other for miles of light days or who have remained with me in our joint trials'

so the tooth fairy*
This precious war diary times manages to convey a strong sense of the supernatural, while staying very faithful strictly religious duties, the study of the divine truth of which communicate their artistic skill and brothers and believers, with a beautiful glow and graceful innocence. Equally pure and holy, deprived of dishonesty.

All these are based on self-esteem and healthy relationships although sometimes the truth just hurts, but it also develops our character discovering that we have some things for years kept silent for some reason.
They say that honesty is the best policy, on the other hand has been told that the truths that make us the most benefit from the latest that we want to hear.
Today, as adults we can choose to react differently and we need not fear irrational fears of possible reactions interlocutor-to a certain extent true statement or not accurate enough and can be intepretirati in several ways corny and somewhat identified what is the real truth and what we think.
Soon you will realize that what we think we know, is actually based on presumptions and not on facts but can still be honest if you are creative in how you this truth present because tact is attributed to some other masters of the art of understanding and balance between full disclosure and Policy.

To speak honestly is to say what you really think, to tell the truth exactly as you see it and do it regardless of the consequences?
So that the truth or falsehood bears the consequences? I just conflicts with the text that I try to follow ii understand that all currents of emotion and knowledge stir in the article with or more who themselves try to accept the truth of knowledge of bliss discovering their own and protect their own personality which attempt alleviate or mask with add words to assess situations or circumstances or single occasions of events and events.Who guarantees of pure motives (motive as word) and identified using emotion that somewhere there is no gloating or insult to another person or personality. The circumstances are different and time-events there are white and gray mild falsehoods explanation for this is weighing a tact that is wise a virtue and this word is used in the media and on various courses in a different way and not to benefit one's invigoration of consciousness.

This is as if I fell into a metaphysical discussion some strange trap that my mind is read in a different way, questions about the sincerity of mind, id, ego and in this case referred to the sincerity of the heart or the spirit of a couple of billion people.
In interpersonal relationships all require absolute sincerity and to be honest it sounds like the easiest thing in the world. But when it comes to the necessity of its implementation we find ourselves before a real challenge. Many who expect honesty in relationships do not know how to deal with it when it is spoken. As we expect to hear only what suits us, but what justifies us and just what we feed our ego. We like honesty only for people who love us, and sincerity others call it arrogance.
Honesty should be the beginning of love for people, a sign of selflessness and devotion. It should be such as to face the unpleasant truth about themselves or others requires a lot of patience and effort.
Being honest is not easy because it makes us vulnerable. It shows us what we are, showing us as people who make mistakes, and it gives others a chance to criticize and reject us or our proposal to even uglier than the way that we hide the truth or lie at the very beginning.

"The feast, not with old yeast, any yeast of malice and evil, but with unleavened bread of honesty and truth." (1 Cor 5: 8).

see the meaning of quality of our daily life * grow up "enjoying fabulous wealth and countless privileges."

openness, intimacy, truthfulness, relevance, ethics, sincerity, honesty, competence, benevolence, righteousness, virtue, justice, honesty, morality, humility, morality, purity, stainlessness, safety, compassion, collegiality, gentleness, morals, honor, truthfulness, validity, morality, moral purity, honesty., integrity., reliability, incorruptibility., clean hands., incorruptibility., with integrity, honesty, exemplarity, fairness, face, diligence, character

void man can pursue *

However, have you heard some people claim that science can tell us all about life?
Outstanding theory of evolution, or even quantum physics, with all its unpredictable fluctuations, offer no comfort or security. "Scientific discoveries are much contributed to the fact that we get a better picture of how much life is diverse and to understand the natural cycles and processes that maintain life. Yet, science can not tell us why we are here and where we are going.

What if in the past you have not found satisfactory answers to the questions?
If you do not get a satisfactory answer, the suffering will end, and the person could become sore.

What gets people to their daily needs?
"Each of us receives approximately three cups of corn flour, one cup of peas, 20 grams of soy flour, 2 tablespoons of cooking oil and 10 grams of salt. Sometimes we get a piece of soap, which should last for a month. "
Daily we must spend just a bucket and water. "

One menu full time servant of a new world, where all "unpin their swords to plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks on; will not lift sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. " Then they will "sit every man under his vine and under the fig tree, and none shall make them afraid;
If our important our "principles" and "attitudes", some of our petrified "beliefs" (and often it turns out that these are only some of the series of prejudices that we have), then there is no need to bother. Here sincerity is not at home. I probably will not succeed in a relationship what we really wanted.
(Critique aside, as much as you think it is more what we deserve criticism and condemnation.) This is a shortcoming of our custom and incorrectly formed views of the people and to the world. And none of us that is not learned, and so we learned that.

personal experience that themselves directly transmitted-here's why it's true landmine *
not aware of the actions and consequences and causal links between them when carelessly assumes that it will not happen or carelessly assumes that it will be able to stop it without ever uračunavane all the ensuing consequences of his actions, which is a form of strict liability-secular consciousness-avoidable misconceptions about being = stop-complexity of the topic and inconsistent interpretation and further lead to the fluidity of demarcation in practice, it carries with it the risk of arbitrary and uneven solutions expose the theoretical aspects of demarcation, provide guidance for interpretation de lege lata, and offer suggestions de lege ferenda. theoretical dilemmas or value-oriented philosophy to "value-based thinking" speculative concepts whose source in the structure of our own consciousness, a certain value judgment. "personal prekorljivost design and realization of the will. Doctrinaire "ping -pong" when science and practice of trying to construct applicable and environmental guidelines while literature abounds with articles on each individual form as the last bastion of psychologism persons from the totality of possible flows choose just the one that suits his interests. Or indifference to the majority by conflicting facts and individual general will contradictions with original items from their teachings that witness the roller complement objective standards of due care, ie. Attention "that would invest conscientious and reasonable man.
Innate behavior or instinct (from (Lat.) = Impulse, inspiration, instinct) is unique to the living organism by instinct particular behavior. It affects mood and activities to achieve the goal. Innate behaviors are not innate, inherited forms that exist without learning needs. Instinct is a complicated and complex chain of unconditional refleksa- they innate, inherited and unlearned behavior patterns, who strive to satisfy. Satisfaction has a vital importance. Instinctual needs are met in a way that does not depend on the experience of the individual, by not learned behavior patterns. Causing dissatisfaction of the internal voltage, while accompanied by a feeling of comfort satisfaction.
According to psychology, human beings do not have instincts, but instincts. The difference is that the instincts, as such, motivate behavior in a way that can not be prevented, while drives subject to human will.
The morning when we wake up because the clock alarm clock ringing furiously and sleepy and still, we are faced with knowing how much effort is needed to get up and issues the strength of their own design: If we understood the situation as dangerous emotional response will be such that the danger realna.Mi we live our lives, we keep it, we sleep, we protect, organize their space, hang out with people or avoid them, we educate for some jobs, we do these jobs, compete with others ... bear titles and medals ..itd. Sometimes we wonder "why did I do that" but sometimes we pass through their actions rushing in other activities without delay. Do you always know "why we do what we do"? What do we want and how we will achieve their desires? Even if you do not have a clear conscience about it, we know that all our behavior is purposeful and a goal directed activity.
The issue of motivation is a matter of starting, directing and maintenance activities which man meets their physiological or psychological needs. Our behavior can be explained by our motives. When asked why we do things, the most common answer is because we want to, because we have a need for something or because we were something of the outside "forced" on it.
Maybe you can accept the notion that a man has as many motivations as there are objectives of the aspirational.
Children and adults, modern man as a member of uncivilized tribes have the same goals: to survive, in order to secure safety, to feel pleasure and to experience new excitement.
SURVIVAL, SAFETY, SATISFACTION and incentives are our general and basic life goals. Within each of them there are very concrete, specific motifs that contribute to their achievement.
Intellectual like motifs are motifs which trigger group on intellectual effort, therefore, to the observation, reflective troubleshooting, etc. cognition. One of the most powerful drivers of human knowledge is the curiosity.
The motive of curiosity based on the cognitive needs, manifested in the research and its essence is the desire or aspiration for discovering, getting to know the unknown. The development of intellectual potential of the personality and contributes to self-realization and feeling of self-respect. Teaching is based on curiosity represents the ideal that we should strive every educational system (despite the fact it seems as if the school did all that from the classroom expel curiosity) .Motiv fighting spirit manifested in the tendency of people to achieve their goals through struggle and competition (competition) . Of course, these are those objectives whose achievement interfere with other people and in such situations, a man trying to fight through the competition with other people realize the objective pursued

These are also the most important indicators of socialization of human beings.
Positive social motives are driven by human activities that aim to link with other people, to the activities of approaching people and build positive relationships with people. They drive us on activities to people, to the people.
The personality that is motivated by trying to reach the finish line and directs energy to a target. If on the way to satisfy the motif finds an obstacle, one person can not reach the goal and satisfy the motive. Personality is frustrated.
Obstacles personal nature are obstacles that do not belong to the external environment are already in the figures. The very person that seeks an order is an obstacle in itself. One can want to give their opinion on a public event but it does not do it for fear that others will laugh. A man may have a strong desire for respect from other people and that his behavior provokes contempt and hostility in others. Obstacle satisfying motives that man is his own feature or a feeling. A child may, for example, to want to play with other children or is shy and does not know how to join the group - or- may wish to recite at an event but is afraid of public speaking - or-as we have said, may wish to be the best pupil but there is not enough ability to do so.

Replacement target through exchangeable approach is finding an alternative solution when the person is prevented to come to the desired goal. In other words, if a man can not reach a certain goal, it can satisfy and something else. If you do not have money to buy some original we can meet and copy. If you can not enroll a certain college student will choose a similar; If the couple can not after much effort and attempt to obtain your own child, can opt for the adoption of a child. Frustration activated man to seek solutions by extending the framework of their possible targets. Hungry man may have the desire to eat a particular food in a particular restaurant or if it is in fact prevented a famine is becoming stronger he will be satisfied and sandwich at a fast food restaurant.
My nature consciously chasing me like a slave driver to constantly go on and on despite bushy thorny paths; sometimes weakened externally and internally strong or opposite events, and battles take a long time to make a man of himself all away and let it only carries water.
This statement let this water carries or wait a certain period of time or all forever postpone not naturally embedded in human behavior and somehow goes against the grain to cowardice; and we are due to natural built-in elements in the mother nature and aunt evolution fighters; shields weaken or not mechanical tools or tool and you need to be aware even cartoon characters from the comic book or the story of Batman and Superman.
A little color in my cheeks; mother nature and father doctor and God the father as well as my genetic roots are responsible for this although me time limit choking and pressed against the wall of a fucking invisible firing squad and I with a patch over one eye.
Let's go further and let us legs carry through life a little easier than before but not sluggish and somewhat illnesses because human adversity.