no typical fairytale beings Myth is a short literary form

Do you like to write three points? Me too! These points can be so touching, small signs punctuate who speak so much. But. If you use the wrong places, can look garish, too dramatic, stupid, clumsy, unnecessarily ... Do not.

How to use this point?

Technically, the three points in a row are punctuation sign that indicates a lack of something or break. In contrast to the line (-), which is much more drastic interruption. Three point we use when we want to emphasize the strong emotional moment, confusion, uncertainty, inconvenience ..

How many years you like to use three points in writing, and as far as these can be a great craft move, though there are certain limitations. Ie, situations where they may be a bad choice.
There are other techniques besides these points that can be used to mark a break, or to dialogue and action describe as incomplete. The trouble is that these techniques require a little more effort. Too often relying on trotačke be that of the writer device "sloth" in the eyes of the audience. In order to avoid frequent use of triple point, it is necessary to invest time and effort to play a game with their sentences, to find a better alternative and more powerful expression. E.g: "I do not know ... I mean ... how do you say ... in fact ... I'm in love ... with someone else." This sentence is quite soft. When they occur bad news, they do not explode like a bomb. One more leak. The emotional impact can weaken if it is used too trotački in a statement. At the same time too ovoh point dilutes the tension in the scene. Therefore it would be better to change the sentence.

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That just closed enjoy life; it only fools work and exceptions are due to some diseases.
We are born with the nature and the seasons and our little revolution of its own evolutionary cycle.
24 hours quickly flew when the spring and summer comes but in the winter it is too all numb and delayed for my term and government stupid undesirable stuffiness...
Literary- character is an important component of the narrative  work. He, as well as one person in your life, live, love, feeling and thought, word - work. Each has its effect motivated.
he's the one who solves problems and participates in all major events. Other characters are secondary, they are less important, but in some relationships with the main character and influence the action.
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I do not like what we see eye to eye because I need a certain sequence of writing; break we do not seem motivated and do not open my new inspiration but only quenches the desire for further expression in this way ..Yes, but you said it round my children have on air, nature and more balls, conversation and good companionship.That goes for you too little girl** (and I'm not Oliva but I did not round or brakes screeching and do not listen; sometimes but working condition-and that only in the company of a dog).My schedule is disrupted, and this is not me; I do not plan to catch colorful butterflies on a grassy meadow but did not carps too (; I still have obligations adult personality.
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about my chores, but it is something too private about how we might in private and only if I know.I'm not popular National radio or satellite that is not all the records and archives and forwards on this page.For this I need a lot more time, but these are unnecessary thoughts because I do not have a company or newspapers for which I paid that does it all, and although I'm not a journalist have the right to write the original names and describe certain events because it contradicts the rules of ethical writing and certain my culture and education just to be with these fun audience, not cool but it would not be for me not cool.Sometimes I wonder what illiterate and do not compose short stories such as Aesop; s just at that time I was in bed drowned and lost the desire for contact with the stylus and paper and have to be pumped (hyperactive) and not ready to look at the crime series and rest for long days; I have up at a certain time, although I do not go to work early.From early morning certain actions of that myself get tired until late evening there's a lot of hours but do not do anything of my handicraft although I have not given up on all that is before and published on the blog through certain year and posts; Only a break until better times.If you time it seems that is all too ** sometimes wonder what would happen if it was boom suddenly? Bum what ??
for example, if I produce something very interesting and that suddenly became sought after product and I have only two of the original, but with me in possession = zero material, none of the draft, machines or additional manpower as well as money for possible expansion and investment, without relying from various acquaintances.
Would you be able to gather and organize or order occurred panic attack?
WHAT differently than just hard work?
BUM writing? This is ALL were able to print, gather in a folder, tuck ON proofreading ANY PUBLISHER AND YET MORE ACTION.
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Leo encountered a rabbit who was sleeping and he wanted to eat. Then he came across deer and lion ran after her, leaving a rabbit. Rabbit is awakened and fled, and the lion went on a long run for the deer, but he could not overtake. He returned to the place from which he started, but the rabbit was gone. Leo shouted: "Serves me right, I left a safe catching in favor of better hope."

Some people are not satisfied with what they have and to leave to get something better, you might not get it, and in doing so is often the loss of a safe value....
and how easy it is to lose writing direction, and only I went to feed the dogs, or accidentally get something to look at the TV ..
most of their limbs fans not move to the last second end of the game ..Shut up and hardens, or will spell STOP.