Die heilige trump card when man becomes the slave of things to sellers fog fiefdoms the world

Since money becomes equivalent to the value of all goods, receives property fetish - substitutes for all true human values: "If you're ugly and you have money - you are beautiful, because you can buy the most beautiful woman, the money can buy beauty, honesty, love, one that has the money can be a fool and a crook, but if you have money - will be appreciated, because the price of money above all else. "

Echoed this loudly as anything. "


The main ideas of Marx and Engels' collective part, as usual, all fools think that such historical events as well as the scientific research should reject, forget time event or date of birth and length of life of certain people through history.I ask myself whether I am blind and deaf or all long that they hated kicked this idea motion and declared the conceptual theory as practical for enemies of the state.So these are my dear forerunners of development of civil society, equalizing and deleting class as well as the Industrial Revolution and before that became feudal society.For certain Statism these two and other scientists of the time were worse than Hitler or Stalin.Okay, in that time they were gods and we farmers and today farmers pissing on the so-called idols and theorists of development of social systems.F ... you my green years; whether the man ever come to terms with himself, show him a red scarf or whisper a word in your ear and each jumps with bloodshot eyes like a raging wolf no reason to mate with yourself. ::Again black bitter coffee; now you would give 5 out of the present case but 25 years ago it yourself assessed with the unit (and only because it was too much text, boring way of lectures from professors as well as that of the economy, and green school incomprehension and not maturity and understanding of learning and acceptance)The network, which I now hoped, the one that is always in front of us was the sight of a blind me as we all have cataracts on both an eye.In their writing have helped in the construction and upgrading of a modern system of creating a state.I am not guilty of certain people through history you so much praised and encouraged, rose to a divine status and turned into totalist systems and piles of nations and not individuals; sheep remain sheep ..And the easiest manipulation at the time of turmoil, economic poverty, wars, free of hunger and poverty as well as the desire of others to get rich and unlimited power and authority and it has nothing to do with capitalism ..Once was not making money but only by the use of producing goods and replace it for other goods depends on the amount and the estimated value.You can all go back to primary school and learn history again from the very beginning of the evolution of the moment when the man sat up on two legs, the Stone Age, Bronze Age and so on .

Let's all crash; but from the beginning   build;We have an old historical record LITTLE WE WILL ADD ANY OF CAESAR AND FROM TIME Colombia brew a pot FROM slave system, feud, and who knows what KINGDOM OR THE REPUBLIC ..MAYBE EVEN THE Aztecs OR MAY.This is THAT MYSTERIOUS CUP Darwin's theory or the DaVinci Code or take a few prophecies of Nostradamus and retired old bones excavated old couple milujon years and on the t-rekxa.
I will now detail dig about it, a little to think and imagine what you saw and what you experienced, or where we're all going.Aspiration where or to whom and in what way?My parents are working in the industry but no one had ever taught or explained how correctly to pick up life much less about politics or other primary things that help them to facilitate.Where are we today, who tells me that we are on a horse that is lying..

Marxism is a theory and political activity that is. Praxis derived from the writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Every political practice that is based on the works of Marx and Engels may be called Marxism; this includes various forms of politics and thought of as academic research within many fields, emancipation and enlightenmentMarx describes several social classes in capitalism, primarily:proletariat: Those individuals who sell their labor power (and therefore add value to the product) and the one who in the capitalist mode of production does not have its own means of production. According to Marx, the capitalist mode of production creates the conditions that allow the bourgeoisie to exploit the proletariat because of the fact that the labor force of workers creates added value in excess of wage workers.bourgeoisie: those who own the means of production and purchase labor of the proletariat who are compensated wage and therefore exploit the proletariat.The bourgeoisie can be further divided into very rich bourgeoisie and small bourgeoisie. Petty bourgeoisie are those who employ or work and work alone. It may be small owners, farmers who have land and commercial workers. Marx predicted that the petty bourgeoisie eventually be destroyed constantly innovate new means of production and that a large part of the petty bourgeoisie be pushed into the proletariat.These two have spent their lives in the society and study, eternally persecuted and nothing appreciated or richer as happens now in this society.Then I go back to what I was in a previous dishes wrote about strong women, about Cleopatra-story know how the so-called strong woman She died / with poisonous snake in its nest and KILLED life, glamor Princess Diana torn life full of love and sacrifice of own life and go to the happy hunting grounds in the so-called car accident: Marie Curie her design her with radiation destroyed life..we want still the glamor and perfect personalities on this planet.Who is big and who is so small?

all these daily activities in any case not the term "human nature" nor the people imposed on the forces that are beyond their control.

Things worker buys for his wages are first of all consumer goods which enable him to survive, to renew its workforce and continue to sell. It is then spectacle: the passive objects of admiration. Man's power and man's admiration as passive. He does not take part in the world as an active factor in the change, but as a helpless, impotent spectator. This situation beat admirable man can be called "happiness". Since the painstaking work, man throughout life (a condition similar to stillbirths) longs for "happiness", namely, does not want to be active. Goods and spectacle it devoured. His live energy used by man for passive admiration, he is spent matters. In this regard, it has more or less is.
Slave has two properties: use-value and exchange-(transport) value. Applicability of the items is sufficiently obvious: Coal us warm and dry, the bread feeds us. If the exchange value is a measure of the usability, a loaf of bread would impose far higher price than, say, a glittering tailored silk vest, which obviously is not the case. How, then, establishes the exchange value?

In religious terms, fetishes are objects that are worshiped for their would-be supernatural powers, as it seemed with the remains of saints in medieval Europe. In the capitalist economy fetishism is the belief that the goods have a mystical intrinsic vrijednost.Iako has always been unquestionable benefit of the present case for the spiritual and moral development of children in primary and secondary schools, from the beginning to the present day, especially in the electoral campaign, religious education remains a "hot" topic almost "appropriate" ground for further stratification of Croatian society. This is not is not proselytism, some kind of raving attempt to acquire the members of the Church, the imposition of a specific worldview or religious uvjerenja.How can mature to decide whether you believe it or not, if it wants to live by certain principles or not.

Metres and meters of hair on the head exist only in fairy tales. In real life the hair grows only 0.2 to 0.4 millimeters at or about one centimeter per month.
The hair does not value the heads of stars. But that changed after death. As a relic, a piece can be converted into valuable and rare item. In 2004, a fan from Hong Kong bought a hair of John Lennon, the late Beatle, at an auction in Gerona. He paid a whopping 3460 euros for the one hair. In France, in 1980 two small strand of hair of the French queen Marie Antoinette and her son was sold for a staggering 5,000 euros. But the most expensive sold copy is silver-gray artificial hair he once wore artist Andy Warhol. It was sold in 2006 at Christie's as much as $ 10,800 (around 7700 euros); theory of value is not very helpful in understanding why a few tufts of hair of Elvis Presley, he collected his razor, sold for 115,000 dollars at an auction 2,002th years.
All that is truly humane transformed into inanimate objects that acquire astonishing life and lustiness.Ciklus "prosperity and collapse," lifestyle, replacing the class, becomes the foundation of social identity, ethical colored life maxims; clerical party states This is a relic of the past Marginal specificities.


The best examples are from my past with whom I live and they can constantly go back to the memories when I please, speaking of good people and tips that sometimes do not listen more because of our independent character than to some contradiction.
What is friendship, jumping only when the crisis in the money or food? or maybe some information or a possible way around and a formation?So where was this crowd when I was not good? You're the expert translation of what ** greener or nice ?
By sociology would say atypical or anti sociable.
About my , I have only one head, two arms and two legs, still a clear mind and some health and willing to help but not more in other people's uslovima.Pa you are cruel; how long the best a man can give? For every bad influence of the opposite side I do not get the whip or losing health.
I do not slave
or not the goods and this is my honest opening of cards is not my sick fetish ..
On the other I do not live quite right; the religion I was a baby, and the cardiologist sick at heart; theologian would say -a soul in danger.But on biology  she is still a women.
Come on, come on and honor the differences among human beings; ok, can.
Will not more about others' weaknesses and fetishes.
At least some
time.self hood  is not Drosophila or dragonfly or strange Mexican beans.What offends me, as one long historically referred to as bloodthirsty and measures how many more who shed blood and who is right or wrong, or has the right to the fair.
Why do they do? They are aware of all that you have long been dedicated to building a family and you are neglecting their knowledge and books; sometimes just grab your holiday what you were served.Or sandwiches or kebabs or sometimes just to corav cooked potatoes and if you can treat yourself and a salad and fruit for dessert.
Constantly digging through history to manipulate, and the constant crowd of lies and half-truths.