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Let's hear what you lie when you realize that you are a minor at the store?rarely do not give, if they ask for personal, I say that I took because I had left in my wallet, always pass ..and if we do not give, I tell them that I already buy at a kiosk, which was 2 feet away and then givein large stores always and necessarily ask for personal so that there is not worth the effort .. best on newsstands..I go to the cinema or a cafe in which delve ever sale..I go to the press ... they are so f * be as much as when the year..gun, bags and: hands you motherfuckers give me a cigarette or I'll call the police ...: lol: that's my cousin river..hahahah ... one of the better proposals...

Leaving the shopping center. This day is one of those, who are pleased to cross your calendar.Now I deserved a cigarette. Nervously I tear out the cover and read: -Smoking harms your health ?! On the other hand, another proverb; -Smoking during pregnancy harms child development.Oh, do not tell me! Fuck kujac!In front of me was a gentleman in overalls. In the hands of a tin bread. He glances at his watch, raised his eyebrows. Pause will pass, and he was still there. I'm not much more to cigarettes. I enjoy the situation, thinking that possibly cigarettes and not buy it, but it would be foolish when so many can not wait.
Checkout the bottleneck. All reward cards, and it lasts, it lasts ... Me station anyway. I'm listening, unobtrusive course, talk and somehow chilling. Everything was like a concert. The situation has its own rhythm. Checkout sound registers each item and acts as a metronome...

At one point, Ms. no. 2, one in front of me, notice that I do not have anything in his hands and offered me: -You do not have anything, you can go! Thank you very much! - Please, molim.Sada scene looks different; Checkout, two or three people in front of me, me, Ms. no. 1, Domagoj, Ms. no. 2, nameless actors ...

Why I write this, most of the cashier does not like when they arrive and are searching for a pack of cigarettes; first you know, the other ones are not guilty because they are sold at their workplace, a third too much luxury expense that costs health and a fourth they are unpleasant to look at those ugly pictures on the boxes Tern but I do not believe it is doing this campaign sales fell, just spent too much ink to print something that our kids are constantly seen on the TV screen in horror films ..

I do not live like a priestess or do not belong is not this damn medieval society Inquisition ....

Visionary interventions with me in my home and civilizing step forward worthy threshold of the European Union; What it cost me to life by the way is converted and the traveling chemical toilets ..
"Excuse me, ma'am, would you add that Marlboro Light and condom flavored with banana under your heels? No, not the hand, but the one in the film ... " One capillary phase of development: Shameless for a new excursion, preferably in a fine mother's..with cult food processor-engineers and system specialist expertise read as a cautionary toponym; who is poor people's fault that the consequences notes only now, when traders already raise monuments to the Father of your assets?
We came so little to almost perfect model of business organization of society according to which everybody does everything, but at least everyone is doing its basic job;and even absolutely free of the last remnants of sanity....

Kuku lele! Kuku lele is not a term that is in fashion, perhaps it can be said that is slowly dying. Too bad, this is a very old folk expression of lamentation and mourning.
There are differences in the variables that influence the purchase due to the amount of monthly income. '' 'Attitudes have the tendency of an individual to a positive or negative reaction to products, services or situations.' '' 'Lifestyle presents the activities, interests and opinions that affect the way of spending time and money each individual...' 'Imaginary Croatian family from national statistics on transport spends 7,923 kuna. In the clothing and shoes in a year spent 5557 kuna, which is per person, per year, less than 1,900 kuna. One member of the household a year on shoes so consumed 574 kuna, which means that the money for about one fair shoes annually. Cigarette smoke, according to official statistics, spends annually 498 kuna, which is sufficient for him about 33 packs of cigarettes. If you smoke one pack a day, you buy at a kiosk rather than with smugglers, since their earnings have money for cigarettes to little more than a month. Bearing in mind that a third of Croatian regular smoking, hairdresser Vesna and designer Marko from our store are smokers, Mark's wife Ivana trying to quit for years, Mary has never smoked, and John was able to stop smoking after the price of cigarettes and the announcement of the smoking ban in public places.
Both are children of working families, but if they had any dreams of a better life, they were quickly melted after an unplanned pregnancy that followed because they, like most Croats, used contraception. But realistically, Mary and John were never fired high, because if they did, their education would not care about the high school. Neither would John do today in the Dukat factory in Žitnjak, and Mary as a cashier in a store Konzum on Črnomerec. They live in a family house in Trešnjevka, with John's parents, Joseph and Mirjana who are retired. Although Mary was initially feared that it would look like, it's all right, because John's parents are nice people that they do not meddle too much in life, and they have their own apartment of about 60 square meters per floor. The house they kept dog Bear in the yard, although the words "Beware of the dog" on the gate of the court actually extremely outrageous. Ivan will probably die at age 71, and Mary will welcome 78 summers. Official statistics assumes that both die from heart attack or stroke or cancer.You must be wondering where my so-called advertising with online shopping with eBay, with that I stopped, time infatuation and time certificates of quality or defects and proving mind how it looks healthier mind, messages mail and letter carriers, it's just been a refund of my salary in the past year: I wanted to crack and end up with this crazy story about the packages from distant world; not hazaderski amateur kamikaze enterprise; at least to get rid of some other fallen wedding ..
WILL NOW Croats to quit smoking?

The increase in the price of two kuna in only a year, explains, will be a serious blow to smokers, but experience shows that a very small part of them because of the high cost stops smoking: the majority prefer to move on to cut tobacco, mostly from the black market. Such decisions usually bring customers cheapest cigarettes, which is such a price increase more unbearable than those who buy najskuplje.Black market in the world's fifth largest cigarette manufacturer, and it is estimated that in Croatia between 23 and 25 percent of the market covers the illegal tobacco. The budget is losing about 1.5 billion, while losses are suffering and the tobacco industry.The Theses of the law on excise duties, which the Ministry of Finance sent on Friday in a public hearing, explained that according to the harmonized European system of excise taxation of cigarettes overall excise duty by the beginning of 2018 should be at least 60 percent of the retail price and can not be lower than 90 euros for 1,000 cigarettes, while now in Croatia amounts to 84.82 euros.

And so the lists through a search engine and read the old threads and new; nor would the man laughed nor drank, but we've smoked at least those who are smokers, we are ..The solution only Prevent young people to take their first cigarette .. and everything else they can to change it ..
Number of employees RH maximum increase in the tobacco industry in 2016..- 10.1 percent / Within the processing industry on an annual basis .... According to the whistleblower from the UK, large tobacco companies, despite the fact that competitors in the market, concluded a secret deal which will put pressure on legislators in the EU to the new laws, which would be further aggravated marketing and sale of tobacco products, would not be passed by the European Parliament and the parliaments of some countries. for that would be the target, claims whistleblower, used not only lobbyists but also a number of other legal and illegal methods of pressure on the parliamentarians of the European Union. Representatives of the tobacco industry have already begun to "target" MEPs, including Croatian representatives ..


That is clear to everyone that this has nothing to do with the pleasures in this product, because then you light a cigarette during the day and not as chroniclers perhaps 2 packs a day ..
in this group do not fit me, but about how you let the doctors themselves tell a story as well as the industry itself and get out of it ..
Nor can any cure nor prevent aftermath other claims for and against turned to the theoretical philosophical discussion that accompanies us through centuries and millennia ..
the same is with the consumption of coffee, marijuana, alcohol and various other drugs and even food ..If someone tells me that the firm will suffice ..
usually people cigarate replacement with something other one is caught overeating and some alcohol ..and who knows what else; it is normal that those who are captured in a way they want to devote more beautiful part of life ..
Compulsive shopping is reflected in repeated and excessive buying, which consequently leads to a series of complications, both physical as well as psychological and social. Another name for compulsive buying is Oniomania, from the Greek words onios = sales and mania = intemperance, foolishness.Research shows that the frequency of the USA 5-10%, and 80% are female. People suffering from this disorder often additionally have some of the mood disorders or anxiety disorders (such as depression, bipolar affective disorder - especially manic phase, anxious-depressive disorder), and personality disorder, or eating disorder.
The disorder usually occurs at the end of adolescence and can have chronic course..psychiatrists for mass consumption rarely meet as an independent disorder - often paired with schizophrenia, psychosis in the broadest sense, and affective and obsessive-compulsive disorders ...
dissatisfaction and frustration in the  the modern era modern "solve" roam any shopping mall, even with empty pockets. However, when unnecessary, and sometimes quite bizarre and high bills start to pile up in the house, then it is no longer infantile inability of management wallet, but psychologically, and in some cases even a psychiatric disorder...




Will we now, at a time of mass lack of money, buy less and suffer more..?

"The fact that people generally have less money right shopping madness., Or those who have the disorder will not stop until the end. Will buy trinkets, or will buy. It will be expressed a strong need for the 'consolation' call frippery. ..
Clearly, there will be more people who will 'comfort' watching the window, like the one in the Scottish joke when the father tells the children: "If you're good, I'll take you on Sunday to see how other children eat cake ... ''

Mania is instinct, or mental disorder in living creatures is expressed in the fact that an action or needs too forced, says or does. We have both: a tablet mania, too taking pills for every little thing, singer mania, soccer mania, TV mania, mania computer, not to mention all this mania.On the one hand, consumption of drugs, alcohol and smoking, provide a clear picture of physical and psychological dependence, on the other hand, all the more reason that many other behaviors such as gambling, uncontrolled sexual promiscuity, obsession (food, sports, Internet, business, religious sects, etc.), accompanied by compulsive buying behavior and similar behavior but they also contain the pathology of addiction. All these individuals will show similar symptoms; so be addicted to drugs and other substances to show the current sense of relief and comfort when taking the substance and loss of control as well as to the pathological players in the betting, gamblers in gambling or they lose control when purchasing at curbing the urge to repetitive repetition of pleasure and experience the pleasure and comfort in every respect thereto.In the annual report, Worldwatch Institute says that 1.7 billion people around the world belong to "consumer class", people characterized by high diet of processed foods, the desire for bigger houses, bigger cars, bigger debt and a lifestyle that is dedicated to the collection of non-essential things. People discussed, global consumers, mainly coming from developing countries with the greatest potential for expansion. Consumerism with the economic aspect would mean advocating high consumption as the basis of a healthy economy and the view that individual happiness depends on the possession of material goods. Also, without drug dependence, accompanied by compulsive behavior is a reflection of contemporary urban life in which the speed of life, everyday stresses, the pursuit of profit, success, popularity and the general tendency for bigger and better, deepen the gap between biological and psychological nature of man and his vital needs ..

a) Emotional consumers who purchase relieves emotional state in which there are the most commonly used as a form of auto-therapy to relieve anxiety, sometimes as an antidepressant auto-therapy.
b) Pulse irresistible desire to encourage consumers to purchase. Buying accompanied by a strong sense of guilt, which occurs shortly after they made the purchase.
c) A crazed consumers collectors, who repeatedly buy the same things and I can not resist the constant repetition of purchase.
d) A compulsive consumers who purchase used to reduce high internal tension, restlessness or inability of self-control. They often show extremely strong feelings of frustration at the time of purchase.An interesting classification of drug purchase offered McElroy (1995), and refers to the psychosocial analysis of addicts when shopping...
First Obsessive overwhelmed shoppers who can not resist the urge of buying. Elroy divides them into two types: a) one, which in a different way can not suppress their own thoughts b) other rich buyers who buy unnecessary things, thus mitigating their mental state.2. Social alienated customers who purchase a form of social adaptation and who often spend a lot of time buying and in a situation where they do creates unnecessary debts.3rd Unbridled customers who buy over-the only time in the manic state of obsession psyche.

a kind of black skeleton suggesting combustion and prison in which we can catch consumerism;
Another promised land: More and more families and young people go to live on the Internet

mobile industry..

because it causes mental and financial damage..Doctor Andreas Herter from the clinic for addiction treatment and Hanover estimates that about sending text messages depending 380 thousands of people. On such an addiction as a serious disease

collective consciousness or unconsciousness?

In a world where you live, there is an awareness that we call the collective, it was awareness of the masses and the general opinion. In its environment you feel very good and safe. Firstly, they know this environment and nothing can happen to you but you have not heard or experienced, then because of what is happening and what is not pleasant, it happens to others and if all that you see and feel, you have the feeling that this is it business. Do not forget that and it keeps this society but also your nearest and if they happened to be able to find a way that is nadrasteš and that it has no effect on you, those closest to this very strange looking, at least the company would have declared a weirdo. It is therefore not surprising that you are her subject, you were born in it, you've grown up in it, and if not smogneš ways to get out of it or if we do not find a way to cut back its activity to a minimum, and will die in it.You create your life and you really do so even when you're in poverty, or in any other situation that suits you or does not answer, but it is important that all of you know that you're the creator and that no one else on the side is not responsible for your situation. Then you can try to do it all enough to use all their skills to escape the consciousness of the masses and to make conscious and responsible towards themselves and towards humanity, could create your life. A prerequisite of this is to love yourself and to consciously or unconsciously not punishing.Simply, you act and think and do not you create a possibility that you can rectify the situation..