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Croatia, which wants her agriculture is one of the strategic sectors, there is a production of completely neglected, so the market a year found only 4060 kilos of domestic beans worth less than 50,000 kuna, while almost all the needs for imported beans. China, Canada or Argentina annually reaches even more than 5800 tons of various types of beans, worth nearly seven million US dollars.
Croatia is a large importer of garlic, which mainly comes from China, but the tomato paste that import year for $ 14 million. Almost as much money is spent on imports of bacon and smoked meat The reasons are numerous, but one of the main is that the beans must be produced in large areas of at least 100 hectares of, at the cost of less than one euro, and with all the necessary valuable machinery.
'Average' Croat annually eats 80 kilograms of bread, drank more than 81 liters of milk, the most common meat on his menu are poultry or pork, less beef, and veal rare, and consumption of fish is quite small.

Devastating data for January 2017.

FIGURES that shocked a doctor! In just one month of cancer in Croatia died 1,200 people, affected more and more ...
sHOCKING REALITYInfographic coming epidemic: Croats will for eight years be as thick as Americans!In Croatia, as many as 700,000 people are overweight and morbid obesity shortens life for 15 yearsZAGREB - Croat less care about their line is those with excess weight from year to year. Some European surveys show that more than 700,000 citizens are overweight and those whose body mass index greater than 35 or even morbidly obese is 60,000.At the risk of obesity and warns others. Jozo Jelcic, head of the Centre for the treatment of obesity KBC Zagreb. He points out that it was responsible for the thickness of 10 to 13 per cent of deaths in Europe, and is associated with, and about 60 percent of deaths from chronic diseases such as heart or stroke. It also recalls that morbid obesity skaćuje life of 5-15 years and will, I assume epidemic proportions, to be the main culprit as children may have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.Malignant diseases today despite the highly medicine and numerous possibilities of preventing a major threat to every man. In Croatia of cancer are diagnosed each year 25 000 and 14 000 people die. Only in January only started in 2017 of cancer in Croatia, killing nearly 1,200 people.
I think early in the morning was not very illuminated sun, reading all this and random question I myself was not a little but a lot of worry not only for our lives but also our.
I'm not phlegmatic person that can say all of my is flat and I do not care for all, and only slowly turn my back from all the events below this our blue sky ....
What's cooking in the morning; now tea although not sick; one of the so-called foods and that the excess on my poisu purchases not yield prosperity for my health.
People have no idea how much by myself giving up not only from the mere purposes but also for health reasons or even saturation and understanding without the necessity of something like that in my life.
I'm talking about coffee, how much good this drink so much and is not and can not live without it because of the dependence on caffeine and side effects of withdrawal, and whether approval of the body which gives her a false alertness and energy, the goat, I can as a person's touch by stroke or decilitre of milk in it and the more we damage than help.Well come one to two all over it takes us to hell.Only one additional anxiety or neurosis due to caffeine addiction ..
On bother only me suffering than all of you; it jes you my global society someone and fight or easier but somebody weight depends on the situations in which you live.
Everything we see and everything we know and everything is difficult to othrvati.A before all this is not to blame meteorology, there is again a gray, chilly and very rainy ..
I was a bit curious and those found through statistical data bit worry me because before at least 40 years was not on Croatian way to tan discussed ..
Well folks I is not destroyed or collapsed industries that are built with bare hands today seeming citizens yokels from the country and to more than 150 years, as well as all those laborers who have their old manually read or harvested all the fruits of their crops and gentleman tobez GMOs and expensive pesticides..
Over the past 40 years the vegetable production was covered by about nine per cent of arable land. Annual vegetables are sowed on 293,000 hectares, and extremes in those 40 years were 260,000 hectares of how it was planted in 1970 and 340,000 hectares of how manufacturers are planted in 1996. With these relatively small areas annually produce about 2, 5 million tons of vegetables and 852 tons of potatoes. Calculated in euros, the annual production of vegetables, potatoes, seeds and seedlings exceeds one billion euros. If we consider only the production of vegetables and potatoes, one year is about 435 million. Net income from the production of vegetables and potatoes is a minimum of 100 euros per tonne, which means that the production of vegetables and potatoes has an annual net income of 330 million euros. Otherwise with us is the most cultivated potato, which annually shines on around 90,000 hectares, followed by beans (22,000 hectares), onions (21,000 hectares), cabbage, kale, peppers, tomatoes (on the 19,000 hectares). At the bottom of this list is the pepper, which are sown on around 3,500 hectares. From an agronomic point of view of most importance is the production of vegetables in open fields. From an economic point of view in turn has the greatest significance in the production of a protected area such as greenhouses.
Notable are the manufacturer of vegetables, both for their own needs and for export. The annual export value is about 96 million. Quarter exports makes canned vegetables, and the same is the share of exports of frozen vegetables. But estimates are that by 2037 be a decline in the area under vegetables. A slight increase is possible in the production of cucumbers and spicy peppers. By 2037 production of vegetables will fall to about 197,000 hectares, but at the same time expects a significant increase in yields per hectare, and therefore the higher total production. The same is also expected that in the next 25 years the area under greenhouses reach 10,000 hectares.
Unfortunately, the production of food, especially vegetables, is left to the merciless market. Direct payments are much smaller than it is about the region, and especially in the EU countries. Vegetable production is a serious and long-term family commercial business. Intensive employ additional manpower. In terms without additional watering day is necessary to 1.5 workers per hectare, while in intensive production under irrigation and to four workers per day per hectare. In the greenhouse the number of workers involved, depending on the degree of automation, requires four to 10 workers per day per hectare. At present, domestic production may be on the verge of competitiveness only by the increase in direct taxes (subsidies) per hectare to a minimum of three times and with reimbursement of raw materials, primarily diesel, fertilizer, seeds, seedlings and pesticides, which are currently in vegetable growing is not the case.
Regarding the structure of consumption in Croatia by categories of drinks, prevailing demand for carbonated drinks, which is 62 percent of total consumption of soft drinks. Here is important to note that only half applies to carbonated drinks with sugar content, while the other half goes to carbonated vodu.Sve often mentioned weight gain as a growing problem in today's society, and soft drinks are one of the causes. Looking at the preferences of Croatian consumers in relation to non-alcoholic beverages, compared to Eastern and Western Europe, Croatia is known by high share of consumption of carbonated water.Countries with the highest consumption of beverages in powder per capita as New Zealand, Argentina, Mexico, and Croatia is right behind them in fourth place. As you notice, these countries are geographically very far from each other and have a different culture.
What are our habits, not nice when you laugh or make fun of each other it does not indicate human intelligence, especially among young people who have never worked and contributed to the family budget in any way; it is they are landless, penniless in his pocket, no home and their lives and depend on their parents and society that are on your expense attending on behalf of States.How will you explain to teenagers that they can follow trendsetters and the pace of their ways of life; you show us how little 6 years consume data from TV screens and what you think is going on with this a little older than 15 years onwards.What would you have to get used to live my life, or their father's generation of 1970?Or the lives of generations yet older than these..
And most of them, or 99% do not know what the work schedule of their parents***

Per household annually consumes 74.2 kilograms of bread and other bakery products, and 23.5 kilograms of flour and cereals. Based on data from the Survey of expenditure within households, it can be said that every citizen of the year an average of 4.4 kilograms of rice eaten and even 15.8 kilograms of pork and 18.2 kilos of poultry meat.
Pasta and beef, on average, eat the same - 9.2 kilograms per year, while fish eat only 7.1 kilogram per year (in 2005 the average eating 7.8 pounds of fish per person). That the potato is one of the basic ingredients of the diet confirmed with over 40.3 kilograms of its consumption per person. All this watered with an average of 76.9 liters, 18.2 liters of beer and 9.2 liters of wine.
Household Budget Survey in 2009 was done on a sample of 3,004 households. It showed that the average household in Croatia has 2.8 members. Slightly more than 80 percent of households live in their own home for non-repayable loan. Own a home for which the loan has paid 7.9 percent of households, while 4.5 per cent live as tenants or 6.9 percent of households have a free rented accommodation. Slightly more than 73 percent of households living in the house.
Average per household consumed and 14.6 liters of cooking oil, 17.2 liters of dairy products, eggs 8.3 kilograms, 9.4 kilograms of pasta, 7.5 kg of cheese of all kinds.
Since most fruits are eaten apples, but the annual consumption of apples per household amounts to only 15.3 kilograms, 11.7 kg of citrus fruit, bananas, 10.4 kg, while pomes and stone fruit eaten only five pounds per person.
From drinks, the first place mineral and spring water with 32.7 liters per household, while the consumption of fruit juices twice lower at 15.6 liters, a refreshing and soft drinks 12.6 liters.
Beer is still due to lower prices, but higher advertising, drink twice as much wine. The average annual beer consumption is 20.8 liters and 10.8 liters of wine.
Mint tea I had a great felt good, let's go another round turn with mint.
I'm a little too rough, as we ointment through life and how?
To set themselves this question? With young people should talk openly and not what they did our parents in the name of 1940.tih of years; they will grow up in normal children, everyone will be educated and trained gentleman without leather sandals and wool socks without washing in the creek and with secure normal operations.
Wow just far we've come, I see that history is turning in the opposite direction of the clock, turn them good and us poorer.
Who are they and who are we?

Give us a little health, and work and who fucks games without a hard cake...
The pension system in Croatia, due to unfavorable number of pensioners in relation to the number of employees, works in a way that is unsustainable in the long run.
According to the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute for September last year, the ratio of pensioners to workers was 1: 1.19, which means that each user retirement comes 1,19 worker who pays contributions for pension insurance.
According to a report on the operations of the CPIA in 2014 for pensions were paid a total of 36.4 billion kuna, while at the same time revenue from pension contributions amounted to 22.3 billion kuna. The difference is paid from the state budget.
Although pensions in Croatia is relatively small, and the average amount to less than 40 percent of the average salary, a large number of retirees who have not done a full internship.

Soon there will be 1,240.000
By the end of 2017 in retirement will be a third of Croatian

This is 28.7 percent of the population, which means that retired by the end of the year was almost a third of the population. According to the CPIA, in this moment 1,440.188 insured pension insurance (workers) and pensioners 1,233.375, and is the ratio of employees and retirees (1: 1.17) is still very tight and feel uncomfortable at the sight of the future of the pension system and country at all.Because the ratio should be at least 1: 2, that a worker earns for himself and for at least one pensioner. In some counties, such as (part of) the Slavonian, the ratio is more heavily weighted on the wrong side, so that the 1: 0.96. According to statistics CPIA in 2017 is expected around 6500 new users MO, as predicted to retire about 50,000 workers, but are expected and 43,500 deaths users, which makes an annual increase of 6,500 pensioners.

With Breaking my mind niche of all of this can not be changed, only further worried and upset.
And in the same moment to wonder who breaks and take care of my little life? What are my choices and how I will continue to fight?
Bakery bread's great (the local bakery) and after a month of frozen and thawed is still perfectly edible, I'm happy.When I say I want bread then it must be bread rather than pastry or cake; it harder for me and you healthier and with reduced salt please and no other additives.

Sirotinjo i Bogu si teska
to sto ništa nemam
nije moja greška
Naucen sam samo
da volim i da ljubim
al život što imam
imam da ga gubim
Znam da za nas niko
blagoslova nema
i zbog drugih ljudi
ja te sada gubim
Bez tebe mi zivot
samo loše sprema
jer uzima ono
sto volim i ljubim

Since it was began purchase of returnable packaging in the collection centers and certain stores, it is noticeable that the green areas of our city free from "accidentally" thrown garbage. But why are people with large bags in one, on the other hand rummaging through garbage cans and containers in order to find plastic bottles, have become part of everyday images grada.Nakon as unlimited collection of packaging waste has become a well-established business, of which some families and senior citizens can live, Fund for environmental protection and energy efficiency issued a decision to purchase packaging for drinks and beverages limited to 80 units per day..
A collection of plastic bottles we talked with retirees who introduced himself as Miroslav.

- By the end of the eighties I worked in a factory Bhagat. Than started the War, and so began our financial problems. My wife worked  and because of the disease could not be eligible for early retirement. Her company, meanwhile, failed, and the wife ended at the Employment Agency. For a long time looking for a job, but to employ a woman of 50 years was an impossible mission. Today, our monthly budget amounts to 1,250 kuna my retirement, says Miroslav Sixty-five year.
Prohibition of collecting waste and bottles
With this decision, or the punishment of offenders, the city council, which was unanimously adopted by the same, it is considered to be in the room to introduce more order, but also to facilitate pedestrian movement.
The new decision are also prescribed measures to prevent improper disposal / discarding waste. Municipal staff, both given the authority to receive, information on the so-called. šporkuljama, do the investigation and then pay fines offender, offices account for the removal of that garbage. It also prohibits the unauthorized and "swim" through garbage, or collection of any municipal waste.
From the table the report on financing of projects and programs of civil society organizations from public sources in 2014, and we find out how much money is allocated to civil society of 2010.godine.u period of five years has been allocated a total of nearly two billion and eight hundred thousand kuna.
Many  dealing with human rights and freedoms and the situation never badly.
judicial procedures duration a years, government corruption in all segments of society, and every reasonable asking is not about the actual organizations or considerable washing money.I while retirees dig into containers and socially vulnerable persons and young people are fleeing from the Croatian looking for a better association of companies spend billion and not only because each party is also certain consumer state money and used it for his abstention as this is regulated by the constitution and the law ..